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Lighting May 27, 2022

Demystifying lighting controls

When it comes to designing lighting systems and lighting controls, it’s important to look at the lighting design from a holistic standpoint

By Angela Faught
Lighting May 25, 2022

How the energy code changed lighting design

Newer energy codes put an emphasis on understanding lighting control requirements before determining the lighting design requirements

By Lindsey Stefaniak
Lighting May 2, 2022

Lighting design engineers look at LED lighting advancements in K-12 schools

New LED advancements provide a level of capability that previously had been inaccessible to school facilities. PBA and Illuminart explore the evolution of lighting from incandescent to LED

By Robert White, Darko Banfic, and Scott Peck
Lighting April 1, 2022

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: March 25-31, 2022

Read the best articles from the past week. Lighting control systems, electrical power quality, lighting controls, mergers and acquisitions and metal-clad cable and busways.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting March 25, 2022

Lighting design in health care settings

Advances in lighting and control technology are paving the way to more comfortable lighting that is intuitive and efficient for patients, their families and their health care providers

By Rick Walsh
Lighting February 4, 2022

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: January 28 to February 3, 2022

Read the best articles from the past week. Lighting controls, limiting COVID infections, health care generators, fire pump system design and designing smart buildings.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting January 18, 2022

How to use sequence of operations for lighting controls

Sequence operations provides a clear, concise and client-friendly method of communicating lighting design intent

By Tony Staub
Lighting January 11, 2022

How lighting control systems contribute to flexible, future-proof buildings

Lighting control systems play an important role in buildings that need to address future challenges, both predictable and unanticipated

By Matt Ochs
Lighting December 10, 2021

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: December 3-9, 2021

Read the best articles from the past week. Lighting system compliance, NFPA 110, hospital design, BAS replacements and health care generator requirements.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting November 24, 2021

Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed lighting articles in 2021

Read the best articles about lighting control systems, wireless lighting and more.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting November 22, 2021

Case study: Retrofitting office space to meet lighting goals

A corporate headquarters lighting retrofit included architectural lighting and lighting controls

By Richard Vedvik
Lighting November 21, 2021

Understanding networked lighting controls

This reviews the types and configurations needed to specify modern lighting controls

By Richard Vedvik
Lighting November 18, 2021

Consulting-Specifying Engineer November/December 2021 issue

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting November 11, 2021

A guide to energy code compliance in lighting systems

Architecture, engineering and construction professionals must apply emerging technologies to satisfy the rigorous demands of energy codes while meeting their clients’ operational goals and budgetary constraints

By Tim Milam and Ross Bush
Lighting November 5, 2021

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: October 29 to November 4, 2021

Read the best articles from the past week. Product of the Year winners, commissioning giants, lighting and lighting design, and specifying systems.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting October 18, 2021

Thinking about emergency lighting code compliance

Emergency lighting control takes on many different forms and consulting engineers need to know the required codes and standards as well as the strategies to take to find the best possible solutions

By Ethan Biery
Lighting August 19, 2021

Your questions answered with Michael Chow: Holistic lighting systems

Learn more about holistic lighting systems in this Q&A with Michael Chow

By Michael Chow, PE, CxA, LEED AP BD+C
Lighting August 2, 2021

Lighting design engineers look at LED lighting advancements in K-12 schools

New LED advancements provide a level of capability that previously had been inaccessible to school facilities. PBA and Illuminart explore the evolution of lighting from incandescent to LED

By Robert White, Darko Banfic, and Scott Peck
Lighting July 29, 2021

Bursting the Lighting Bubble: Sara Schonour Shares Insights on LytePod Podcast

Sara Schonour, LC, IALD, recently shared her insights on the importance of lighting beyond the design industry on the LytePod podcast.

By Sara Schonour
Lighting June 4, 2021

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: May 28 to June 3, 2021

Read the best articles from the past week. Wireless lighting systems, specifying rooftop units, modeling software, power for fire/life safety systems and solar heat gain.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting May 7, 2021

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: April 30 to May 6, 2021

Read the best articles from the past week. Wireless lighting controls, designing data centers, electrical system software, HVAC changes and CFD in three dimensions.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting April 30, 2021

How to switch to wireless lighting controls

Wireless lighting controls are making installations and code compliance easier on retrofit and new construction projects

By Michael McTavish
Lighting April 21, 2021

What to know about wireless lighting systems

As more lighting devices, systems and services become connected wirelessly, so have lighting control systems, offering flexibility and scalability

By Timothy Larson
Lighting April 21, 2021

The future of wireless lighting systems

What should lighting designers consider for the future of wireless lighting systems?

By Timothy Larson
Lighting December 4, 2020

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: November 27 to December 3, 2020

Read the best articles from the past week. Lighting control systems, hospital ventilation design, Product of the Year winners, commercial building wiring methods and the salary survey.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting November 9, 2020

Five considerations for lighting control systems

Demystify lighting controls by asking the right questions

By Kate St. Laurent
Lighting October 16, 2020

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: October 9-15, 2020

Read the best articles from the past week. UV light for aerosol disinfection, indoor air quality, motor circuit protection, smart building consulting and nanotech filter coatings.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting October 9, 2020

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: October 2-8, 2020

Read the best articles from the past week. UV light for aerosol disinfection, motor circuit protection, nanotech filter coatings, smart building consulting and integrated buildings.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting October 5, 2020

UV light used for aerosol disinfection in unoccupied classrooms

Researchers at Penn State are using a grant to investigate whether aerosol disinfection of classrooms using UV light could be effective in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases.

By Mariah Chuprinski
Lighting September 25, 2020

Seven common myths about commercial rooftop solar panels

Solar panels can help a company cut their energy costs and technology advances make them more affordable and economical in the long run.

By Affiliated Engineers
Lighting August 20, 2020

UV disinfection advice and tips

Questions relating to infection control technologies like UV disinfection have been common since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Henderson Engineers offer some advice on many questions.

By Dustin Schafer and Sean Turner
Lighting August 18, 2020

Your questions answered: How codes and guidelines affect lighting design

A host of questions have been answered in writing for the Aug. 11, 2020, webcast Lighting: How codes and guidelines affect lighting design

By Barrett Newell and Michael Chow
Lighting August 10, 2020

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: August 3-9, 2020

Read the best articles from the past week. UV light disinfection, Product of the Year finalists, energy efficiency as a service, construction site tips and designing government buildings.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting June 18, 2020

Four considerations when facing high lighting costs

Lighting can be surprisingly expensive during a project, but there are ways to reduce the cost and be more knowledgeable about the source of the expense.

By Carmen DiCicco and Elizabeth Williams
Lighting June 18, 2020

Deep UV light disinfection could help prevent disease, virus spread

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) developed a device capable of automatically disinfecting common surfaces, which could be vital in virus and disease mitigation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Torie Wells
Lighting April 20, 2020

Future-proof health care facilities with wireless lighting controls

As the industry continues to gain momentum in wireless control solutions, what is the future of lighting controls in critical applications such as a health care environment?

By Danna Jensen, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Certus, Carrollton, Texas
Lighting April 1, 2020

Latest lighting trends and what it means for engineering

Sara Schonour, LC, Assoc. IALD, discusses her career and the latest trends involving lighting in engineering.

