Electrical November 1, 2001

Wireless: The Future of BAS?

Migrating building automation systems to wireless offers many benefits

By William Pollock, P.E., President, Optimation Technology, Rush, N.Y.
Electrical November 1, 2001

Buying and Selling the Design Practice

Editor's Note: For more about mergers and acquisitions, see "Good Catch," p. 30.Whether to diversify their areas of practice or to expand into new geographic markets, engineering firms are acquiring other design firms with increasing frequency.Buyers frequently look to acquire an established firm to avoid the time and expense of setting up a new office.

By Bruce H. Schoumacher, Querrey & Harrow, Ltd., Chicago
Electrical October 23, 2001

Cable Still in Growth Mode in Asia Pacific

Despite a worldwide economic slowdown, the structured cable market has posted 10% annual growth this year, according to a report released in the late summer by BSRIA, a British market research firm.

By Staff
Electrical October 1, 2001

Retrofit Drives Production

Judd Wire Inc., Turner Falls, Mass., made its mark on the wire-and-cable industry by setting the standard for electron beam irradiation of wire. Now, it is among the first to retrofit all its production lines—and build new ones—using AC motors and motor-drive technology. The ultimate goal for Judd's manufacturing facility in San Marcos, Calif.

By Staff
Electrical September 1, 2001

Thinking Outside The Grid

Better think outside the grid by dusting off Y2K contingency plans and investing in backup systems that will cover you in case someone pulls the plug on your power supply," advised a recent issue of CIO Magazine. Other interesting information from the report included:From Pure Power, Fall 2001.

By Staff
Electrical September 1, 2001

Market Projections: UPS & Fuel Cells

Researchers at Business Communications Co. (www.bccresearch.com) have projected future markets for fuel cells and uninterruptible power systems (UPS). The fuel cell market alone is projected to experience phenomenal growth: Fuel cells. Estimated at $218 million for last year, the fuel cell market is forecasted to increase to $2.

By Staff
Electrical September 1, 2001

Fuel Cell’s Day has Come

An astounding market projection for fuel cells—$8 billion in 2005 and reaching $32 billion by 2010—from Frost & Sullivan, San Antonio, Texas, pales the figures reported above. In Fuel Cell Vehicles and Stationary and Portable Fuel Cells, researchers expect to see the demand for reliable power spur the market for fuel cells, especially in areas of residential or industr...

By Staff
Electrical August 6, 2001

New Edition of NEC Hits the Streets

The 2002 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) has just recently been issued by the Standards Council of the National Fire Protection Association...

By Staff
Electrical July 18, 2001

Rapid Projected Growth for Electronic/Fiber-Optic Connectors

At $622.3 million in 2000, global market consumption for electronic and fiber-optic connectors used in local area networks (LAN) and private data networks is projected to grow 13.3 percent per year, reaching $1.16 billion by 2005.

By Staff
Electrical July 1, 2001

Planning for Part Load

Variable-flow solutions for chilled-water systems address diversity in building loads

By James Rishel, P.E., Pumping Solutions, LLC, Cincinatti