Electrical May 21, 2019

Electrical Prefabrication Rising in the Data Center Market

Once reserved for remote, off-grid, industrial applications or temporary power, this prefabricated option has gained popularity in the data center market with three major benefits.

By Allyson Harrison
Electrical May 16, 2019

Pop-up floor box receptacles

The Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacle offers a modern, practical way to attractively conceal electrical wiring devices in homes and businesses, while still providing accessibility to power when needed.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Electrical May 9, 2019

Arc flash hazards: How to provide a safe work environment

Safety is the top priority in any work environment, and there is growing concern and increased discussion around the topic of arc flash hazards.

By RTM Associates
Electrical May 6, 2019

Your questions answered: Microgrids 101

Questions left unaddressed during the April 30, 2019, webcast on microgrids are addressed here.

By Brian Ponstein and Christian Mueller, MTU Onsite Energy
Electrical April 30, 2019

Top design trends in data centers: electrical, power, lighting

An increasingly data-driven society demands advanced, high-performance data center facilities. Read on to learn the biggest electrical, power and lighting challenges, emerging technologies and upcoming trends affecting data centers.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Electrical April 8, 2019

Understanding GFCI nuisances

Since the expansion of the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC) ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) requirements to include single-phase receptacles up to 50A and three-phase receptacles up to 100A, we’ve seen a trend of increased GFCI nuisance tripping.

By Dean Chandler
Electrical April 5, 2019

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, March 29 to April 4

Chiller selection, LED lighting and control system design, designing data center air handling and conditioning system, AHUs, and electrical systems were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, March 29 to April 4. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Electrical April 1, 2019

Electrical systems, from design to commissioning

Learn how to define the procedures of electrical schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration including electrical commissioning.

By Daniel Mendez and Rick H. Reyburn, PE, NV5, Las Vegas
Electrical March 25, 2019

Commissioning of electrical systems

Commissioning of electrical systems has become an integral and well-established part of the building design and construction process. However, as cities and states increasingly pass more stringent energy legislation while new technologies continue to present countless possibilities, building systems will get smarter and more interconnected—and the role commissioning plays in the built environment will continue to expand.

By Vahik Davoudi, PE, LEED AP; Ander Sahonero, PE; Gaurav Thatte, EIT; and Rahul Mittal, EIT; Arup, Los Angeles
Electrical March 14, 2019

Considerations for electrical testing and commissioning

The need for testing and commissioning electrical equipment and systems varies by project, client, system, and building codes.

By Brian Rener, PE, LEED AP, SmithGroup, Chicago