2016 Product of the Year Winners

2016 Product of the Year winners

Consulting-Specifying Engineer readers have cast their votes for the 2016 Product of the Year; read about the winners.

Amanda Pelliccione, Project Manager

Winners of the 12th annual Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year awards included a space-saving, low harmonic HVAC drive, aspirating smoke detectors, and geothermal, hybrid energy-system-monitoring software. Each of the following winning innovations has been designed to improve workflow and increase system efficiency.

This year, companies submitted from their new and improved products debuted in 2015 to be judged for this distinguished honor. Then readers whittled them down to 48 winners you’ll find here—including the 2016 Most Valuable Product winner, which received the most reader votes overall.

View the full list of finalists in the 2016 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year program.

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A total of 80 products qualified as finalists for the 2016 Product of the Year award. We left the final say up to the readers. Here are the winners, starting with the Most Valuable Product and followed by the 47 individual winners for each of the 15 sub-categories.


Most Valuable Product

Low-harmonic HVAC drive

Yaskawa’s Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive provides extremely low harmonic distortion in a space-saving design, along with the same HVAC-specific features as the standard Z1000. This single-component solution achieves excellent low-distortion levels all by itself, completely without the need for additional countermeasures such as passive filters or multipulse arrangements. Yaskawa’s Matrix technology employs a system of nine bi-directional switches that are arranged in a matrix to convert a 3-phase ac-input voltage directly into a 3-phase ac-output voltage. It eliminates the need for a rectifying circuit and a dc bus used in traditional ac-drive inverters.

Yaskawa America Inc., www.yaskawa.com

Air movement, dehumidification, humidification

Quiet, portable fan

Designed with versatility in mind, Black Jack’s 6.5-ft frame fits through standard interior doorways and plugs into any 110 V power supply, drawing only 7 amps of power at top speed. Black Jack moves air up to 120 ft, yet it’s so quiet it won’t drown out nearby conversations. The fan is ideal for athletic facilities, warehouses, and general tight corners. Arriving fully assembled, Black Jack is a plug-and-play air-movement solution: just roll it off the pallet, plug it in, and cool down. Black Jack is also wet-rated so it can be hosed down for easy cleaning.

Big Ass Solutions, www.bigasssolutions.com

Hybrid humidifier

The DL Series is a hybrid humidifier that intelligently combines two adiabatic methods. The innovative design integrates low-pressure atomizing nozzles with evaporative media to benefit from instant response times found in high-pressure systems and the excellent efficiencies typically seen in evaporative units. This innovation allows for installation lengths to be as short as 24 in., making it perfect for retrofit applications where space is limited and saving thousands in air handling unit construction. The porous design minimizes pressure drop, lowering energy costs in fan operation. The ceramic media captures any unevaporated water on the media surface for additional humidification-reducing water consumption and improving water efficiency.

Nortec Humidity, www.humidity.com

Direct room humidifier

The humiSonic Direct uses ultrasonic technology to atomize water in extremely fine droplets (as small as 1.0 micron) that are distributed and immediately absorbed in the air around the unit. Together with 10,000 operating hours guaranteed and 10% energy consumption, the humiSonic Direct offers maximum reliability and minimum maintenance, 90% energy savings compared to a steam humidifier, and almost instant complete absorption of the atomized droplets. The attention to details can be seen in certain technical and aesthetic features, such as the anti-drip design and thin jet or “blade” of air delivered from the front of the unit.

CAREL, www.carelusa.com

Low-maintenance humidification system

The DriSteem low-maintenance humidification system combines two DriSteem products—the Vapormist electric humidifier and the 200 series reverse-osmosis water treatment system—in a single package, working together to provide near-zero-maintenance steam humidification for indoor environments. The low-maintenance humidification system has been updated with the steam humidifier and water-treatment system assembled as a fully integrated system with single-point power and water-supply connections and integrated drain-water tempering. Since the system is completely unified, it can be specified simply as a humidification system—no need to alter plumbing or electrical sections of the project spec.

