Electrical Distribution

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

Electrical distribution

Read about the eight finalists in the Electrical Distribution category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Crouse-Hinds series painted EMT fittings by EatonPainted EMT conduit fittings

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series painted EMT fittings are available in seven colors to accommodate a wide range of circuit identification needs. The painted EMT fittings provide savings and simplicity in material handling by eliminating the need to receive, handle, store, and move colored EMT conduit pieces. Typical applications that use color for identification include fire alarm circuits, low voltage, intrinsically safe circuits, voice and data, and different voltages. Eaton’s offering of painted EMT fittings allows for enhanced flexibility with configurations for both set screw and compression applications. The fittings are also available in insulated and non-insulated designs to meet wiring requirements.

Eaton, www.eaton.com 

Crouse-Hinds series Quick-Lok Pro Connector by EatonConduit connectors for AC/MC fittings

The Quick-Lok Pro Connector from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division is a quick, easy, and secure way to terminate AC/MC/FMC cable to a box or enclosure. The Quick-Lok Pro Connectors can be used to connect armored cable, metal-clad cable, MCI-A cable, or flexible metallic conduit to a box or enclosure for dry-location applications. The solution provides significant labor savings when installing metal-clad, MCI-A, FMC, or armored cable to a steel box or enclosure. No tools are needed for installation. Simply insert cable or conduit into the connector and install into a ½-in. knockout. Internal spring steel locking ring tabs securely clamp the cable in place and assure bonding.

Eaton, www.eaton.com


Evolution Series 10-in. poke-thru device by Legrand10-in. poke-thru device

Legrand’s Evolution Series 10-in. poke-thru device offers eight individual gangs of communication; audio, video, and power capacity; eliminates the need for junction boxes; and is designed with a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing cover assembly. Users can mix and match devices, ports, and receptacles to configure each of the eight gangs to suit their individual requirements. The Evolution 10-in. poke-thru installs easily, making it an ideal choice for both retrofit and new-construction applications. Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum covers are built to withstand up to 700 lbs of pressure as well as heavy traffic encountered in open spaces.

Legrand, www.legrand.us 

Pass and Seymour Plug Load RF Receptacle by LegrandRF receptacle, signal pack

The Pass & Seymour Plug Load RF Receptacle provides a simple-to-use, wireless solution for plug load control and works in concert with the Pass & Seymour Plug Load RF Signal Pack to add an existing offering of code-compliant controlled receptacles. Building owners and facility managers can easily achieve plug load control by using the integrated solution from Legrand. Enhanced plug load management is attained when the RF Receptacle is installed into a branch wiring system and the low-voltage RF Signal Pack is integrated with an occupancy sensor and 24 Vdc power pack. The Receptacle and Signal Pack are connected via a reliable wireless RF connection.

Legrand, www.legrand.us 

Branch circuit, busway monitoring system

With Raritan’s branch-circuit monitoring (BCM) system, data centers reduce energy costs, track power usage, and prevent downtime. Raritan’s BCM design makes it easy and affordable to monitor power upstream from IT equipment racks. Get real-time views of electrical capacity and power usage at the panelboard, floor power distribution unit PDU, remote power panel, or overhead busway. Measure kilowatt-hours with ISO/SEC +/- 0.5% billing-grade accuracy and chargeback customers for energy costs, and receive alerts anytime a current approaches a breaker’s limit. Raritan’s BCM system provides real-time views of electrical capacity and power usage in co-location and other data centers.

Raritan Inc., www.raritan.com 

Hybrid rack transfer switch by Raritan Inc.Hybrid rack transfer switch

Raritan’s Intelligent hybrid rack transfer switch can monitor power at the outlet level, as well as the inlet level, providing granular energy information useful for capacity planning and managing energy costs. The transfer switch’s secure switching capabilities enable power to a device to be turned on and off remotely—eliminating visits to the data center. This hybrid system uses the best of both electromechanical relay and silicon-controlled rectifier technologies to deliver fast performance and better energy efficiency and reliability. By introducing outlet-level metering and switching capabilities to the transfer switch, Raritan is providing tools to help customers better manage their infrastructure resources and create intelligent data centers.

Raritan Inc., www.raritan.com 

Kopex-Ex ISR Fittings by Thomas and BettsIndustrial strain-relief fittings

Kopex-Ex ISR Fittings from Thomas & Betts feature an integral clamping mechanism that enables the industrial strain-relief fittings to comply fully with the IEC’s pullout requirements without external clamping. The Kopex-Ex ISR fitting was developed with input from end users in the oil and gas industry. This high-level solution for industrial end users looking for a superior-quality fitting reduces installation time and costs while surpassing global standards for pullout requirements. Its integral clamping mechanism was designed in response to industry end users who were looking for a quicker and easier way to install strain-relief fittings, as most strain-relief fittings are designed to meet only 25% of the IEC pullout requirements.

Thomas & Betts, ABB, www.tnb.com 

Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring by Thomas and BettsConnector with grounding ring

The patent-pending ground ring in Thomas & Betts’ Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring provides a perfectly secure connection for a sustainable ground path to ensure personnel and equipment safety. In response to market demands for greater corrosion resistance and conductivity, the Ocal Liquidtight connector has been redesigned with an innovative grounding ring. The grounding ring is made of naval-grade brass to ensure the highest possible corrosion resistance for a conductive material. It will accept copper or aluminum conductors and complies with UL 467. The Ocal Liquidtight connector with grounding ring complies with NEC 350.60 Grounding and Bonding.

Thomas & Betts, ABB, www.tnb.com