Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists


Read about the eight finalists in the HVAC/R category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

RN Series by AAONHorizontal-configuration rooftop units

AAON RN Series horizontal-configuration rooftop units combine the premier features and options of an AAON rooftop unit with horizontal return and supply airflow connections to maximize application flexibility. The design allows high-efficiency final filtration to be included in the unit cabinet for easy installation and maintenance. All of the features of standard vertical-configuration AAON rooftop units are available with the horizontal configuration, including double-wall rigid polyurethane foam panel construction and energy recovery wheels. This product was designed for applications that were only possible before with a rooftop unit and horizontal curb, with the benefits of reduced height and easier installation.

AAON, www.aaon.com 

Bell and Gossett Suction Diffuser Plus by Xylem Inc.Suction diffuser

The Bell & Gossett Suction Diffuser Plus minimizes pressure drop and reduces wasted pumping energy. This angle-pattern flow-straightening device uses patent-pending Flow Cone technology to eliminate recirculation zones by directing the flow completely out of the Suction Diffuser Plus and into the pump suction. In doing so, it provides ideal flow conditions for the pump by creating a more uniform velocity profile that reduces uneven stress on the pump impeller and shaft. As a result, pump efficiency is more effectively retained, pumping system energy costs are reduced, the life of the pump is extended, and increasingly stringent ASHRAE and pump energy index efficiency guidelines are addressed.

Bell & Gossett, Xylem Inc., https://bellgossett.com

Dual Stage Relief Economizer (DSRE) by CarrierDual-stage relief economizer

Carrier’s Dual Stage Relief Economizer (DSRE) uses a typical economizer with barometric relief and integrates an additional relief plenum from the building space up through the rooftop unit that bypasses traditional barometric relief dampers. The DSRE uses no motors, fans, or electricity to relieve building pressure at all varying conditions. This design has two relief operations: The first stage of natural relief is through the dedicated air chamber that provides relief when the building pressure warrants, regardless of the economizer damper positions or the indoor fan status. The second stage provides additional pressurization relief when the outside air damper is mostly open and space pressure warrants.

Carrier, www.carrier.com 

Danfoss VZH inverter scroll compressorInverter scroll compressor

The Danfoss VZH inverter scroll compressor is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable-speed technology for commercial air conditioning applications. Along with the existing inverter scroll platform that ranges from 13 to 26 tons, the addition of three VZH models in smaller cooling capacities extends the range from 4 to 26 tons of refrigeration (TR) and up to 52 TR in manifold configurations. Danfoss inverter scroll solutions combine Danfoss expertise in both compressor and drive design. The variable-speed package is able to deliver considerable value to equipment manufacturers and end users.

Danfoss, www.danfoss.us 

Eclypse Connected VAV Controllers by Distech ControlsVariable air volume (VAV) controllers

The Eclypse Connected VAV Controller series, BTL listed (B-BC), successfully distributes IP connectivity throughout buildings to the terminal equipment level. The series includes both ECY-VAV and ECY-VAV-PoE Connected VAV Controllers (models with Power over Ethernet). As part of the Eclypse Connected IP and Wi-Fi product series, these offer empowered connectivity, with BMS now able to leverage and converge with a building’s IT infrastructure to share a common IP network. This convergence, based on open standards, provides consulting engineers with access to products that are based on proven standards that they can rely on: BACnet/IP, powered by Android OS, and IT standards including Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Distech Controls, www.distech-controls.com 

Neuton by SemcoControlled chilled-beam pump module

Neuton eliminates the expense of a separate chiller, boiler, and secondary water distribution system associated with conventional chilled-beam HVAC designs. Neuton blends and recirculates return water within its zone to convert typical 42 and 140°F primary loop water temperatures to optimal 58 or 100°F chilled-beam discharge temperatures. This prevents cooling-mode condensation and heating-season heat stratification. Neuton can control up to 10 chilled beams, depending upon the water flow rate required. Using a controlled chilled-beam pump module design versus a traditional chilled-beam layout reduces job piping material/labor costs by up to 35%.

Semco, www.semcohvac.com


Victaulic steam systemSaturated steam system

The Victaulic steam system is a grooved mechanical piping system for saturated steam and condensate lines. Designed in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code as well as ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and ASME B31.9, the Victaulic steam system is an alternative to traditional joining methods. The proprietary ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) gasket used in Victaulic couplings in HVAC applications has a maximum temperature rating of 250°F—more than enough to handle the temperatures required for hot-water systems, but not high enough for steam. The polytetrafluoroethylene composite seal is capable of withstanding the temperature and pressure limits of ASME B31.3 Category D Fluid Service.

Victaulic, www.victaulic.com 

Evergreen by Weil-McLainHigh-efficiency condensing boiler

The Evergreen boiler is built with innovative features that are simple to understand, making it easy to install, use, and maintain it for the long run. The graphical user interface makes programming and monitoring operations simple. The Evergreen provides ZoneStacking 24-zone capability without an additional external third-party control. ZoneStacking reduces the installation costs and time while increasing reliability. With this advanced control feature, the Evergreen boiler maintains optimal efficiency through lead-lag rotation and balanced heat loading. Three selectable sequencing modes are built into the Evergreen: series, parallel, and SmartSequencing. The quiet operation of the Evergreen further enhances the sense of “invisible” heat.

Weil-McLain, www.weil-mclain.com