DriSteem, www.dristeem.com

Apps for engineers

Cloud-based software, test tool system

Fluke Connect Assets is a cloud-based wireless system of software and test tools that gives maintenance managers a comprehensive view of all critical equipment, enabling them to setup and sustain a preventive maintenance or condition-based maintenance system easily. It features wireless one-step measurement transfer from more than 30 Fluke Connect wireless test tools, eliminating manual recording of measurements so maintenance managers can be more confident that the equipment history is accurate. The system’s features allow maintenance managers to analyze multiple types of predictive data all in one program, side by side, in a visual format that enables easy scanning.

Fluke Corp., www.fluke.com

Selective coordination designer tool

The Selective Coordination Designer v1.0 for consultants and application engineers helps simplify the design process of selecting overcurrent protective devices (OCPDs) in keeping with NEC requirements for selective coordination of systems that supply life safety loads and public safety, as well as for applications where uptime is important. The Selective Coordination Designer helps customers easily and quickly define a list of selective coordination solutions for each OCPD in their system. The application provides OCPD options that are compact and cost-effective. Eaton simplifies the process of determining a solution with its desktop and mobile-friendly Selective Coordination Designer.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Insulation thickness calculator

ArmWin is a professional technical calculation program that helps mechanical engineers calculate the proper thickness to be specified for Armaflex elastomeric foam insulation. Installing the proper elastomeric insulation thickness is key to the long-term performance of mechanical HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration systems. Unlike the previous ArmWin CD that had to be downloaded and installed on a PC, the latest ArmWin is designed to reproduce the functionality that users enjoy in an easy-to-use app for smartphones. Users can save project-related results for further use and forward reports via email to themselves, colleagues, or clients.

Armacell, www.armacell.us

BAS, controls, energy management

Thermal supervisory control

The Liebert iCOM-S is an integrated, system-level thermal supervisory control for accessing, monitoring, and controlling multiple data center cooling units, sensors, and thermal equipment. Through advanced algorithms and machine-to-machine communications, it optimizes thermal-system performance across data centers for capacity and efficiency, provides quick access to real-time actionable data, and automates thermal-system diagnostics and trending. The iCOM-S harmonizes the operation of multiple cooling units to eliminate “fighting” between them and balance temperature and capacity. The system eliminates the need for point-to-point communications between each cooling unit, temperature sensors, and the building management system by aggregating data and providing a single point of communications.

Emerson Network Power, www.emersonnetworkpower.com

Remote circuit monitor

The Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor (PXBCM) is an advanced remote power-monitoring solution that provides greater visibility of energy usage and enhanced control response to energy loads and circuits down to the plug level. The PXBCM is optimized to support improved power management and power-usage efficiency in multitenant buildings, commercial and institutional sites, and data-intensive information technology applications. As the power demands on facilities continue to grow, the PXBCM cost-effectively monitors, integrates, and protects mission critical electrical equipment and data systems while improving overall uptime and reliability. The PXBCM provides remote access to live, circuit-level energy-usage data for entire facilities.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Wireless building controls system

Trane Air-Fi is a reliable, flexible wireless system that frees building owners and managers from the hassles associated with traditional wired systems for building controls. By eliminating the need to run wires throughout a facility, building control project design is simplified—resulting in fast and easy installation with less risk. Redundant, self-repairing mesh technology helps prevent communication failures when signals are obstructed. Disrupted signals automatically and immediately reroute around obstacles. Air-Fi wireless is a ZigBee Certified Building Automation solution and is built on a platform that supports BACnet open standards. This allows building owners and managers to integrate devices in the future.

