BAS, Controls, Energy Management

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year Finalists

BAS, Controls, Energy Management

Read about the 6 finalists in the BAS, Controls, Energy Management category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 Product of the Year program.

75F Outside Air Optimization KitRooftop-unit economizer

The Outside Air Optimization (OAO) Kit uses the power of cloud-based predictive analytics to create thermal models of a building based on the past 7 days of temperature and humidity space readings. Live data feeds forecasted weather conditions and predicts the needs for proactive runtime and damper-position optimization. The kit meets and exceeds California Title 24-2013 economizer faults and ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016. This solution does not require retrofitting the constant-volume RTU and a variable frequency drive. Key features include demand-control ventilation, comparative-enthalpy economizer control, multispeed fan control, and 24/7 remote monitoring and control.


AAON Touchscreen ControllerTouchscreen HVAC systems controller

The AAON Touchscreen Controller is an economical HVAC unit control solution for energy-savings applications. It controls complex energy-saving operations without requiring the expense of a large building automation system. Applications include variable air volume (VAV), single-zone VAV, make-up air, and constant air-volume control. It can control air-cooled condenser systems, air-source heat pump systems, water-source heat pump systems, and chilled-water and hot-water hydronic air handling units with modulating water valves. The AAON Touchscreen Controller includes a user-friendly, high-contrast 4.3-in. touchscreen interface and can function as a stand-alone unit controller or as part of a BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU networked system.



Bell and Gossett HydrovarIntelligent pump controller

Capable of running systems with up to eight pumps, the fifth-generation Hydrovar features multimaster functionality, enabling each individual pump to take control of the system if one or more units or sensors are not active. This ensures reliable water pressure across commercial and industrial applications and can reduce energy consumption of a pump by as much as 70%. Hydrovar features a modular design that enables a customized fit for any configuration of pumps. It can be efficiently retrofitted to any standard fixed-speed pump motor suitable for variable-speed operation and can accommodate both new and retrofit installations including premium efficient motor designs.

Bell & Gossett,



Distech Controls Eclypse Connected Equipment ControllerConnected-equipment controller

The Eclypse Connected Equipment Controller (ECY-303 series) is designed to satisfy the needs of a wide range of small and medium terminal HVAC equipment applications, with a diversified I/O count in a compact design and footprint for easy in-cabinet installation. It integrates a control, automation, and connectivity server; power supply; and I/O in one convenient package. It is a native BACnet/IP controller and is BTL-listed as a BACnet Building Controller. The controller features an embedded web server, hosting the Envysion HTML5-based configuration and visualization interface. It also features embedded scheduling, alarming, and logging.

Distech Controls,

Schneider Electric Connected ServicesBuilding system support service

Connected Services helps facility leaders maximize their buildings through a condition-based, proactive maintenance approach that effectively combines actionable information, expert advice, and advanced technology to keep building systems operating at peak performance. Connected Services includes new and enhanced capabilities that create a network between facility teams and Schneider Electric’s experts to deliver a range of proactive maintenance support for facilities professionals and engineers. Benefits include digital connectivity that ensures facilities are always monitored, better access to actionable information, expert advice/recommendations, increased system uptime due to faster resolution when possible, and skilled technicians equipped to focus on areas of greatest impact.

Schneider Electric,

Trane Tracer EnsembleBuilding management system

The Tracer Ensemble building management system makes advanced building management fast and easy with a web-enabled, enterprise wide view into multiple buildings and control systems. Tracer Ensemble helps organizations that are dealing with more buildings than maintenance staff, diverse systems and equipment vintages, and significant distances between facilities by improving access to system data. It enhances a building automation system by providing custom dashboards that create a visual display of current system health and performance. Global functionality provides the ability to manage schedules, setpoints, and alarms across the entire enterprise, while a uniform and consistent user interface allows for rapid troubleshooting and faster response.