Lighting Controls

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

Lighting controls

Read about the seven finalists in the Lighting Controls category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Dialog Room Controller by Douglas Lighting ControlsDecentralized lighting controller

The Dialog Room Controller manages classrooms, offices, conference rooms, or small rooms to meet local and national lighting requirements. The Dialog Room Controller incorporates two sections: the Room Controller and the UL924 Relay Expansion Pack. The Room Controller includes four relays, four independent dimming channels, and the capability to connect to a Douglas Lighting Controls Dialog or BACnet network. When the need for emergency lighting control or additional relays arises, the Room Controller UL924/Relay Expansion Pack is easily added by clipping it to the bottom of the room controller and connecting to the appropriate loads.

Douglas Lighting Controls, 

NX Room Controller, Hubbell Control Solutions, Hubbell LightingLighting, sensor controller

The NX Room Controller integrates automatic and manual control of lighting with the simplicity of plug-in installation and auto-configuration for an affordable way to meet energy codes and provide intuitive, energy-saving lighting controls for a single room or space. Devices such as digital wall switches, vacancy/occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors are plugged into the NX Room Controller and auto-configured to default operations. All device communication is over standard Category-5 cables to simplify installation and eliminate wiring errors. For more advanced configuration and control, the optional Bluetooth module allows dimming and daylight functions to be managed with the use of a smartphone app.

Hubbell Control Solutions, Hubbell Lighting, 

PowPak by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.Wireless fixture control

PowPak wireless fixture control allows users to transform any fixture into an intelligent and energy-saving luminaire by providing it with wireless-dimming, occupancy-sensing, and daylight-harvesting capabilities. By providing a fixture-by-fixture control solution and eliminating the control wiring between fixtures, it also reduces design challenges, installation costs, and risk associated with adding energy-saving lighting controls to existing buildings. With PowPak wireless fixture control, electrical contractors can quickly and easily design and estimate jobs by simply counting the number of fixtures. PowPak eliminates the need to run new wiring between fixtures, and in doing so, takes the hassle and risk out of the quotation and installation process.

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., 

LynTec RPCWeb-enabled lighting controls

The LynTec RPC lighting control panel family with onboard Web servers allows easy setup with a simple Internet browser. This interface can be used to configure circuits to turn on instantly and automatically for emergency egress lighting, regardless of control protocol or zone assignment. A simple low-voltage contact closure or supervised loop will activate the designated emergency circuits. The UL 924-compliant panels, used in conjunction with an upstream transfer switch, help ensure that users easily meet federal, state, and local egress or emergency lighting codes as required for any new or upgraded lighting installation.


Encelium Wireless Area Lighting Controller (WALC) by Osram SylvaniaWireless area lighting controller

The Encelium Wireless Area Lighting Controller (WALC) allows a group of lighting devices to communicate via a wireless mesh network based on ZigBee standards. The WALC connects groups of 0 to 10 V dimmable luminaires for group dimming or switching applications. The high current rating of the WALC allows the system to switch an entire circuit of electrical loads or plug loads, eliminating the cost for using standard power relays or switch packs. The onboard sensor terminal block allows direct connection of dual-tech sensors or other low-voltage sensors to the wireless network for battery elimination or additional functionality.

Osram Sylvania, 

WattStopper FSP-201 by Legrand, North AmericaLow-voltage outdoor sensor

WattStopper FSP-201 low-voltage outdoor occupancy and daylight sensors maximize safety and security for areas such as parking facilities, gas stations, pedestrian pathways, and warehouses. The sensors also simplify compliance with the latest ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010/International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) (2012) and California Title 24 (2013) garage and outdoor lighting control requirements. Sensors are easy to specify, install, and setup. A handheld, wireless configuration tool simplifies ladder-free configuration and stores up to six sensor parameter profiles. A choice of four lenses ensures complete coverage for mounting heights up to 40 ft, making the sensor suitable for virtually any application.

WattStopper; Legrand, North America, 

WattStopper Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) by Legrand, North AmericaWireless receptacle controls

The WattStopper Wireless Receptacle Controls (WRC) series is an easy, low-cost retrofit solution for plug load controls, as it uses radio frequency technology and works with existing line-voltage wiring. It helps meet new ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 requirements to switch off selected receptacles. The products are ideal in a variety of applications including commercial offices, classrooms, conference rooms, copy rooms, and any other space that requires a simple-to-implement plug load control solution. The benefits and features include a choice of 15- and 20-amp receptacles, simple auto-on/auto-off receptacle control, NEMA-approved labeling, convenient override and testing capability, and works with all WattStopper sensors and power packs.

WattStopper; Legrand, North America,