Trane, www.trane.com


Chiller, outdoor mechanical room series

AAON LZ Series chillers and outdoor mechanical rooms are engineered to maximize the efficiency of a complete hydronic system. Variable-capacity compressors, high-efficiency condensers, and factory-installed variable-flow pumping packages eliminate the need for an indoor mechanical room. The 2-in. double-wall rigid polyurethane foam insulated cabinet construction with walk-in service compartments protects chiller components and service personnel from the ambient conditions, and reduces radiated sound. The service vestibule can be cooled and heated for comfort during maintenance and for water-freeze protection. Factory-designed primary or primary/secondary water pumping packages are available within the outdoor mechanical room eliminating field costs.

AAON, www.aaon.com

Air-cooled screw chiller

The Pathfinder allows customers to mix and match compressor sizes, evaporator sizes, and other features based on what they want and need for their facility’s optimal operation. The latest evolution of Pathfinder chillers offers high energy efficiency levels available by using technologies such as Daikin Variable Volume Ratio Compressors that deliver performance optimized for every condition and at every hour of the day. Variable-volume ratio technology adjusts the compression ratio to meet changes in system lift, which allows Pathfinder compressors to deliver maximized efficiency no matter the conditions. Initially offered in sizes ranging from 165 to 350 tons, Pathfinder is ideal for schools and office buildings.

Daikin Applied, www.daikinapplied.com

Air-cooled chillers

Trane Sintesis air-cooled chillers provide energy efficiency and refrigerant choices to help customers meet their project needs. Sintesis chillers are part of the Ingersoll Rand EcoWise portfolio of products designed to lower environmental impact with next-generation, low-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants and high-efficiency operation. The chiller can operate with either R-134a or Opteon XP10 (R-513a), a nonflammable, low-GWP refrigerant with more than 50% reduction in GWP. The chiller-evaporator and condenser-coil design require up to 40% less refrigerant charge than earlier designs. Sintesis air-cooled chillers are ideal for making ice and can be a key component in ice-enhanced chiller plants.

Trane, www.trane.com

Electrical distribution

RF receptacle, signal pack

The Pass & Seymour Plug Load RF Receptacle provides a simple-to-use, wireless solution for plug load control and works in concert with the Pass & Seymour Plug Load RF Signal Pack to add an existing offering of code-compliant controlled receptacles. Building owners and facility managers can easily achieve plug load control by using the integrated solution from Legrand. Enhanced plug load management is attained when the RF Receptacle is installed into a branch wiring system and the low-voltage RF Signal Pack is integrated with an occupancy sensor and 24 Vdc power pack. The Receptacle and Signal Pack are connected via a reliable wireless RF connection.

Legrand, www.legrand.us

10-in. poke-thru device

Legrand’s Evolution Series 10-in. poke-thru device offers eight individual gangs of communication; audio, video, and power capacity; eliminates the need for junction boxes; and is designed with a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing cover assembly. Users can mix and match devices, ports, and receptacles to configure each of the eight gangs to suit their individual requirements. The Evolution 10-in. poke-thru installs easily, making it an ideal choice for both retrofit and new-construction applications. Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum covers are built to withstand up to 700 lbs of pressure as well as heavy traffic encountered in open spaces.

Legrand, www.legrand.us

Conduit connectors for AC/MC fittings

The Quick-Lok Pro Connector from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division is a quick, easy, and secure way to terminate AC/MC/FMC cable to a box or enclosure. The Quick-Lok Pro Connectors can be used to connect armored cable, metal-clad cable, MCI-A cable, or flexible metallic conduit to a box or enclosure for dry-location applications. The solution provides significant labor savings when installing metal-clad, MCI-A, FMC, or armored cable to a steel box or enclosure. No tools are needed for installation. Simply insert cable or conduit into the connector and install into a ½-in. knockout. Internal spring steel locking ring tabs securely clamp the cable in place and assure bonding.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Emergency, onsite, standby power

Uninterruptible power supply

The Liebert eXM UPS is based on a reliable, double-conversion power topology that uses an efficient transformer-free design. Excellent efficiencies of 97% are generated and can be enhanced to 99% using Liebert’s unique Eco Mode. Capacities range from 10 to 200 kVA/KW in native 208 V, plus 50 to 250 VA/kW in native 480 V, each using a modular construction design with multiple ancillary cabinets optimized for various footprint and power requirements. The LCD user interface ensures accurate interaction with the system and a low learning curve. Intelligent controls and communications integrate with Liebert Nform, SiteScan, and the Trellis Platform.