By CannonDesign
Lighting March 9, 2020

Illuminating the means of egress

Differentiating the requirements of egress lighting versus emergency egress lighting requires a close look at several codes and standards

By M. Scott Gibbs, PE
Lighting March 6, 2020

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: February 28 to March 5

Read the best articles from the past week. NFPA 101 and building egress, NFPA 20 fire pumps, lighting occupancy sensors, and power quality and energy balance.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting January 1, 2020

T-Series downlight driver by Lutron

The T-Series downlight driver makes specifying tunable white easier

Lighting December 31, 2019

Commissioning lighting occupancy sensors

Installing lighting occupancy sensors and commissioning the devices have many benefits, including reducing operational and maintenance costs

By Michael Chow, PE, CxA, LEED AP BD+C
Lighting December 10, 2019

Video: Design for Dynamic Light: How to Create Successful Dynamic Lighting Systems

Quality of tunable lighting sources is shown in a way that can be easily specified based on performance.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)
Lighting November 27, 2019

Designing an energy-efficient lighting system

Understanding codes, controls and commissioning are key to an effective lighting design for a new or existing building

By Jerry Manavalan, Kohler Ronan LLC, Danbury, Connecticut
Lighting November 14, 2019

Following an OPR to design lighting systems

Lighting designers must consider many factors when specifying lighting systems and lighting controls for nonresidential buildings, including the owner’s project requirements

By Michael Chow, PE, CxA, LEED AP BD+C
Lighting September 20, 2019

Understanding the importance of human-centric lighting design

The concept of human-centric lighting combines complex design elements — such as circadian rhythms, mood, visual acuity, visual comfort and improved productivity — into a combined holistic approach

By Melanie Taylor, CLD, IALD, LEED BD+C, WSP USA, New York City; and Lilian Fu, IALD, LC, WSP USA, San Francisco
Lighting September 13, 2019

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: September 6-12

Read the best articles from the past week. A circadian approach to lighting design, designing a smart building, 2019 MEP Giants, ways to improve engineer retention and energy efficiency in schools.

By Brian Gross
Lighting September 13, 2019

Designing lighting applications for active senior living facilities

Due to the increase in active age of many seniors, the dangers from symptoms such as losses of balance, hearing, and sight impairments are prevalent at many senior care facilities.

By J Paul Lewis
Lighting August 26, 2019

Human-centric lighting explained

Lighting designers can create natural-looking lighting options using various technologies and methods

By Richard A. Vedvik, PE
Lighting August 21, 2019

Light and wellness: A circadian approach to lighting design

A growing body of research shows that lighting has a significant impact on people’s well-being

By Brian Stacy, IALD, LEED AP, Arup, New York City
Lighting August 15, 2019

Your questions answered: Designing a holistic lighting system

Additional details from the holistic lighting system webcast are provided here

By Sara Lappano, PE, LEED AP, Integral Group, and Sara Schonour, LC, Assoc. IALD, CannonDesign
Lighting May 2, 2019

Lighting energy savings from efficient LEDs to utility rebate programs

Determining the energy savings for an LED upgrade through an in-house retro-commissioning group provided a glimpse into a company's own operating hour behaviors, dimming needs, and daylight harvesting opportunities.

By Brienne Willcock, MIES, LC, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting May 1, 2019

LED system light by Rittal

The LED System Light is designed specifically for enclosures to deliver enormous intensity.

By Rittal
Lighting May 1, 2019

EVERLINE PRK by Universal Lighting

EVERLINE PRK features a heavy gauge steel housing and aluminum LED tray finished with corrosion- and scratch-resistant white enamel.

By Universal Lighting Technologies
Lighting April 24, 2019

LEDs integrated into church to reduce maintenance, energy use

LEDs were integrated into a Massachusetts church from the 1940's to reduce lighting reduced maintenance and energy use without damaging the church's overall aesthetic.

By Camille Thompson, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting April 22, 2019

Team partnership in lighting design renovation highlighted

Transformative lighting design reinvigorated a Michigan church to help better light the architecture, improve maintenance, and reduce energy costs.

By Camille Thompson, Peter Basso Associates
Lighting April 19, 2019

The pros and cons of networked wireless lighting

Wireless lighting controls offer many benefits. Lighting designers should be aware of these advantages, and take note of any drawbacks.

By Brienne Willcock, MIES, LC; and Karl Geil, IES, LC, Illuminart, a Division of Peter Basso Associates Inc., Troy, Mich.
Lighting March 27, 2019

Daylighting design factors for visual comfort

There are many daylighting design metrics and tools to explore to ensure the space is aligned with an occupant’s visual comfort.

By Reza Sadeghi, Ph.D., Arup, San Francisco
Lighting February 4, 2019

LED lighting and control system design considerations

Designers need to explore various approaches and requirements to lighting design as codes and standards are becoming more energy-conscious.

By Jason Danielson, Stanley Consultants, Muscatine, Iowa
Lighting December 20, 2018

Designing lighting systems and lighting controls

Lighting designers must consider many factors when specifying lighting systems and lighting controls for their designs. In addition to considering the type of lighting fixture, they must also take into account daylighting, lighting controls, codes and standards, and other factors. To ensure these systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible, commissioning new systems (along with ongoing commissioning) is vital for success.

By Robert J. Garra Jr., PE
Lighting December 20, 2018

Case Study: Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, Gilbert, Ariz.

Challenge: Provide exceptional illumination within energy-consumption limits and dark-sky guidelines.

By Robert J. Garra Jr., PE
Lighting December 14, 2018

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, December 7-13

Reasons lighting controls commissioning goes bad, a tax on boots, 2019 40 Under 40 nominations, NFPA 110-2016 design considerations, and simple steps to address cybersecurity concerns in your building automation system were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, Dec. 7-13. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By McKenzie Burns
Lighting December 7, 2018

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, November 30-December 6

Finding purpose in a job, reasons lighting controls commissioning goes bad, the 2018 salary survey, exploring requirements for fire pump retrofits, and NFPA 110-2016 design considerations were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, Nov. 30-Dec. 6. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By McKenzie Burns
Lighting September 26, 2018

Lighting in Industrial Facilities

Results of the 2018 lighting & lighting controls study indicate five key findings

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting August 21, 2018

Essentials of designing with LED

LED lighting design has many advantages over previous lighting sources, enabling designers to deliver more to their clients.

By Sara Schonour, LC; Barrett Newell; and Victoria Riedinger; CannonDesign, Boston
Lighting August 16, 2018

Audits lead to efficient, safe lighting designs

Energy audits require detailed documentation and calculations, and they can offer owners more energy-efficient lighting solutions.

By Jeff Donaldson, PE, CDM Smith, Boston; Michael Stevens, CDM Smith, Bellevue, WA
Lighting July 16, 2018

Emergency lighting: What’s required, and how it’s designed

Emergency lighting is required in all nonresidential buildings. There are numerous versions of building codes and various editions of these building codes in use around the country.

By Tom Divine, PE, LEED AP
Lighting May 31, 2018

Helping Boston high school students experience design careers

CannonDesign's Boston office took part in Architecture Design and Thinking Day by hosting a group of local high school students for a day of introduction into life in a design office.

By Inga Leonova, CannonDesign
Lighting April 23, 2018

Lighting controls: Know the updates, changes

There has been a move away from traditional lighting controls approaches, which have only incrementally improved over decades, and toward an entirely new way of thinking about, designing, and implementing lighting controls—wirelessly, with internet connectivity, and in an individually addressable capacity all at once.

By Katy C. Boat, Electrical Engineer & Lighting Designer, SmithGroupJJR
Lighting April 19, 2018

Ask an Engineering Expert: How do Changes in Recent LED Technologies and Specifications Impact the Design of Healthcare Facilities

An engineering expert answers the question: how have the changes of LED technologies and specifications impacted the design of hospitals, health care facilities, and medical campuses?

By Timothy Larson P.E., Principal, Officer at RTM Engineering Consultants
Lighting December 21, 2017

Designing lighting systems

When lighting designers are brought into the architectural process early, in dialog and collaborative exchange with the architect, it can result in a more integrated and coordinated lighting design.

By Anne Rainbow Savage, WSP
Lighting September 21, 2017

Your questions answered: Harmonics and VFDs

Questions not answered during the Sept. 12 webcast are addressed here.

By Ben Haberkorn, Eaton
Lighting August 23, 2017

Your questions answered: Lighting: Designing lighting systems with LEDs

The Aug. 17, 2017, “Lighting: Designing lighting systems with LEDs” webcast presenters addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Wanda J. Barchard and Sara Schonour
Lighting August 10, 2017

Prefabricated wiring systems for lighting and power

Atkore International’s ACS/Uni-Fab offers prefabricated wiring systems for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting and power applications.

