Commissioning March 25, 2019

Commissioning of electrical systems

Commissioning of electrical systems has become an integral and well-established part of the building design and construction process. However, as cities and states increasingly pass more stringent energy legislation while new technologies continue to present countless possibilities, building systems will get smarter and more interconnected—and the role commissioning plays in the built environment will continue to expand.

By Vahik Davoudi, PE, LEED AP; Ander Sahonero, PE; Gaurav Thatte, EIT; and Rahul Mittal, EIT; Arup, Los Angeles
Commissioning March 19, 2019

Video: NYC’s Audit & RCx Statute, a Greater, Greener Building Plan

This session examines data produced since implementation, including lessons learned, efficiencies gained and a look into the City's more ambitious goals.

By Holly Savoia, Director of Sustainability for NYC LL87/09
Commissioning March 14, 2019

Considerations for electrical testing and commissioning

The need for testing and commissioning electrical equipment and systems varies by project, client, system, and building codes.

By Brian Rener, PE, LEED AP, SmithGroup, Chicago 
Commissioning March 12, 2019

Video: Driving to Outcomes: How Evolving Energy Performance Policies Impact the Building Process

This session examines current and proposed outcomebased code provisions (including recent guidance from the NIBS) and how Cx providers and others focused on energy performance can assist building owners in achieving goals.

By Cx Energy
Commissioning March 6, 2019

Developing hyperscale data centers

When designing hyper scale data centers, consider elements of design, construction and commissioning.

By Michael Mar, PE, LEED AP, CDT, and Paul Schlattman, ESD, Chicago
Commissioning March 5, 2019

Video: Case Study: Re-Commissioning an Industrial Gas Chiller

This case study examines re-starting, re-commissioning, and optimizing an industrial gas chiller used for drying well-head natural gas.

By Cx Energy
Commissioning February 26, 2019

Video: Integrate Operational Readiness Services with Building Commissioning

This session provides attendees methods and techniques for integrating operational readiness services into existing Cx offerings.

By Cx Energy
Commissioning February 19, 2019

Video: Decommissioning: What You Need to Know in the Absence of Standards

This case study investigates the exterior and interior of a school, identifying risks and findings with over 10 hazardous material categories that will help engineers create a more ideal demolition.

By Cx Energy
Commissioning February 12, 2019

Video: Owner and Engineer’s Success with a Monitor Based Approach

This case study outlines how the monitoring system was set up and utilized throughout the process.

By Cx Energy
Commissioning February 5, 2019

Video: Incorporating Distributed Energy Generation Projects into Whole Building Commissioning

This presentation discusses how Owner's Project Requirements and commissioning plans can be expanded to incorporate Distributed Energy Systems.

By "Thomas D. Prevish, PhD, PE; Jon McLaren, CxA