Software: Design, Modeling, Analysis

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

Software: design, modeling, analysis

Read about the three finalists in the Software: Design, Modeling, Analysis category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Power Calc Pak by Electric Power Calc Inc.Power distribution design software

Power Calc Pak software makes electrical engineering easy, fast, smart, and green. Only three input values per circuit result in more than 300 outputs compliant with the National Electrical Code for the design of an entire power distribution system in a building. That’s from the light switch to the power grid. This software saves 40% in design time and 7% or more in energy use, with instantaneous changes across the design upstream and downstream, all with incomparable accuracy due to its proprietary database. Key markets include building, construction, and facility-management industries for use by engineers, electricians, architects, and general contractors.

Electric Power Calc Inc., 

MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect by Greensleeves LLCGeothermal, hybrid energy-system-monitoring software

MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect allows building owners and engineers to easily and quickly develop energy-saving strategies in geothermal design. The software can be conveniently accessed through any standard Web browser and allows the user to input building load and data from virtually anywhere. MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect will instantaneously generate a clean, green, and cost-effective geothermal design for users. The benefits of MultiGEO Designer Powered by ENtellect include significant reduction in installation and operational costs, instant results, lower costs and optimized design, and 30% to 50% annual energy cost savings for a building’s lifetime.

Greensleeves LLC, 

LATS CAD 2 by LG ElectronicsVRF system design software

LATS CAD 2 seamlessly integrates with AutoCAD to allow engineers to lay out and validate LG variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems directly into their CAD drawings. This design software equips engineers with the ability to design commercial VRF and multi- and single-split systems with more accuracy and speed—reducing VRF design time by up to 80%. By eliminating transitional errors between previously incompatible programs and incorporating system-design improvements, AutoCAD and LATS CAD 2 maintain building design integrity between programs, creating a more fluid design process and resulting in a significant reduction in design time and increased accuracy.

LG Electronics,