Lighting July 18, 2017

Lighting in government/military facilities

The Consulting-Specifying Engineer2017 Lighting and Lighting Controls Study indicated that 45% of engineers specify, design, or make product selections for government buildings and/or military facilities

By Amanda Pelliccione, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting July 11, 2017

Escalating LED adoption to change the lamp market dynamics, paradigm shift to be observed in the competitive hierarchy

The global lamp market is expanding massively due to macroeconomic condition, spreading energy efficiency awareness, and increasing mandatory roll outs.

By Satarupa De, Global Market Insights, Inc.
Lighting June 30, 2017

RTM Project showcase: Aspirus Medford Health Center

RTM’s design emphasized operational efficiency and sustainability, featuring LED lighting.

By RTM Engineering Consultants
Lighting June 29, 2017

Top three advantages of LED lighting in healthcare

Sustainable engineering designs encourage cost savings and energy-efficient practices.

By RTM engineering consultants
Lighting June 29, 2017

Top three commercial lighting design trends in 2017

LED, smart, and natural lighting all play a role in the 21st century office.

By RTM engineering consultants
Lighting June 28, 2017

Managing emergency power in mixed occupancy health care facilities

A growing trend within the health care industry is the use of mixed occupancies in a single building—such as medical offices, an ambulatory surgical center, and an emergency department.

By RTM Engineering Consultants
Lighting June 20, 2017

The basics of daylighting

A design strategy needs to be considered in order to provide optimal daylighting in a space.

By Alexander Sassoon, EIT, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, P2S, Long Beach, Calif.
Lighting June 15, 2017

Smart lighting industry set to transform the commercial and residential landscape

The shifting focus toward green energy will provide a strong ground for the development of smart lighting industry.This, on one hand will create a plethora of business opportunities for the multitude of industry players, while on the other hand, will generate fierce competition. This is bound to instigate leading providers of smart lighting technology to implement growth strategies to sustain the market and unleash truly brilliant innovations.

By Ojaswita Kutepatil
Lighting June 12, 2017

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, June 5 to June 11: 2017 40 Under 40 winners, lighting protection systems, BIM, 2017 Product of the Year, NFPA 3 and 4.

Articles about DOAS, lighting controls, BIM, lighting protection systems, and performance-based energy design were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, June 5 to June 11. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer
Lighting June 9, 2017

Lay-in LED retrofit kit

LumenFocus' FFR is a lay-in LED retrofit kit that replaces existing fluorescent troffer applications.

By Lumen Focus
Lighting April 27, 2017

Modular wiring systems

ACS Uni-Fab saves up to 30% on the installation cost versus alternative wiring methods.

By AFC Cable Systems
Lighting April 13, 2017

Indicator light

The Series 14 Indicator Compact provides safe and reliable, high-intensity, homogeneous LED illumination in a variety of bright, distinguishable colors that are projected with 180-degree, all-around visibility due to an innovatively designed domed lens.

Lighting April 13, 2017

LED wallwash luminaire

The CWW is a contemporary LED wallwash luminaire with a high efficacy of up to 116 lumens/W.

By Columbia Lighting, Hubbell Lighting
Lighting April 13, 2017

Plenum troffer luminaire

The LZPT is an LED version of the Zero Plenum Troffer (ZPT) that is designed for restricted plenum spaces without impacting the required distribution of light.

By Columbia Lighting, Hubbell Lighting
Lighting April 13, 2017

Ceiling-mounted emergency LED

The EV4R is a recessed ceiling-mount LED emergency light that is not concealed, has no moving parts, and is intended to be fixed to the ceiling.

By Dual-Lite, Hubbell Lighting
Lighting April 13, 2017

LED weatherproof luminaire

The Crouse-Hinds series LED weatherproof luminaire combines the energy efficiency of LED technology with a sharp, sleek design for aesthetically pleasing plant outdoor applications.

By Eaton
Lighting April 13, 2017

Dimming LED

The Halo ML56 LED with Dim-to-Warm (D2W) technology mimics the performance of an incandescent halogen lamp source when dimmed, smoothly dimming from a whiter LED color temperature to a warm, soft glow to create an inviting environment.

By Eaton
Lighting April 13, 2017

Architectural luminaire

The Invue Arbor LED (ARB) is a post top, bollard, or wall-mounted architectural luminaire featuring patented WaveStream LED technology, delivering precise optical control and an attractive pixilation-free performance.

By Eaton
Lighting April 13, 2017

Linear LED

The Metalux WSL Linear WaveStream LED provides premium visual aesthetics designed to properly illuminate a wide variety of workplace environments.

By Eaton
Lighting April 13, 2017

Corrosive-environment linear LED

The Crouse-Hinds series Pauluhn Summit Linear LED luminaire is designed to withstand high-pressure wash-down environments and can be customized for application-specific performance requirements.

By Eaton
Lighting April 13, 2017

High-output wallpack

At 7,500 to 14,500 lumens, the LNC4 Litepak is the largest and highest-output wallpack in Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's high-volume Litepak series.

By Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, Hubbell Lighting
Lighting April 13, 2017

Linear high bay

The HL Series LED Linear High Bay is a high-output luminaire for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

By MaxLite
Lighting April 13, 2017

Energy-efficient high bay

The ISON High Bay Generation 3 (HBIF3) delivers 214 lumens/W, providing up to 77% energy savings over most HID fixtures.

By Orion Energy Systems
Lighting March 21, 2017

Mitigating the effects of extreme heat

By looking at the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system design strategies of buildings, engineers can help lessen the effects of high temperatures on buildings.

By Christopher McHugh, PE, LEED AP, CEM, AKF Group, New York City
Lighting February 16, 2017

Upper air germicidal UV-C light fixture

UV Resources' GLO stand-alone, wall-mounted upper air germicidal UV fixture unit delivers up to 350% more coverage for greater infection control.

By UV Resources
Lighting February 13, 2017

Ballast-driven LED lamp

The CFL LED G24q is Lunera Lighting's latest ballast-driven LED lamp for plug-and-play CFL replacement in commercial and industrial markets.

By Lunera Lighting
Lighting February 9, 2017

Explosion-proof mini LED

The EXHL-TRN-LE1-LV mini explosion-proof light produces 1,320-lumens of high-intensity light for illuminating within hazardous areas and potentially explosive work environments.

By Larson Electrionics
Lighting February 2, 2017

PIR wall switch occupancy sensor

The WS-301 is designed to replace existing wall switches in retrofit projects and other applications, and it can be installed into areas such as offices, conference rooms, and break rooms.

By Legrand
Lighting December 13, 2016

Lighting system with low-glare optic

The TraceLite mini canopy disperses an even light distribution to optimize the quality of light within an environment.

By Barron Lighting Group
Lighting December 8, 2016

Interoperability to create lighting scenes and effects

The combination of EnOcean's energy harvesting wireless switches with the features of the XIM Gen4 allows users to create and control simple or complex lighting scenes and effects.

By EnOcean
Lighting December 6, 2016

Explosion-proof LED light fixture

The 50 W hazardous area LED light fixture is a fully integrated unit designed for recessed panel mounting.

By Larson Electronics
Lighting November 17, 2016

Standard 0 to 10 V dimming

The IG Series line has been extended to include a warmer color temperature and standard 0 to 10 V dimming for better light experiences with enhanced aesthetics and performance.

By Cree
Lighting November 2, 2016

High-power LED

The XLamp MHB-B is designed to lower system cost and increase reliability compared to mid-power LEDs for directional DLC applications such as outdoor high bay lighting, offering 130 LPW.

By Cree
Lighting October 14, 2016

High-power LEDs

Cree's XLamp XP-L2 LED delivers up to 7% more lumens and 15% higher lumens/watt (LPW) than its previous generation.

By Cree
Lighting October 7, 2016

LED high bay fixture

Orion Energy System's third generation ISON Class LED high bay fixture eclipsed the 200 LPW barrier and now delivers over 214 LPW.

By Orion Energy Systems
Lighting September 28, 2016

Your questions answered: Next-generation lighting: the emergence of PoE for lighting and controls

Your questions answered: Next-generation lighting: the emergence of PoE for lighting and controls.

