Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

Fuses, breakers, circuit protection

Read about the six finalists in the Fuses, Breakers, Circuit Protection category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Bussmann series compact, high-speed fuses by EatonCompact high-speed fuses

Eaton’s Bussmann series compact, high-speed fuses use up to 48% less enclosure space than standard high-speed, round-body fuses. The compact technology is designed to support the reduction in the overall size of next-generation power conversion and energy-storage equipment including drives, uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, and battery protection. The portfolio of 50- to 400-amp compact, high-speed fuses feature an innovative design that allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat-rise performance. Additionally, the bolt-on design provides design flexibility for installation in fuse blocks or direct mounting on busbars.


Digitrip 210+ by EatonElectronic trip unit

The Digitrip 210+ trip unit provides easy setup for coordination and reliable protection for electrical systems in commercial, industrial, and machinery manufacturing environments. Designed to fit FDE-frame molded-case circuit breakers, the trip unit offers electronic trip unit functionality in an economic platform. For installation in assemblies such as panelboards and switchboards, the 210 or more electronic trip units are available in LI and LSI. Both versions include a seven-position dial to set the current rating of the breaker. The LI includes an adjustable instantaneous protection setting. The LSI includes a short delay setting with magnitude and time-delay options to improve coordination when protecting against electrical faults in a system.


Type BR Quick Connect Neutral load center by EatonLoad center, electronic breakers

The Type BR Quick Connect Neutral load center features improved wire-management solutions while its counterpart circuit breakers provide diagnostic trip codes as a standard offering. Together, the Type BR Quick Connect Neutral products simplify device installation and troubleshooting. With more than 300% neutral wire-termination capacity, the products offer contractors increased flexibility. The load center and electronic circuit breakers have been tested and certified, meeting UL 67, 489, 943, 1699, and 1998 standards. The electronic circuit breakers include cut-to-length neutral wires, which allows for clean gutter space over traditional pigtail neutral wires.


Littelfuse AF0500Arc flash relay

The Littelfuse AF0500 arc flash relay improves worker safety and reduces costly downtime by detecting developing arc flash and sending a trip signal before damage occurs. The AF0500 arc flash relay and sensors are plug-and-play for easy retrofit into existing switchgear or preinstallation in new equipment with little or no configuration. The AF0500 combines zone tripping, tie breaker tripping, upstream breaker tripping, and unrestricted scalability into one product, allowing the user to easily customize to system needs. Using advanced light sensors with Heartbeat fail-safe sensor technology, the AF0500 accurately detects the light of an impending arc flash and trips the breaker in less than 1 ms.

Littelfuse Inc., 

IntelliSafe by M+I ElectricArc-resistant switchgear

The IntelliSafe switchgear is fully customizable, smart arc-resistant switchgear that supports safety for companies in the oil and gas and power-generation and distribution industries. The IntelliSafe switchgear features a patent-pending, simple but robust door design with fewer failure points than existing industry solutions. The cost-effective, closed-door mechanism allows for motorized breaker racking while a mechanical circuit breaker trip enables a positive breaker lockout system. Front- and rear-door interlocks further prevent operator exposure to unsafe access conditions. IntelliSafe meets critical energy industry standards, including the IEEE C37.20.2 standard for metal-clad switchgear and the IEEE C37.20.7 standard for arc-resistant testing.

M&I Electric, 

FSP3-480-20KA by Thomas Research Products, Hubbell LightingLuminaire surge protector

The FSP3-480-20KA protects from power line transients up to 20,000 amps and includes in-line fusing to shut down the luminaire when the capabilities of the surge protector have been exceeded. This not only protects the LED lamp, it also demonstrates that the unit needs to be replaced. An LED indicator on the compact device shows that it is functioning to protect the lamp. The patent-pending FSP3 series surge protectors are UL 1449 recognized and CE certified. The surge protectors provide an extra level of protection for LED lamps from dangerous power line transients in commercial applications.

Thomas Research Products, Hubbell Lighting, 

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