BAS, Controls, Energy Management

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year Finalists

BAS, controls, energy management

Read about the five finalists in the BAS, Controls, Energy Management category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2016 Product of the Year program.

Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor (PXBCM) by EatonRemote circuit monitor

The Power Xpert Branch Circuit Monitor (PXBCM) is an advanced remote power-monitoring solution that provides greater visibility of energy usage and enhanced control response to energy loads and circuits down to the plug level. The PXBCM is optimized to support improved power management and power-usage efficiency in multitenant buildings, commercial and institutional sites, and data-intensive information technology applications. As the power demands on facilities continue to grow, the PXBCM cost-effectively monitors, integrates, and protects mission critical electrical equipment and data systems while improving overall uptime and reliability. The PXBCM provides remote access to live, circuit-level energy-usage data for entire facilities.


Liebert iCOM-S by Emerson Network PowerThermal supervisory control

The Liebert iCOM-S is an integrated, system-level thermal supervisory control for accessing, monitoring, and controlling multiple data center cooling units, sensors, and thermal equipment. Through advanced algorithms and machine-to-machine communications, it optimizes thermal-system performance across data centers for capacity and efficiency, provides quick access to real-time actionable data, and automates thermal-system diagnostics and trending. The iCOM-S harmonizes the operation of multiple cooling units to eliminate “fighting” between them and balance temperature and capacity. The system eliminates the need for point-to-point communications between each cooling unit, temperature sensors, and the building management system by aggregating data and providing a single point of communications.

Emerson Network Power, 

RC-Reporter by Reliable ControlsBuilding-performance reporting software

RC-Reporter reads SQL database files from any BACnet Internet-connected building configured with RC-Archive software. Every BACnet Internet-connected building is available for analysis. Additionally, RC-Reporter can import comma-separated-value files from non-SQL third-party sources. RC-Reporter is largely unrestricted in the inventory of buildings it can analyze. RC-Reporter’s point filtering and querying allow users to quickly sort through big data and effectively extract the information they want. The filtered information is linked to a variety of RC-Reporter components, which graphically display the information against benchmarks, setpoints, and profiles. The components are individually saved and used in customized reports that are automatically emailed to any recipient list at any time schedule.

Reliable Controls, 

RC-WebView by Reliable ControlsBACnet operator workstation software

RC-WebView lets facility managers and operators access and control their portfolio of multivendor BACnet IP-connected buildings with efficiency and ease. RC-WebView allows multiple, multivendor BACnet automation systems to be joined together into a common “enterprise website.” This provides enormous efficiencies because access to the enterprise becomes a single URL instead of multiple URLs, and users can jump from building to building and system to system with just a single sign-on, regardless of the vendor. Additionally, alarm management, object searching, and reporting span the entire enterprise instead of signing on to each system independently and executing repetitive tasks.

Reliable Controls, 

Trane Air-FiWireless building controls system

Trane Air-Fi is a reliable, flexible wireless system that frees building owners and managers from the hassles associated with traditional wired systems for building controls. By eliminating the need to run wires throughout a facility, building control project design is simplified—resulting in fast and easy installation with less risk. Redundant, self-repairing mesh technology helps prevent communication failures when signals are obstructed. Disrupted signals automatically and immediately reroute around obstacles. Air-Fi wireless is a ZigBee Certified Building Automation solution and is built on a platform that supports BACnet open standards. This allows building owners and managers to integrate devices in the future.