By John Casadonte, Product Marketing Manager, Cree Inc.
Lighting September 8, 2016

Explosion proof LED drop light

The EHL-LED-7W-GCR100 explosion proof LED drop light is approved for Class 1 Division 1 and 2 locations, and runs cool to the touch.

By Larson Electronics
Lighting August 22, 2016

Lighting in hospitals, health care facilities

Lighting and lighting control findings as they relate to hospital and health care facility projects.

By CFE Media
Lighting August 3, 2016

Your questions answered: LED lighting specifications

Additional information from the July 28 Lighting: LED specifications webcast includes details about color shift, American Medical Association recommendations, and lighting controls. Presenters Haley Darst and Richard Vedvik tackle multiple questions.

By Haley Darst, CannonDesign, and Richard Vedvik, KJWW Engineering Consultants
Lighting June 3, 2016

Light-emitting diode with optical control

Metalux SkyRidge light-emitting diode (LED) with integrated sensor control system features aesthetics from WaveStream LED technology.

By Eaton
Lighting May 16, 2016

2016 40 Under 40: Deborah Steimel-Clair, PE, LC, 35

Lighting Studio Manager, Primera Engineers, Chicago BS and MS Architectural Engineering, Kansas State University

By Jack Smith, Content Manager, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting May 16, 2016

2016 40 Under 40: Jay Wratten, IALD, LC, MIES, 36

Senior Associate, WSP l Parsons Brinckerhoff, Boulder, Colo. BS Architectural Engineering, University of Kansas

By Jack Smith, Content Manager, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting April 25, 2016

Display lighting for indoor applications

Display lighting category consists of a variety of LED products with high color-rendering indexes for commercial lighting, display cases, retail shops, hospitals, supermarkets, and other indoor applications.

By Super Bright LEDs
Lighting April 21, 2016

LED lamps

Helen Lamp GX23 was enhanced to improve magnetic ballast compatibility and reliability as it offers line voltage support where the ballast can be bypassed.

By Lunera Lighting
Lighting April 18, 2016

Radar occupancy sensors integration

SensAble Technology platform enables building owners and operators to leverage their existing lighting infrastructure and the ubiquity of the common light socket.

By Lunera Lighting
Lighting April 14, 2016

Area/site luminaire

ASL is available with high-performance lenses to optimize photometric performance: 3,000, 4,000, or 5.000 K CCT.

By Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, Hubbell Lighting
Lighting April 14, 2016

LED luminaire series

The Indy L-Series is a comprehensive collection of highly advanced LED lamps covering downlighting, wall washing, adjustable accents, and cylinders.

By Juno Lighting Group
Lighting April 14, 2016

1,400-lumen downlight series

The standard Juno IC 1400 Lumen Downlights produce brilliant illumination for high-ceiling applications, with performance equivalent to 120 W, PAR38, or BR40 incandescent luminaires from fewer than 21 input W.

By Juno Lighting Group
Lighting April 14, 2016

Outdoor LED luminaire

QuadroMAX makes it possible to specify an entire outdoor lighting project using just one product, for a clean and cohesive look.

By MaxLite
Lighting April 11, 2016

LED driver kit

Susan Lamp E26 LED kit contains a plug and play Susan Lamp and a high-performance LED driver that reduce power consumption to 53 W and suits various HID lighting fixture applications.

By Lunera Lighting
Lighting April 6, 2016

Low profile luminaires

Mercmaster LED low profile series are designed for lighting industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels along with reduced energy consumption.

By Appleton Group
Lighting March 30, 2016

High density LED arrays

Xlamp CXB1310 and CXB1520 high density LED arrays with a density at 6mm and 9mm enable LED lighting for applications like track lights, lamps and downlights.

By Cree
Lighting March 10, 2016

Digital lighting platform

Digital Lighting Management includes a user interface and DLM Groups programming capability.

By Legrand
Lighting January 14, 2016

Compact LED solution

Acuity Brands' DMW2 LED provides high on-task light levels and energy-saving controls options for demanding environments, such as moisture or dust.

By Acuity Brands
Lighting January 4, 2016

Consulting-Specifying Engineer welcomes John Yoon to editorial advisory board

John Yoon, PE, LEED AP ID+C, of McGuire Engineers Inc. has joined the editorial advisory board.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting December 14, 2015

Integrating renewable energy into building electrical systems

Electrical engineers should determine whether a building will be connected to the local utility or be independent of the electrical grid.

By Sara Lappano, PE, LC, LEED AP BD+C, SmithGroupJJR, Washington, D.C.
Lighting November 19, 2015

Modeling building lighting systems

Familiarity with building energy modeling techniques and software is crucial for designing code-compliant buildings. Lighting designers should consider the various tools available when designing new- or existing-building lighting systems.

By Christian Paunon, EIT, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, Arup, Edison, N.J.
Lighting November 19, 2015

Case study: daylight-harvesting variables

By studying the variables of daylight harvesting under various conditions, lighting designers can determine what works best.

By Christian Paunon, EIT, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, Arup, Edison, N.J.
Lighting November 9, 2015

LED luminaires for open spaces

Eaton's Ametrix ASYX 2.0 is an LED luminaire that features a range of asymmetric, scalable, and controllable solutions for architectural indoor and outdoor spaces.

By Eaton
Lighting November 6, 2015

Linear LED lighting system

Jesco Lighting Group's Infina Hardwired is an indoor/outdoor linear LED lighting system that is designed to operate directly from 120-line voltage and does not require additional LED drivers or an additional power source.

By Jesco Lighting Group
Lighting November 3, 2015

Pole-mounted luminaire

HessAmerica's Riva is a LED pole-mounted luminaire designed for architectural, commercial, institutional, landscape, and other outdoor applications and has a 700-mA drive current.

By HessAmerica
Lighting October 30, 2015

LED lamp series for ballast and line configurations

Lunera's Helen Lamp GX23 operates at 5 W, was designed using thermally conductive plastic for reduced weight, and offers support for magnetic ballasts.

By Lunera Lighting
Lighting October 28, 2015

Lumen packages

Columbia Lighting increases the light output of its LLHV VersaBay LED High Bay fixture for higher mounting heights.

By Columbia Lighting
Lighting October 15, 2015

Compact enclosure for LED protection

SLP Lighting's Citadel 4S is an enclosure that is designed to protect LED engines in demanding environments.

By SLP Lighting
Lighting October 13, 2015

LED wall sconce

Bric's LED Wall Sconce by WAC Lighting can mount in any direction, upward or downward, or arrange luminaires together in clusters for a geometric display of light and shadow.

By WAC Lighting
Lighting October 9, 2015

Energy-saving LED tubes

Litetronics' Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps convert T8 linear fluorescent troffers to energy-saving linear LED tubes.

By Litetronics
Lighting September 22, 2015

Daylight networked controls

The NXDS daylight sensor is designed for open-loop operation, measuring natural light coming in through a window.

By Hubbell Building Automation
Lighting September 2, 2015

LED area and site luminaire

ARA3 LED area luminaire features thermal management and controls, providing excellent illumination and uniformity for large-area/site-lighting applications such as large parking lots, auto dealerships, transportation/port facilities, and retail and mall parking lots.

By Hubbell Lighting
Lighting August 20, 2015

LED tubes for replacing fluorescent lamps

Universal's Everline T8 LED tubes are designed as a direct replacement for conventional linear fluorescent lamps and are compatible with most instant-start and programmed-start ballasts.

By Universal
Lighting August 5, 2015

Plug-and-play LED lamps

Susan lamp and Lucy lamps are high-intensity discharge plug-and-play LED replacement lamps with a wide range of temperatures, orientations, and wattages.

By Lunera
Lighting July 15, 2015

Meeting regulatory requirements via wireless lighting controls

Wireless lighting controls bring a decisive change to the marketplace.

By Jim O’Callaghan, EnOcean Inc., Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Lighting July 10, 2015

Saving energy with smart lighting

Part 1 of this 3-part series provides details on how to select energy-efficient lighting products to save on electric bills.

