2019 40 Under 40 Winners

2019 40 Under 40 winners are changing the world

From afar, this compilation of the 2019 40 Under 40 winners looks like another group of young professionals who have accomplished a lot. When you dig a little deeper, you see that this year’s group of winners is much more. They’re exceptional professionals, without a doubt, and have made a difference in the industryYou’ll read about more achievements than failures. You’ll learn about remarkable educations and accreditations. You’ll meet young professionals who have climbed quickly through the ranks of their companies — or started firms of their own. They’re also accomplished musicians, happy wanderers, parents, enormously hungry, mentors and world-beaters. Each person is the kind of individual you want to hang out with. Each winner is the type you’d like as your neighbor, friend or professional colleague.  

Read about these extraordinary winners below.

Amy Barrett, PE, LEED AP BD+C
Amy Barrett
John Barrot, PE, LEED AP; 37
John Barrot
Maxwell Chien PE, LEED AP BD+C; 34
Maxwell Chien
Brian Clark, PE, CEM, CPMP; 35
Brian Clark
Bryan Douglass, PE; 35
Bryan Douglass
James Falconer, PE, CEng; 38
James Falconer
Karl Fenstermaker, PE; 38
Karl Fenstermaker
Brendan Gardes, PE, CEM, CEA, CGD, LEED AP; 39
Brendan Gardes
Joshua Gepner, PE, QCxP, LEED AP O+M; 38
Joshua Gepner
Angie Grant, PE; 39
Angie Grant
Steve Gross, PE; 32
Steve Gross
Saranya Gunasingh, LEED AP BD+C, International Associate AIA; 33
Saranya Gunasingh
Adam Hale, PE, ASHRAE HFDP; 31
Adam Hale
Andrew Hay, PE, CxA; 38
Andrew Hay
Joy Zhiwei Huang; 27
Joy Zhiwei Huang
Qian (Samuel) Jiang, PE, LEED AP, CEng, REng; 39
Qian (Samuel) Jiang
Deepak Kandra, PE; 39
Deepak Kandra
Brad Kult, PE; 37
Brad Kult
Sean Lawler, PE, LEED AP; 38
Sean Lawler
Shawn MacLean, PE; 39
Shawn MacLean
Zachary Magnone, PE; 36
Zachary Magnone
Gibson Mammen, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C; 31
Gibson Mammen
Brian McLaughlin, PE; 39
Brian McLaughlin
Nick Mislak; 37
Nick Mislak
Steve Orchard, PEng, LEED AP; 38
Steve Orchard
Neil Osten, PE, LEED AP; 35
Neil Osten
Nika Parsa, LEED Green Associate; 33
Nika Parsa
Lucas Rae; 36
Lucas Rae
Melisa Rodriguez, PE, SET; 37
Melisa Rodriguez
Chitwan Saluja, LEED AP BD+C; I International Association AIA; 36
Chitwan Saluja
Deanna Schmidt, PE, LEED AP; 39
Deanna Schmidt
Seth Strongin, LEED AP, WELL AP; 39
Seth Strongin
Michael Tobias, PE, LEED AP, CEM; 37
Michael Tobias
Drew VanNess, PE; 33
Drew VanNess
Justin Veilleux, PE, RCDD, LEED AP BD+C; 37
Justin Veilleux
Kyle Waymeyer, CEM, LEED AP BD+C; 33
Kyle Waymeyer
Chris Wilson, PE; 33
Chris Wilson
Tim Zelazny, RA, LEED AP, WELL AP, CPHC, BECxP; 33
Tim Zelazny

Mikhail “Misha” A. Zeltser
Philip Zumbrun; 31
Philip Zumbrun

Jack Smith, Content Manager; Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief