Codes & Standards: Lighting

Codes & Standards: Lighting December 1, 2001

Executive Order On Standby Power

President Bush has issued an Executive Order requiring federal agencies to purchase products "that contain an internal standby power function" and must, if possible, buy products that use 1 watt or less of power "in their standby power consuming mode." Where such products are not available, federal buyers must seek out the lowest standby power wattage in products on the market.

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Codes & Standards: Lighting December 1, 2001

Not Your Father’s Switchgear

Medium-voltage metal-clad switchgear have long been an essential component of safe, reliable electric-power distribution systems for industrial facilities. Now, innovative technologies are opening up a new world of possibilities in switchgear design. Switchgear, of course, is an assembly of switching and interrupting devices—in combination with control, metering and protective equipment...

By Rick Downer, Senior Design Specialist, Lockwood Greene Engineers, Atlanta
Codes & Standards: Lighting November 19, 2001

Protecting Buildings Against Anthrax

While high-grade filters can be very helpful in protecting against the spread of Anthrax spores through building ventilation systems, HEPA filters are the only kind of filters that offer a sure-fire way of eliminating these spores, according to an information bulletin put out by air filtration manufacturer Camfil Farr, El Segundo, Calif.

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Codes & Standards: Lighting November 9, 2001

Boiler Beats California Blues

Del Mar French Laundry in Monterey, California, has been operating since 1932 when Cedo Gospodnetich's family came to America and started their new business in the height of the depression. They survived the depression, but can the business survive energy costs that suddenly tripled in 2001?

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Codes & Standards: Lighting October 1, 2001

Design-Build: The Engineer’s Point of View

Design-build project delivery has opened many opportunities—and created many new pitfalls—for engineering firms. For better or worse, design-build has established itself as an approach to which engineers have had to adapt. The good news is that they've adapted well.More than 95% of firms that responded to Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2001 "Giants" survey (CSE 8/01 p.

By Scott Siddens, Senior Editor
Codes & Standards: Lighting October 1, 2001

The Right Mix

The invention of the air-side economizer was a great boon to the HVAC industry as it made it possible to circulate large volumes of outdoor air when the conditions are favorable. The technology saved huge amounts of mechanical cooling energy, and money, in temperate climates and is a feature now required in most energy codes.

By Eugene DeJoannis, P.E., Technical Associate, VanZelm Heywood & Shadford, West Hartford, Conn.
Codes & Standards: Lighting October 1, 2001


We publish this issue with great sorrow. The gentlemen gracing our cover are some of New York's finest engineers, and indeed New York was the host of the "Law and Firm Management" roundtable that we feature in this issue. It was with great anticipation that we looked to unveil the story. Instead, it comes to light in the wake of one the darkest moments of our era—the murder of thous...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Codes & Standards: Lighting September 1, 2001

BACnet 1 2 3

The ASHRAE-devised communications protocol is undergoing more specifier-friendly changes, but in the meantime GSA's guide is a useful tool in specifying systems using BACnet

By Eugene DeJoannis, P.E., Technical Associate, van Zelm Heywood & Shadford, West Hartford, Conn.
Codes & Standards: Lighting September 1, 2001

New products & literature – 2001-09-01

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide more efficient and cost-effective heat transfer than shell-and-tube and other traditional types of heat exchangers. With three times higher "U" values, the equipment's turbulent-flow design results in lower fouling. (Superchanger by Tranter PHE, Inc.)Circle 1Integrated life-safety platform offers emergency voice communication; a remote system annunc...

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Codes & Standards: Lighting June 25, 2001

LEDs and Laser Diodes Head for a Boom

The global market for light-emitting diodes, optocouplers, photodetectors and laser diodes is projected to dramatically increase from $1.97 billion in 1999, to $10.11 billion by 2006, according to the market research firm, Frost & Sullivan.

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