Liebert, Emerson Network Power, www.emersonnetworkpower.com

Gaseous standby generator

Generac Power Systems’ 500-kW natural gas genset is powered by a 25.8-L, 12-cylinder engine that is turbocharged and after-cooled, producing a standby power rating of 500 kW and prime power rating of 450 kW. Ideal for large standby power applications, such as office buildings and mission critical data centers, the unit can be installed as a single-engine generator set or as part of Generac’s Modular Power Systems (if generator paralleling is required for increased reliability, redundancy, and flexibility, as well as greater scalability for future growth). Other 500-kW natural gas features include PowerManager digital controls and GenLink remote-monitoring software.

Generac Power Systems, www.generac.com

High-performance uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The Power Xpert 9395 high-performance-model UPS provides best-in-class efficiency and scalable battery run times for data centers, light industrial applications, and multitenant data centers. Eaton’s solution builds upon its flagship Power Xpert 9395 UPS, delivering unity power factor-rated 300-kW modules at power ratings of 200 to 1,200 kW/kVA, which offer up to 20% more power within the same footprint to help customers reduce total cost of ownership. Bringing UPS capabilities to the next level for data center facility and IT managers, the Power Xpert 9395 high-performance model delivers up to 99% efficiency across most loads through Eaton’s Energy Saver System.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Fire, life safety, mass notification

Addressable aspirating smoke detector

The VESDA-E VEA series of detectors combine VESDA reliability and early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability and a variety of annunciation options that truly surpass traditional spot detectors. They use patented air-sampling points and multichannel microbore air-sampling with enhanced or standard alarm sensitivity setting for the sampling points. As a multichannel addressable system, the VEA detector is able to divide a protected space into sampling locations, enabling the localization of a fire for faster incident response. The detectors are suitable for protection of areas where pinpoint location of fire events is essential, thus providing ideal fire-detection solutions for various building types including offices, hospitals, and multistory dwellings.

Xtralis, www.xtralis.com

Aspirating smoke detectors

FAAST XS aspirating smoke detectors enable users to better serve the needs of small data centers, environmentally challenging spaces like manufacturing or process plants, or any area within a facility where standard spot smoke detectors are subject to nuisance alarm conditions. This smaller FAAST unit covers up to 5,000 sq ft and delivers all the features of FAAST, such as the ability to be configured for very early warning, early warning, and standard fire protection. Other features include programming flexibility, multi-alarm levels and two sensitivity modes, ultrasonic flow sensing for pipe and chamber airflow measurements, early notification of pipe network trouble conditions, and built-in email event notification to appropriate personnel.

Notifier, www.notifier.com

Dry valves

The FireLock NXT Series 768N Dry Valve provides simplified setup and design, ensuring ease of maintenance and speed of installation with a more intuitive trim layout. Designed for the fire protection industry, the idea behind the redesign was to make the valves more intuitive for the average fitter who may or may not have used the products before. The actuator was moved to the front, making it more accessible, and put the priming manifold down on the right-hand side, in an area that is easy to reach from the front. Sprinkler fitters are going to know what they have to do by simply looking at it, reducing guesswork.