By Daniel J. Carnovale, Ansel Barchowsky, and Brianna Groden
Lighting June 10, 2015

Organic light emitting diode (OLED)

NOMI OLED enables lighting designers to make a dramatic visual impact by adding intimacy and warmth to both grand and intimate spaces.

By Acuity Brands, Inc.
Lighting May 20, 2015

Surge protectors

Universal Lighting Technologies' EVERLINE Surge Protectors is capable of managing a surge of up to 20 kV.

By Universal Lighting Technologies
Lighting May 11, 2015

Meet the CannonDesign lighting designers

Light has the power to directly and deeply impact experience. Light critically influences atmosphere, enjoyment, health and productivity – not to mention energy consumption. The CannonDesign lighting team includes very passionate designers that are committed to finding the best lighting design solutions for their clients. This is a Q&A to introduce the lighting design team.

By CannonDesign
Lighting April 6, 2015

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year finalists: Lighting fixtures, luminaires

Read about the 15 finalists in the Lighting Fixtures and Luminaires category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year program.

By Amanda Pelliccione
Lighting March 2, 2015

Dimmable LED ceiling light fixtures

The dimmable LED ceiling light fixtures featuring high lumen output, low energy consumption, and maintenance-free, long life.

By Super Bright LEDs
Lighting February 25, 2015

LED luminaires feature integrated sensor control system

The Metalux Encounter and SkyRidge LED luminaire families are available with an optional integrated sensor control system for occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

By Eaton
Lighting February 16, 2015

Lighting controls: Best practices begins with a strategy

ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requires lighting professionals to include power allowances, daylighting controls, functional testing, and submittals in their lighting designs. This discussion includes an overview of lighting control options along with best practices for lighting designers and electrical engineers in working with their clients.

By Eric Kamin, PE, DLR Group, Omaha, Neb.
Lighting February 16, 2015

Case study: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, Neb.

The challenge was to design of a light-filled, 110-bed, 250,000-sq-ft rehabilitation hospital, which requires and is dependent on direct access to natural light to nurture a healing environment.

By Eric Kamin, PE, DLR Group, Omaha, Neb.
Lighting February 4, 2015

Waterproof LED tube light

ALTLED T8 tube light is capable of operating under -65 C and applies an aluminum heat-sink outer casing, military grade A-class components, and temperature resistant solid-state capacitors to ensure consistent operation in harsh conditions.

By Aeon Lighting Technology
Lighting January 6, 2015

Emergency LED bulb

The emergency LED bulb for power outages is designed to power on automatically when the electricity goes out and illuminates key areas for an average of 3 hours without a power source.

By Super Bright LEDs
Lighting December 19, 2014

Motion dimmer

The Zone/Motion Dimmer converts an ordinary fixture into a zoned fixture based on occupancy using any low-cost security type motion sensor.

By Peak Demand Automation
Lighting December 19, 2014

Four dirty little LED secrets

Specify LED fixtures and create an unhappy client. Here’s what your mother never told you about LED lighting.

By Kenneth L. Lovorn, PE, Lovorn Engineering Assocs., Pittsburgh
Lighting December 11, 2014

Metal-clad cables for commercial lighting designs

AFC Cable Systems' MC Luminary metal-clad cables combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor and are designed for commercial lighting designs in smart buildings for both LED and fluorescent dimming.

By AFC Cable Systems
Lighting November 24, 2014

LED fixtures and replacement kits

The Everline LED retrofit kits, wall pack luminaires, and vapor tight luminaires move from fluorescent and HID lighting to LED and electronic lighting technology.

By Universal Lighting Technologies
Lighting November 7, 2014

Exploring the myths surrounding industrial LED lighting

LEDs offer unique and compelling options for industrial applications. Here are six myths debunked.

By Joe Adiletta, Digital Lumens, Boston
Lighting November 6, 2014

LED downlights

The Halo RL4 LED series features retrofit baffle-trim module for 4 in. aperture recessed downlights.

By Eaton
Lighting November 4, 2014

LED striplights

Hubbell Lighting's LCR and LCL striplights can be used for narrow spaces and where a direct view of the LED source is not desired. Both LED striplights can be surface mounted or suspended.

By Hubbell Lighting
Lighting October 22, 2014

Commercial LED downlight fixture

The LBSLEDA fixture is designed for settings where plenum height is challenging or where fire codes restrict the use of recessed fixtures.

By Hubbell Lighting
Lighting October 17, 2014

LED adjustable wall packs and bullet flood lights

The DesignLights Consortium-qualified LED Small and Large Adjustable Wall Packs offer energy savings over metal halide fixtures. The LED Bullet Flood Lights provide energy-efficient, directional lighting for landscape, facade, and outdoor signage.

By MaxLite
Lighting October 14, 2014

Surge protection device for light commercial applications

The Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules is designed to be easily and safely replaced by facility personnel when protection is compromised for light commercial applications.

By Intermatic Incorporated
Lighting October 10, 2014

LED head luminaries

LNH2 luminaries can be used in security areas, storage yards, loading, and receiving areas and rural residences.

By American Electric Lighting
Lighting October 8, 2014

Top five questions to ask when specifying LEDs

These are the top five questions every lighting designer and engineer needs to ask before specifying LEDs.

By Mark Hand, Acuity Brands, Atlanta
Lighting September 29, 2014

LED lamp replacements for incandescent bulbs

MaxLite's LED PAR and BR lamps are energy-efficient replacements for incandescent bulbs in architectural, commercial, and high-end residential applications.

Lighting September 22, 2014

Six engineering trends in the lighting industry

In July 2014, Consulting-Specifying Engineer surveyed its audience members responsible for decisions related to the design of lighting and lighting control products within their organizations. The 2014 Lighting and Lighting Controls study asked key questions on specifying lighting and lighting controls, including annual revenue, products specified, and challenges engineers are facing.

By Amanda McLeman, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting September 12, 2014

Daylighting system for building owners

The Retrolite daylighting system allows building owners to incorporate daylighting into existing buildings to minimize lighting-related electricity costs and is designed to pull in more light earlier and later in the day.

Lighting September 5, 2014

Project profile: Primary care facility improvements

Tampa General improves its primary care facility with LED lighting and digital controls.

By Envision Lighting Systems, LLC
Lighting September 2, 2014

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Lighting, Lighting Controls Study

According to the data in this report, LEDs are a big concern for engineers. LEDs are being specified by 9 out of 10 engineers, and having to switch to or integrate LEDs has been affecting their work for the past 12 to 18 months.

By Amanda McLeman
Lighting August 27, 2014

Light loss factor: IES versus manufacturer recommendations

Engineers should understand appropriate light loss factors, as recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society.

By Brian Fiander, PE, LEED AP BD+C, MIES, Harley Ellis Devereaux, Southfield, Mich.
Lighting August 20, 2014

Architectural luminaires

The Atria luminaires expand the company’s line and provide direct/indirect lighting with maximum uplight and controlled downlight for balanced illumination.

Lighting July 30, 2014

Smart cities to rise fourfold in number from 2013 to 2025, IHS reports

According to a new report from IHS Technology, there will be at least 88 smart cities all over the world by 2025, up from 21 in 2013. Asia-Pacific will take over the lead in 2025.

By IHS Technology
Lighting July 21, 2014

LED lamps with retrofit options

The Ultra HE T8 LED lamps are designed to reduce energy consumption and has a dedicated external driver as well as a a kit for retrofit applications.

Lighting July 15, 2014

LED lighting: Not all solutions are created equal

Ratings and certifications help validate high-quality LED lighting products.

By Kathy Erickson, Technical Marketing Manager, Banner Engineering, Minneapolis
Lighting June 12, 2014

Project Profile: LED lighting used to comfort patients in hospital’s wound care center

Lighting systems were updated at the Henry County Hospital in Indiana.

