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Workforce Development September 20, 2019

Three ways to retain engineering talent

Use these tips to keep engineers employed at your firm

By Angie Keller, Randstad Engineering, Atlanta
Business of Engineering September 19, 2019

Communicating with fellow engineers

What’s the best way to connect? Like many other responses to questions about engineering, the answer is “it depends”

By Amara Rozgus
Workforce Development September 10, 2019

Why Talent Strategy Should Influence Organizational Strategy and Master Planning Efforts

As organizations refine their long-term strategies, the emphasis on integrating talent, technology, and real estate perspectives into master planning efforts becomes critical.

By Swapna Sathyan, MBA
Manufacturers looking to retain their best engineers should improve their current skill sets and offer benefits and wages to keep them from leaving their jobs or being recruited by rival corporations. Courtesy: Randstad Engineering
Workforce Development September 2, 2019

Three ways to improve engineer retention

Companies looking to protect their top engineering talent from rivals should look to improve training, benefits and wages to make employees happier and more productive.

By Angie Keller
Business of Engineering August 28, 2019

So, now what do I do with my degree?

Young professionals are overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge, skills and experience they are expected to have as soon as their degree is conferred upon them

By Minh Q. Vu, EIT, Twin Rivers Engineering Consultants, Des Moines, Iowa
Business may include the opportunity to travel. Joyce and Bruce Slade: Bruce says, “I always try to take my sweetie to industry conferences.” Courtesy: Bruce Slade
Educational July 31, 2019

Choosing and managing an engineering career: 7 things to know

A well-managed engineering career means a lifetime career outside the rut. Apply these seven tips to manage a successful engineering career.

By Bruce Slade
Project Management June 27, 2019

International project management with Dave George, Architecture and Engineering Program Management Expert

It’s critical that you incorporate the host nation’s requirements and that your designs are constructible in that country.

By Dave George, Architecture and Engineering Program Management Expert
Project Management June 21, 2019

Owner Perspective: Project Success Hinges on Partnership at All Levels

With innovations in technology, there is not a single person on a new project that understands 100% of all the building systems and how they work together.

By James Pease
Hospitals June 13, 2019

Demystifying the Translational Workplace: Six Strategies for Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

The 21st century has seen remarkable healthcare breakthroughs. These advances are largely driven by the speed at which organizations can translate scientific discoveries to applications that benefit patients and communities.

By Abigail Clary and Chris Lambert
Business of Engineering May 23, 2019

How to retain and recall what you read

Follow these three steps to remember what you’ve read or learned.

By Syed Peeran, Ph.D., PE, Boston