Victaulic, www.victaulic.com

Fuses, breakers, circuit protection

Compact high-speed fuses

Eaton’s Bussmann series compact, high-speed fuses use up to 48% less enclosure space than standard high-speed, round-body fuses. The compact technology is designed to support the reduction in the overall size of next-generation power conversion and energy-storage equipment including drives, uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, and battery protection. The portfolio of 50- to 400-amp compact, high-speed fuses feature an innovative design that allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat-rise performance. Additionally, the bolt-on design provides design flexibility for installation in fuse blocks or direct mounting on busbars.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Arc flash relay

The Littelfuse AF0500 arc flash relay improves worker safety and reduces costly downtime by detecting developing arc flash and sending a trip signal before damage occurs. The AF0500 arc flash relay and sensors are plug-and-play for easy retrofit into existing switchgear or preinstallation in new equipment with little or no configuration. The AF0500 combines zone tripping, tie breaker tripping, upstream breaker tripping, and unrestricted scalability into one product, allowing the user to easily customize to system needs. Using advanced light sensors with Heartbeat fail-safe sensor technology, the AF0500 accurately detects the light of an impending arc flash and trips the breaker in less than 1 ms.

Littelfuse Inc., www.littelfuse.com

Arc-resistant switchgear

The IntelliSafe switchgear is fully customizable, smart arc-resistant switchgear that supports safety for companies in the oil and gas and power-generation and distribution industries. The IntelliSafe switchgear features a patent-pending, simple but robust door design with fewer failure points than existing industry solutions. The cost-effective, closed-door mechanism allows for motorized breaker racking while a mechanical circuit breaker trip enables a positive breaker lockout system. Front- and rear-door interlocks further prevent operator exposure to unsafe access conditions. IntelliSafe meets critical energy industry standards, including the IEEE C37.20.2 standard for metal-clad switchgear and the IEEE C37.20.7 standard for arc-resistant testing.

M&I Electric, www.mielectric.com


Horizontal-configuration rooftop units

AAON RN Series horizontal-configuration rooftop units combine the premier features and options of an AAON rooftop unit with horizontal return and supply airflow connections to maximize application flexibility. The design allows high-efficiency final filtration to be included in the unit cabinet for easy installation and maintenance. All of the features of standard vertical-configuration AAON rooftop units are available with the horizontal configuration, including double-wall rigid polyurethane foam panel construction and energy recovery wheels. This product was designed for applications that were only possible before with a rooftop unit and horizontal curb, with the benefits of reduced height and easier installation.

AAON, www.aaon.com

Dual-stage relief economizer

Carrier’s Dual Stage Relief Economizer (DSRE) uses a typical economizer with barometric relief and integrates an additional relief plenum from the building space up through the rooftop unit that bypasses traditional barometric relief dampers. The DSRE uses no motors, fans, or electricity to relieve building pressure at all varying conditions. This design has two relief operations: The first stage of natural relief is through the dedicated air chamber that provides relief when the building pressure warrants, regardless of the economizer damper positions or the indoor fan status. The second stage provides additional pressurization relief when the outside air damper is mostly open and space pressure warrants.

Carrier, www.carrier.com

Suction diffuser

The Bell & Gossett Suction Diffuser Plus minimizes pressure drop and reduces wasted pumping energy. This angle-pattern flow-straightening device uses patent-pending Flow Cone technology to eliminate recirculation zones by directing the flow completely out of the Suction Diffuser Plus and into the pump suction. In doing so, it provides ideal flow conditions for the pump by creating a more uniform velocity profile that reduces uneven stress on the pump impeller and shaft. As a result, pump efficiency is more effectively retained, pumping system energy costs are reduced, the life of the pump is extended, and increasingly stringent ASHRAE and pump energy index efficiency guidelines are addressed.

Bell & Gossett, Xylem Inc., https://bellgossett.com

Lighting and luminaires

Parking garage luminaire

The Orbeon is an LED parking garage/canopy luminaire designed with an integrated mesh wireless control system and wireless occupancy sensors. Satellite fixtures can be grouped into master hi/low sensors to create lighting zones to meet California Title 24 and ASHRAE standards. Changes to dimming, time, and schedules can be sent to all fixtures wirelessly. The wireless Beaconnect technology is simple and is a fraction of the price of other controls systems. The wireless control system operates autonomously to increase control and cost savings while eliminating complicated gateways, Wi-Fi, GPS, and third-party providers with commissioning and recurring fees.