By Karyn Gayle
Lighting May 19, 2014

2014 40 Under 40: Brian K. Baumgartle, PE, LC, LEED AP, 39

Principal, Electrical Engineer, Lighting Designer, CMTA, Louisville

By Silvia Chavez and Amara Rozgus
Lighting May 19, 2014

2014 40 Under 40: Lindsey K. Fimek, PE, LC, LEED AP BD+C, 30

Lighting Studio Manager, Primera Engineers Ltd., Chicago

By Silvia Chavez and Amara Rozgus
Lighting May 13, 2014

Lighting, load management system

Eaton's Pow-R-Command intelligent panelboard is engineered to help industrial and commercial facilities with lighting control, dimming, and daylight harvesting capabilities.

Lighting May 1, 2014

Hazardous location lighting

Thomas & Betts' XFM and DFP Series linear fluorescent fixtures provide installation at various angles.

Lighting April 15, 2014

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Product of the Year finalists: Lighting fixtures

Read about the 23 finalists in the Lighting Fixtures category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Product of the Year program.

By Chris Vavra
Lighting April 9, 2014

Incorporating shade control in lighting design strategy

Automated, integrated lighting and shade control can make buildings more efficient and occupants more productive.

By Brian Dauskurdas, ME, MBA, Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg, Pa.
Lighting December 19, 2013

Report: Lighting manufacturing leaders to shift

Philips, Osram, and GE have dominated the lamp industry for decades, but as governments ban incandescent lamps in favor of more efficient technologies, other companies, such as Samsung, Toshiba, and LG, are now taking up more and more of the lamp market share.

By Source: IHS, Inc.
Lighting November 13, 2013

Global market for packaged LEDs for lighting to nearly double in three years

LED technology is projected to grow 96% from 2013 to 2016 thanks to falling prices and increased mainstream use worldwide.

By IHS Inc.
Lighting November 13, 2013

IHS cuts global solar inverter revenue forecast in light of heavy price declines

Revenue for solar inverter sales worldwide is projected to drop from $7.1 billion in 2012 to $6.4 billion in 2013 due to price declines and cost pressure in mature markets.

By IHS Inc.
Lighting October 6, 2013

Canopy luminaire

MaxLite’s Induction Canopy Luminaire is IP43-rated and has an induction fixture mounts to electrical boxes or directly to surfaces along with a lamp life of 100,000 hours.

Lighting September 12, 2013

A case for exceeding emergency lighting standards

New high-performance emergency lighting solutions create opportunities to maintain constant lighting output longer.

By Scott Galentine, Acuity Brands Lighting Inc., Conyers, Ga.
Lighting September 4, 2013

Demand for key raw material set to double as LED market booms

Global demand for precursor, which is used to manufacture LEDs, is set to double by 2016 thanks to an increase in global shipments for MOCVD equipment in Asia.

By IHS Inc.
Lighting September 4, 2013

LED oversupply likely to continue as suppliers add production capacity

IHS reports that suppliers, particularly in Asia, are increasing capital spending in MOCVD equipment because of government incentives.

By IHS Inc.
Lighting August 12, 2013

It’s payback time

It's been four years since a grid-connected photovoltatic system was installed for the Buffalo office, so it's time for a review.

By Eric Lindstrom
Lighting July 22, 2013

The basics of emergency illumination

Engineers should get involved early in the selection of the optimal power system for emergency lighting systems.

By Thomas F. Flickinger, NCEES, PE, Affiliated Engineers Inc., Madison, Wis.
Lighting June 21, 2013

LED driver market expected to triple by 2015

The market governing LED driver integrated circuits (ICs) will surge to $666 million in 2015, up from $214 million in 2012.

By IHS Inc.
Lighting May 17, 2013

Industrial LED lighting

Honeywell’s energy-efficient industrial LED luminaires have a 50,000-hour operating life and meet IP67 ratings for dust and waterproof lighting requirements.

Lighting April 9, 2013

Magnetic LED undercabinet

The Halo HU20 Magnetic LED Undercabinet by Cooper Lighting allows each LED luminaire to connect to the low-voltage track system magnetically.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

Report: Proper daylight controls commissioning leads to energy savings

The Energy Center of Wisconsin's report shows that proper daylight controls commissioning can lead to energy savings—often 60% or more.

Lighting April 8, 2013

LED emergency lighting line

The Sure-Lites PathLinx emergency lighting line by Cooper Lighting utilizes Cooper’s AccuLED Optics system, resulting in expanded remote capability of up to four remote LED heads.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

Dimmable LED lightbars

MaxLite’s Dimmable LED Lightbars for custom applications are designed with an integral built-in LED driver, using a grounded 3-wire construction.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

Smart dimmers

The All Load series of smart dimmers by Cooper Wiring Devices allowing users to fine-tune the dimming performance of any fixture.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

LED luminaires

The Indy Performance Series 2x2 and 2x4 LED luminaires from the Juno Lighting Group are designed to bring LED illumination to commercial spaces.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

LED recessed downlighting system

The Halo ML56 LED Recessed Downlighting System by Cooper Lighting is designed for new construction, remodeling, and retrofit.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

LED directional series

The P3LED directional series by Cooper Lighting is a 3-in. aperture LED recessed series and a Zhaga certified luminaire developed for commercial and residential applications.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting April 8, 2013

LED high-bay series

The Metalux HB LED series by Cooper Lighting features precision designed optics that are available in multiple distributions, three lumen packages, and two color temperatures.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist
Lighting March 18, 2013

LED lighting fixtures

Honeywell’s industrial lighting fixtures are designed for high performance, long-life illumination in industrial and commercial applications.

Lighting February 13, 2013

LED series

Metalux ArcLine LED series by Cooper Lighting is available in 3000, 3500, and 4000 correlated color temperatures (CCT).

Lighting January 29, 2013

Patrol nightlight

The Patrol Combination Nightlight GFCI by Cooper Wiring Devices uses an LED color temperature for safe GFCI protection and lockout feature if the system is improperly wired or tripped.

Lighting January 24, 2013

Daylighting system

The LightFlex system from SunOptics offers many lens options that allow the end user to match the design with the natural light source.

Lighting January 10, 2013

Global lamp market report

Prior to the advent of LED lamps, the market was relatively unchanged for decades. IMS Research has released its global lighting report “The World Market for Lamps & Luminaires in General Lighting.”

By IHS Inc.
Lighting January 9, 2013

2013 LIGHTFAIR International conference announced

The 2013 LIGHTFAIR International Conference will be April 21-25, 2013, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Lighting December 26, 2012

LED stairwell fixture

The stairwell LED fixture by Lutron features a LED driver

Lighting December 11, 2012

LED light fixtures

Kickflip LED fixtures from Alumen 8A are made of recycled aluminum and are supported at both ends by rigid, rectangular cantilevered arms attached to the luminaire.

Lighting December 10, 2012

Light switches, plates made with antimicrobial copper surfaces

The Arrow Hart line of switches by Cooper Wiring Devices and wallplates feature CuVerro antimicrobial copper surfaces.

Lighting November 29, 2012

Street lighting is set to become “smart”

The number of smart street lighting devices shipped will increase over the next five years to more than 3.4 million in 2017.

By Source: IMS Research (acquired by IHS)
Lighting November 29, 2012

LED asymmetric luminaires

The Amertix Asyx series by Cooper Lighting are LED assymetric luminaires that offer precise optical control.

Lighting November 28, 2012

Choose to become a lighting engineer

Do you have what it takes to become a lighting designer? Here are some key attributes you’ll need.

By Gersil N. Kay, IESNA, AIA/HRC, Conservation Lighting International Ltd.
Lighting November 9, 2012

Report on occupancy sensors released

The Dept. of Energy has released a report comparing experiences from field installations of occupancy sensor-controlled LED lighting in parking structures and found an additional 76% in energy savings after they made the switch to LEDs.

Lighting October 1, 2012

Combination nightlight

Cooper Wiring Devices’ Patrol Combination Nightlight GFCI receptacle is designed for residential and commercial applications.

Lighting September 19, 2012

Lighting quality requirements proposed

Standard 189.1-2011 provides a design standard for green buildings and covers site sustainability, energy efficiency, and the building's impact on the atmosphere.

