Project Profile: Fort Stewart Brigade and Battalion Headquarters

Firm name: STV

Project building name and location: Fort Stewart Brigade and Battalion Headquarters, Fort Stewart, Ga.

Type of building and type of project: Consolidated Brigade and Battalion Facility, New Construction

Project completion date and project duration: May 2011

Engineering challenges and solutions:

The engineering challenges on this project included having numerous subcontractors as part of a collaborative design/build team. The project site was a new green field area with numerous other facilities under design and construction concurrently with the new facility. There were significant changes to the sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) areas late in the project. Finally, the client had a tight deadline to complete the project.

The design-build team used building information modeling (BIM) software from the start of design. This approach offered numerous advantages in cost savings and scheduling. BIM allowed contractors and designers to compile information quickly and share it easily among all parties. This included: BIM 3D visualization design tools rendered models that illustrated the project down to specific studs or girders to find and avoid potential conflicts before construction.At Fort Stewart, this early collaboration resulted in the best possible layout for the building and changes while staying within the RFP requirements and adhering to the overall project schedule.

By using BIM in the design-build approach, STV and Mortenson were able to quickly address any changes and complexities that arose while working at this site and present that information to the client. Even significant changes to the SCIF areas late in the construction phase were incorporated with minimal impact to the schedule due to excellent planning at the start of the project. Changes were identified and work-arounds were easily developed in the change order process.





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