Beacon Products, Hubbell Lighting, www.beaconproducts.com

Surface, wall LED luminaire

The Metalux SWLED Surface and Wall LED luminaire is a versatile, high-performing, and energy-efficient lighting solution for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Featuring Eaton’s advanced LED technology, it’s offered in multiple lumen packages, lensing, and control options, making it an excellent replacement for general-purpose lighting applications of linear fluorescent products including low-bay industrials, wraparounds, and striplights. The light can provide energy savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional fluorescent alternatives. SWLED sets itself apart from other lighting solutions with the ability to be mounted at different heights and positions without sacrificing performance and uniformity.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

LED luminaire series

The Indy L-Series is a comprehensive collection of highly advanced LED lamps covering downlighting, wall washing, adjustable accents, and cylinders. From LED color rendering to aperture sizes and trim finishes, each light is completely consistent across all fixture types and styles. Users can achieve a totally homogeneous look and uniform LED performance regardless of application. Indy L-Series LED luminaires include 4-, 6-, and 8-in. aperture sizes, offering illumination packages from 800 to 9,000 lumens. Glare-free hyperbolic downlights; single, double, or corner wall washers; and open-ceiling cylinder fixtures are just a few of the entries in this comprehensive collection.

Juno Lighting Group, www.junolightinggroup.com

LED area/site luminaire

Featuring a patent-pending architectural design, Eaton’s Lumark Prevail LED Area/Site Luminaire combines easy installation features with multiple controls options, resulting in significant installation, energy, and maintenance savings for both retrofit and new applications. The light’s patent-pending, standard versatile arm mount makes retrofit and new installations easy. The arm, which features a built-in wiring compartment for simple installation, can also uniquely accommodate a wide range of existing fixture drilling patterns and can be installed on both square and round poles to reduce installation time and cost. The fixture is also available with a wall and mast arm for building and roadway applications.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Area/site luminaire

Hubbell Lighting’s Airo is available with high-performance lenses to optimize photometric performance: 3,000, 4,000, or 5.000 K CCT. The lens distributions—Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Type II, III, IV, and V—are field-exchangeable and rotatable in 90-degree increments for quick job-site fine-tuning. The light is simple to install with toolless entry to the wiring/driver compartment and a universal mounting block. It is also available with an optional mast-arm fitter for 2 3/8-in. OD brackets and motion sensor with built-in photocell. The Airo comes with an IP65-rated light engine, a 5-year warranty, and is DesignLights Consortium qualified.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, Hubbell Lighting, www.hubbelloutdoor.com

LED high-bay luminaire

The ISON LED High Bay is available in up to 179 lumens per watt, delivering up to 80% energy reduction for most facilities with fixtures that offer less than 120 lumens per watt. Thermal management reduces the operating temperature of Orion high bays. Lower heat translates into the luminaire functioning more efficiently, extending its rated life. High-performing LED chips, efficient LED drivers, and other design features provide peak performance while the fixture design yields maximum light output and delivers more light for less energy. Because of the higher wattage savings, the ISON LED High Bay has greater potential for rebates determined by wattage reduction.

Orion Energy Systems Inc., www.orionlighting.com

Lighting controls

Wireless receptacle controls

The WattStopper Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) series is an easy, low-cost retrofit solution for plug load controls, as it uses radio frequency technology and works with existing line-voltage wiring. It helps meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 requirements to switch off selected receptacles. The products are ideal in a variety of applications including commercial offices, classrooms, conference rooms, copy rooms, and any other space that requires a simple-to-implement plug load control solution. The benefits and features include a choice of 15- and 20-amp receptacles, simple auto-on/auto-off receptacle control, NEMA-approved labeling, convenient override and testing capability, and works with all WattStopper sensors and power packs.