Lighting September 13, 2012

LED floodlight

The Champ FMV LED 100 to 400 W floodlights from Cooper Crouse-Hinds are designed for use in gas or dust hazardous areas, combining 60,000 h rated lamp life with a heat sink designed for high ambient temperatures and thick protective housing.

Lighting September 13, 2012

Outdoor lighting sensor

WattStopper developed this FSP-211 digital high/low passive IR fixture integrated outdoor sensor to control lighting in areas such as parking facilities and pedestrian pathways.

Lighting September 13, 2012

Architectural coffer LED

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting AC Series is an indoor volumetric LED luminaire delivering ambient white light in a classic yet contemporary architectural style with a standard deep regressed door frame and step baffles.

Lighting August 29, 2012

Performance lighting platform

Redwood Systems' Building-Performance Lighting Platform now supports third-party energy efficiency and building intelligence applications.

Lighting August 9, 2012

District Department of Transportation

Existing building retrofit: District Department of Transportation; GPI/Greenman-Pedersen Inc.

By Source: GPI/Greenman-Pedersen Inc.
Lighting August 8, 2012

LED lamp series

SWITCH Lighting's LED A-lamps are liquid-cooled lamps that can be used in any fixture or orientation.

Lighting August 3, 2012

LED array holder

Molex's LED array holder provide compression contacts, eliminating the need for hand soldering or surface-mount technology.

Lighting August 1, 2012

High-bay ceiling light

Global Lighting Technologies has developed a high-brightness luminaire for high-bay recessed ceiling light applications.

Lighting July 25, 2012

LED downlight luminaire

LED Retrofit Downlight Luminaire (LRD) by LumenOptix

Lighting July 6, 2012

Advancing lighting with a retrofit solution

Quick, cost-effective, and minimally disruptive, retrofit kits offer engineers an innovative solution to the problem of antiquated lighting systems.

By Kurt Vogel, Lithonia Lighting, Conyers, Ga.
Lighting June 10, 2012

Architectural emergency light

Sure-Lites Architectural Emergency Light from Cooper Lighting

Lighting June 10, 2012

Canopy light for emergency lighting

LED Canopy Light for emergency lighting by MaxLite

Lighting June 10, 2012

Emergency lighting control devices

Schneider released three emergency lighting control solutions.

Lighting June 10, 2012

Compact, concealed emergency lighting solution

Sylvania LED Emergency Light by SentryLight

Lighting June 10, 2012

Emergency exit signage

The EDGR exit by Lithonia.

Lighting June 10, 2012

Fire and life safety: Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is just one component of the means-of-egress, and part of a building’s life safety system. In the event of a power outage, a backup lighting system may be the occupants’ only guide to a safe exit.

By Dale Wilson, AIA, Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corp., Glenview, Ill.
Lighting May 7, 2012

Some fluorescents given 2-year reprieve

The Dept. of Energy has post-poned the "phase-out" date to July 14, 2014, for three T-8 general-service fluorescent lamps (GSFLs) after exception requests were filed by three companies.

Lighting April 26, 2012

CFL/LED bulb dimmer

Legrand/Pass & Seymour's Harmony CFL/LED dimmer.

Lighting April 25, 2012

High-performance downlights

Integrating clean architectural styling, robust die-cast aluminum construction, and best-in-class optical performance for the most challenging specifications, WAC Lighting introduced the Plana recessed downlight family at Lightfair International 2012

By Source: WAC Lighting
Lighting April 16, 2012

Lighting – 2012-04-16 – 2012-04-16

Finalists in the Lighting category for the 2012 Product of the Year competition

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist
Lighting April 16, 2012

Lumen packages for LED Wallpack

Hubbell Lighting's Laredo Southwest Series adds two lumen packages to the LED Wallpack series.

Lighting April 13, 2012

Volumetric LED illumination

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting RTLED RELIGHT assembly kit provides indoor volumetric illumination in easy one-to-one fixture replacement installs from below the ceiling, with energy savings from the use of LED lighting, full range dimming, and flexible, embedded nLight control options.

Lighting April 11, 2012

LED light fixture

Corelite’s Loft Micro LED series from Cooper Lighting maintains the elegant and modern style of its fluorescent counterparts with a 17% reduction in power consumption as a direct/indirect LED fixture.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Fluorescent retrofit kits

Cooper Lighting’s series of Metalux fluorescent retrofit kits are designed to exceed today’s energy needs and guidelines while improving light quality.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Mini LED step lights

The Juno Lighting Group LED modular mini step lights are designed for commercial and theatrical applications, consuming 2.6 W and available in four distinct optics that can be horizontally or vertically mounted.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Occupancy light sensor

The PlugTail P&S PlugTail Sensor was designed by Legrand/Pass & Seymour to help contractors meet ASHRAE energy-efficiency standards and government incentive requirements, sensing occupancy and responding with light.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Troffer LED

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting TLED is a general-purpose lighting troffer, expanding the range of the company’s indoor LED ambient lighting solutions.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Lighting control relay panel

The Schneider Electric LPL lighting control relay panel with LonWorks protocol offers cost-effective and code-compliant lighting control.

Lighting April 11, 2012

Volumetric LED fixture

Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting VTLED is a volumetric LED luminaire designed for general-purpose illumination environments.

Lighting April 4, 2012

Proteon LED high bay

Acuity Brands offers the PROTEON LED high bay for indoor ambient lighting.

Lighting March 9, 2012

LED floodlights

RAB Lighting's FXLED78 is a replacement for 250 W metal halide floodlights.

Lighting February 21, 2012

LED lighting

Juno Generation 3 LED Downlights Series is designed for commercial applications.

Lighting February 15, 2012

Energy-saving lighting specifications for commercial buildings

The Dept. of Energy and the Commercial Building Energy Alliances announced voluntary energy-saving specifications for lighting fixtures and parking lot and parking structure lighting.

Lighting January 18, 2012

Surface-mount LED

Acuity Brands Inc. has expanded its LED indoor ambient lighting portfolio with the launch of the Lithonia Lighting STLED luminaire.

Lighting December 1, 2011

LED perimeter lighting

The Hubbell Lighting HRG 300B Series has been expanded to offer long and energy ambient illumination.

Lighting November 22, 2011

LFI 2012 Conference announced

The May 2012 Lightfair conference in Las Vegas is scheduled to cover critical industry topics as well as provide workshops for daylighting.

Lighting November 15, 2011

Energy savings shine bright in Texas

Lock Joint Tube's manufacturing facility in Temple, Texas, has been able to reduce energy costs by installing a power-factor correction capacitor system.

By Lock Joint Tube
Lighting October 17, 2011

LED Wallpack

Hubbell Lighting has expanded their NRG 300B Series with a 15 W LED Wallback selection, which features a 10 LED system that delivers 635 lumens at 5000 K.

Lighting August 8, 2011

LED market to expand in U.S., Europe

Frost + Sullivan's report reveals the LED market could expand up to $2 billion by 2017. The expansion could be even greater if the market narrows the gap between LED and CFL costs

Lighting July 12, 2011

Stanley Consultants engineers honored in Iowa

The Iowa Engineering Society has presented awards to Stanley Consultants CEO and senior vice president for their contributions to the engineering community.

By BY: Stanley Consultants
Lighting May 25, 2011

NRCI: Economic recovery slow for nonresidential construction

Nonresidential Construction Index: the slow recovery continues, says report.

Lighting May 13, 2011

Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2011 40 Under 40 Award

This year’s fourth annual 40 Under 40 award winners are climbing (or leaping) to the top, and they’re bringing the building and construction industry with them.

By Bettina Chang, Content Specialist, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting May 13, 2011

LED area luminaire

Finalist in Lighting Controls in Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Bettina Chang, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Lighting May 4, 2011

IBE announces new lighting department head

Dawn Hollingsworth joins IBE Consulting Engineers to lead the lighting design department.

By Source: IBE Consulting Engineers
Lighting April 20, 2011

Architecture Billings Index holds steady for Q1

The ABI remained virtually unchanged and close to the break-even level for the first quarter of 2011.

