Emergency, Onsite, Standby Power

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

Emergency, onsite, standby power

Read about the four finalists in the Emergency, Onsite, Standby Power category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Power Xpert 9395 UPS by EatonHigh-performance uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

The Power Xpert 9395 high-performance-model UPS provides best-in-class efficiency and scalable battery run times for data centers, light industrial applications, and multitenant data centers. Eaton’s solution builds upon its flagship Power Xpert 9395 UPS, delivering unity power factor-rated 300-kW modules at power ratings of 200 to 1,200 kW/kVA, which offer up to 20% more power within the same footprint to help customers reduce total cost of ownership. Bringing UPS capabilities to the next level for data center facility and IT managers, the Power Xpert 9395 high-performance model delivers up to 99% efficiency across most loads through Eaton’s Energy Saver System.

Eaton, www.eaton.com 

4- to 6-kVA SSG Series by Falcon Electric4- to 6-kVA industrial UPSs

Falcon’s 4- to 6-kVA SSG rackmount online uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) have achieved UL 1778, UL 508, cUL listings, and CE certifications that ensure reliable, code-compliant operation over a -4 to 131°F temperature range. The SSG UPSs are specifically built to provide industrial-grade power to equipment deployed in harsh environmental conditions. The SSG delivers uncompromised clean power required by power-sensitive microprocessor-based equipment such as programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives. These SSG models include high-performance 10-year-rated batteries when installed in an ambient 77°F environment. When located in higher-temperature locations, up to 122°F, the user-replaceable batteries feature a 4-year battery life.

Falcon Electric Inc., www.falconups.com 

500-kW natural gas genset by Generac Power SystemsGaseous standby generator

Generac Power Systems’ 500-kW natural gas genset is powered by a 25.8-L, 12-cylinder engine that is turbocharged and after-cooled, producing a standby power rating of 500 kW and prime power rating of 450 kW. Ideal for large standby power applications, such as office buildings and mission critical data centers, the unit can be installed as a single-engine generator set or as part of Generac’s Modular Power Systems (if generator paralleling is required for increased reliability, redundancy, and flexibility, as well as greater scalability for future growth). Other 500-kW natural gas features include PowerManager digital controls and GenLink remote-monitoring software.

Generac Power Systems, www.generac.com 

Liebert eXM UPS by Emerson Network PowerUninterruptible power supply

The Liebert eXM UPS is based on a reliable, double-conversion power topology that uses an efficient transformer-free design. Excellent efficiencies of 97% are generated and can be enhanced to 99% using Liebert’s unique Eco Mode. Capacities range from 10 to 200 kVA/KW in native 208 V, plus 50 to 250 VA/kW in native 480 V, each using a modular construction design with multiple ancillary cabinets optimized for various footprint and power requirements. The LCD user interface ensures accurate interaction with the system and a low learning curve. Intelligent controls and communications integrate with Liebert Nform, SiteScan, and the Trellis Platform.

Liebert, Emerson Network Power, www.emersonnetworkpower.com