WattStopper; Legrand, North America, www.legrand.us/wattstopper

Low-voltage outdoor sensor

WattStopper FSP-201 low-voltage outdoor occupancy and daylight sensors maximize safety and security for areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways, and warehouses. The sensors also simplify compliance with the latest ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010/International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) (2012) and California Title 24 (2013) garage and outdoor lighting control requirements. Sensors are easy to specify, install, and setup. A handheld, wireless configuration tool simplifies ladder-free configuration and stores up to six sensor parameter profiles. A choice of four lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights up to 40 ft, making the sensor suitable for virtually any application.

WattStopper; Legrand, North America, www.legrand.us/wattstopper

Wireless fixture control

PowPak wireless fixture control allows users to transform any fixture into an intelligent and energy-saving luminaire by providing it with wireless-dimming, occupancy-sensing, and daylight-harvesting capabilities. By providing a fixture-by-fixture control solution and eliminating the control wiring between fixtures, it also reduces design challenges, installation costs, and risk associated with adding energy-saving lighting controls to existing buildings. With PowPak wireless fixture control, electrical contractors can quickly and easily design and estimate jobs by simply counting the number of fixtures. PowPak eliminates the need to run new wiring between fixtures, and in doing so, takes the hassle and risk out of the quotation and installation process.

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., www.lutron.com

Plumbing and water management

Skid systems

Available in one complete, compact, and portable package, Keltech Design on Demand Skid Systems are exclusively designed to be used for any high-flow, safety, industrial, or custom application. Keltech Skid Series can be easily transported into position with a forklift. Models CNA-SKID and SNA-SKID are pre-piped, pre-assembled transportable skid systems that provide higher-flow industrial water-heating applications. While the CNA-SKID features back-to-back CNA and CNAR large industrial heaters, the SNA-SKID offers back-to-back SNA and SNAR safety heaters. Applications include emergency shower or combination shower/eyewash systems, hazardous chemical environments, power plants, manufacturing environments, wastewater-treatment plants, mining, and process heating.

Bradley Corp., www.bradleycorp.com

Expansion fittings

Uponor’s 2½- and 3-in. ProPEX fittings provide an ideal solution for engineers and contractors who have been designing with and installing other piping materials such as steel, copper, polypropylene, or CPVC for commercial plumbing and hydronic piping projects. PEX is a durable, cost-effective, and high-performing solution for potable-plumbing risers and distribution lines, as well as for transporting water to terminal units such as chilled beams and fan-coil units. Advantages to the Uponor PEX include greater durability, greater freeze resistance, flexibility for fewer fittings, fewer potential leak points, and a 25-year warranty.

Uponor, www.uponorpro.com

Commercial lavatory faucets

The M•Bition faucets appeal to a number of facilities, specifically those in the health care and convalescence segment, where residential-influenced styling adds a personal touch. Sleek single- and two-handle widespread faucets feature Moen’s Duralast cartridge, a state-of-the-art ceramic-disc cartridge that provides a consistently smooth handle feel for the life of the faucet. Fixtures offer precise handle control, allowing the user to fine-tune temperature balance, as well as an adjustable temperature-limit stop. Available in a 1.5-gpm model, with or without a drain, the M•Bition lavatory faucets are designed to offer both water efficiency and exceptional performance, saving facilities valuable resources.

Moen Commercial, https://pro.moen.com

Software: design, modeling, analysis

Power distribution design software

Power Calc Pak software makes electrical engineering easy, fast, smart, and green. Only three input values per circuit result in more than 300 outputs compliant with the National Electrical Code for the design of an entire power distribution system in a building. That’s from the light switch to the power grid. This software saves 40% in design time and 7% or more in energy use, with instantaneous changes across the design upstream and downstream, all with incomparable accuracy due to its proprietary database. Key markets include building, construction, and facility-management industries for use by engineers, electricians, architects, and general contractors.

