Codes & Standards: Lighting

Lighting September 13, 2019

Designing lighting applications for active senior living facilities

Due to the increase in active age of many seniors, the dangers from symptoms such as losses of balance, hearing, and sight impairments are prevalent at many senior care facilities.

By J Paul Lewis
Lighting August 26, 2019

Human-centric lighting explained

Lighting designers can create natural-looking lighting options using various technologies and methods

By Richard A. Vedvik, PE
Lighting August 21, 2019

Light and wellness: A circadian approach to lighting design

A growing body of research shows that lighting has a significant impact on people’s well-being

By Brian Stacy, IALD, LEED AP, Arup, New York City
Lighting August 15, 2019

Your questions answered: Designing a holistic lighting system

Additional details from the holistic lighting system webcast are provided here

By Sara Lappano, PE, LEED AP, Integral Group, and Sara Schonour, LC, Assoc. IALD, CannonDesign
Lighting May 2, 2019

Lighting energy savings from efficient LEDs to utility rebate programs

Determining the energy savings for an LED upgrade through an in-house retro-commissioning group provided a glimpse into a company's own operating hour behaviors, dimming needs, and daylight harvesting opportunities.

By Brienne Willcock, MIES, LC, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting May 1, 2019

LED system light by Rittal

The LED System Light is designed specifically for enclosures to deliver enormous intensity.

By Rittal
Lighting May 1, 2019

EVERLINE PRK by Universal Lighting

EVERLINE PRK features a heavy gauge steel housing and aluminum LED tray finished with corrosion- and scratch-resistant white enamel.

By Universal Lighting Technologies
Lighting April 24, 2019

LEDs integrated into church to reduce maintenance, energy use

LEDs were integrated into a Massachusetts church from the 1940's to reduce lighting reduced maintenance and energy use without damaging the church's overall aesthetic.

By Camille Thompson, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting April 22, 2019

Team partnership in lighting design renovation highlighted

Transformative lighting design reinvigorated a Michigan church to help better light the architecture, improve maintenance, and reduce energy costs.

By Camille Thompson, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting April 19, 2019

The pros and cons of networked wireless lighting

Wireless lighting controls offer many benefits. Lighting designers should be aware of these advantages, and take note of any drawbacks.

By Brienne Willcock, MIES, LC; and Karl Geil, IES, LC, Illuminart, a Division of Peter Basso Associates Inc., Troy, Mich.