Electric Power Calc Inc., www.powercalc.us

Geothermal, hybrid energy-system-monitoring software

MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect allows building owners and engineers to easily and quickly develop energy-saving strategies in geothermal design. The software can be conveniently accessed through any standard Web browser and allows the user to input building load and data from virtually anywhere. MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect will instantaneously generate a clean, green, and cost-effective geothermal design for users. The benefits of MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect include significant reduction in installation and operational costs, instant results, lower costs and optimized design, and 30% to 50% annual energy cost savings for a building’s lifetime.

Greensleeves LLC, www.greensleevesllc.com

VRF system design software

LATS CAD 2 seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD to allow engineers to lay out and validate LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems directly into their CAD drawings. This design software equips engineers with the ability to design commercial VRF and multi- and single-split systems with more accuracy and speed—reducing VRF design time by up to 80%. By eliminating transitional errors between previously incompatible programs and incorporating system-design improvements, AutoCAD and LATS CAD 2 maintain building design integrity between programs, creating a more fluid design process and resulting in a significant reduction in design time and increased accuracy.

LG Electronics, www.lghvac.com

Test instruments, meters, data loggers

Electrical system monitor

The flexible, expandable Power Xpert Gateway (PXG) 900 is an electrical communications and data-acquisition solution that can be used in a small system consisting of a single piece of equipment or scaled up for multiple pieces of equipment or systems. The gateway may be installed in electrical assemblies or systems to acquire and consolidate data from components such as trip units, meters, relays, drives, and input/output (I/O) devices. The gateway can also be deployed as a data-aggregation and notification solution for switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, transfer switches, and motor-control centers.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Sequence-of-events recorders

CyTime SER-3200 Event Recorders have 32 high-speed digital inputs to monitor the status of circuit breakers, relays, or other equipment and time-stamp state changes to 1 millisecond. A second model, SER-2408, has 24 inputs and 8 relay outputs, controllable over Ethernet. An embedded Web server enables setup and monitoring using a standard Web browser. The devices can be used stand-alone or integrated into a complete electrical power monitoring system using Modbus TCP. SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders use Precision Time Protocol to achieve “hi-res” time synchronization over Ethernet for commercial/industrial applications. One CyTime SER serves as “PTP master” and all other CyTime SER devices sync automatically within 100 microseconds without special Ethernet switches.

Cyber Sciences Inc., www.cyber-sciences.com

Variable frequency drives, variable speed drives

Enclosed variable frequency drives

PowerXL Enclosed Drives offer advanced harmonics mitigation, energy efficiency, and increased reliability to the water/wastewater, irrigation pumping, oil and gas, and industrial infrastructure industries. PowerXL Enclosed Drives offer standard configurations that are pre-engineered to provide a robust solution with reduced lead time, while also providing customers with custom-engineered configurations that are designed to meet specific application needs. Eaton’s PowerXL Enclosed Drives offering includes advanced harmonic mitigation packages that substantially reduce the harmonics in a system and are in compliance with guidelines such as IEEE 519. PowerXL Enclosed Drives provide superior reliability through a robust design that is tested and listed to UL 508C standards.

Eaton, www.eaton.com

Arc-resistant medium-voltage drive

Eaton’s SC9000 encapsulated powerpole (EP) arc-resistant drive is a fully integrated arc-resistant medium-voltage drive certified to CSA C22.2 No.22-11 and witness-tested to IEEE C37.20.7 through extensive assessment at a third-party laboratory. The drives build on Eaton’s highly reliable and award-winning SC9000 EP platform, allowing customers to achieve energy savings while reducing facility downtime and enhancing personnel safety. Eaton engineered the solution with arc-fault-detection circuits to prevent the possibility of an arc fault upon powering the drive. Should an arc event occur after power-up, Eaton’s patented inverter encapsulation and short circuit protection technologies help prevent fault propagation and limit arc fault energy.

Eaton, www.eaton.com