By Source: AIA
Lighting April 7, 2011

U.S. Air Force purchases $26M of Autodesk products

The U.S. Air Force Office of the Civil Engineer awarded the contract to Autodesk for its software and related services.

By Source: Autodesk
Lighting March 29, 2011

Specification writing system

ARCOM announces the SPECTEXT master guide specification writing system.

Lighting March 23, 2011

Architecture Billings Index shows nominal increase

The commercial and industrial sector is the strongest-performing building category for February.

By Source: American Institute of Architects
Lighting March 10, 2011

First LEED Platinum building in Canada

The TELUS company is funding a 1 million sq ft project in downtown Vancouver that will include office space and residential units.

By Source: TELUS
Lighting February 18, 2011

Second annual sustainability report

The new report provides an update on the divisional sustainability activities over the past year, tracking the Division’s progress making sustainability a part of its organizational mission, and reporting the Division’s emissions inventory

By Source: Siemens Industry, Inc.
Lighting February 12, 2011

Commercial Property Rebound in 2011? Study says Don’t expect it

A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute shows improvement toward investment, development but will not deliver turnaround expected

By Jonathan Buck, Dow Jones Newswires
Lighting February 9, 2011

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust funds LEED-certified projects

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) is helping to finance a number of energy-efficient development projects that have received or are on track to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their sustainable energy and construction strategies as well as innovative green design.

By SOURCE: AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
Lighting January 21, 2011

Video: Energy Policy, Trends, & Strategies in Challenging Times

Craig Sieben is founder and CEO of Sieben Energy Associates. He is a leading expert on energy efficiency and has been a pioneer in the rapidly growing field of professional energy management for over two decades. He speaks often on what he calls the “second Saudi Arabia” waiting to be tapped in America’s building stock, and on the impact that enlightened energy efficiency practices and programs could have on the economy and the environment.

Lighting January 20, 2011

Canada invests in non-residential construction

Canada's investment in non-residential construction is reported to be $10.5 billion in the fourth quarter of 2010, up 2%.

By Source: Bloomberg,
Lighting January 20, 2011

Architecture Billings Index continues positive momentum

Three out of past four months have seen positive business conditions, highest marks since 2007

Lighting December 1, 2010

A doer on a mission

At Air Liquide, Vickie manages the investment development process for North America. At ASME, her commitment is to further the professional stature of mechanical engineers by working through the society’s three strategic initiatives in energy, engineering workforce development, and global impact.

Lighting November 8, 2010

Video: CFE Media sits down with the OPUS Dean of Engineering at Marquette University

CFE Media’s Jim Langhenry sat down with OPUS Dean of Engineering Dr. Robert Bishop to discuss the current state of engineering education at Marquette University. Dr. Bishop and Langhenry discussed the importance of the new engineering facility and how it will be used, the definition of discovery learning, and what skills engineers will need in the upcoming “Creative Age”.

By Patrick Lynch
Lighting October 17, 2010

BIM File Library

Rig-A-Lite has announced the completion of BIM files for its entire product catalog.

Lighting October 1, 2010

Lee appointed SVP at Douglas Lighting Controls

Douglas Lighting Controls Appoints John C. Lee as Senior Vice President and General Manager.

Lighting September 16, 2010

UNCW Makes $4.5 Million Upgrade Pay for Itself

In a collaboration with energy solutions provider Brady, the University of North Carolina Wilmington is making a $4.5 million facility upgrade pay for itself. The project includes a performance contract that guarantees more than $333,000 in annual energy savings, a total of $8.9 million over the 20-year life of the contract. The improvement to mechanical and lighting systems in 10 campus buildings is part of the university’s ongoing commitment to being environmentally responsible. In this performance contract, Trane Comfort Solutions Inc, assumes the financial risk of the project, enabling the UNCW to use future energy savings to pay for up-front costs and eliminating the need to use capital-improvement budgets to upgrade systems.

Lighting August 18, 2010

Still Showing Weakness, Architecture Billings Index Increases Slightly

Following a two-month soft patch, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) rose almost two full points in July. As a leading economic indicator of construction activity, the ABI reflects the approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported the July ABI score was 47.9, up from a reading of 46.0 the previous month.

Lighting August 4, 2010

Nanomaterial disposal

Study reveals pros, cons of nanotech-enhanced building materials' use.

Lighting July 29, 2010

Modular Construction-A Greener Way to Build

In Tom Hardiman's article for Green Building Pro, he discusses the "growing acceptance of the environmental advantages of the modular construction process."

Lighting July 14, 2010

Nonresidential Construction Recovery Possible by Latter Part of 2011

Sharp declines projected for the rest of 2010.

Lighting July 10, 2010

Pivot 180 Oscillation Fan

Manufacturing, distribution and service center facilities need cooling air movement over large areas, but may not have the overhead space to accommodate 8 to 24-foot ceiling-mounted HVLS fans.  The Pivot 180 from  Big Ass Fans is designed to be installed on a column or other vertical structure. In addition, Pivot 180’s oscillating function allows the air generated to radiate 100 feet outward, enveloping a 180 degree arc from side to side - a coverage area of 12,000 square feet. If more concentrated air movement is required, the oscillating function can be switched offy and the fan aimed in one direction.

Lighting May 15, 2010

2017 40 Under 40: Sara J. Schonour, LC, Associate IALD, IES, LEED AP BD+C, CDT; 33

Associate Vice President, Lighting Designer, CannonDesign

By Jack Smith, Content Manager, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting April 1, 2010

The Role of Fan Efficiency in Reducing HVAC Energy Consumption

In 2008, the United States consumed about 100 quadrillion BTU (106 EJ) of source energy to power everything from lightbulbs to automobiles. That is the equivalent of over 29 million kWh, or a per capita energy consumption rate of 11 kW. The vast majority of this energy comes from a limited supply of nonrenewable resources.

By Dr. Michael Brendel, Lau Industries/Ruskin Company, Dayton, Ohio
Lighting April 1, 2010

Couching lighting design issues

In my study, there is a sleeper couch tucked into a nook defined by opposing partial walls. Above the armrests of the couch, and at just the right height for reading while lying down, are antique lights that I rewired with plug-in cords and mounted onto quarter-sawn-oak plaques. (I made them in the woodshop so we didn’t have to pay an electrician to route new circuits through the wall and...

By Michael Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting March 8, 2010

Changes proposed for Standard 90.1

Public input to help shape the technical requirements in Standard 90.1 is being sought through 21 proposed addenda, which could become part of the 2010 standard.

By Source: ASHRAE
Lighting March 3, 2010

Energy research receives ARPA funds

The DOE is offering $100 million for innovative energy research projects in grid storage, power converters, and cooling systems for buildings.

By Source: Dept. of Energy
Lighting March 1, 2010


The Synthesis family of UPS for emergency lighting applications from Chloride Systems is available in four capacity ratings, including 600 A, 1,500 A, and 2,000 A. The UPS uses double conversion continuous duty UPS technology. The series features an automatic battery monitoring system, main input and output circuit breakers, and remote communication capabilities.

Lighting January 13, 2010

ARRA funds to improve IT and telecom energy efficiency

The Dept. of Energy will award $47 million to boost IT and telecom energy efficiency.

By Source: Dept. of Energy
Lighting January 6, 2010

DOE will invest in energy innovation hubs

The U.S. Dept. of Energy will invest up to $366 million in energy innovation hubs, including one that will improve energy-efficient building systems design.

By Source: U.S. Dept. of Energy
Lighting January 1, 2010

Emergency lighting

The Symmetry Series of emergency lighting systems from Chloride Systems may be wall, column, pole, or I-beam mounted. The series is available in 6 or 12 V, 18 to 72 W units to accommodate 6 to 20 W halogen lamps. A 120/277-dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-charge for self-diagnostics system continuously monitors all critical functions and the optional self-testing feature sat...

Lighting December 18, 2009

In retrospect, how far have we come?

With the the World Climate Conference going on in Copenhagen, the CSE staff has put together a two-year collection of columns on climate change, sustainability, and the green market movement.

By Patrick Lynch, Associate Editor
Lighting December 14, 2009

LIGHTFAIR 2010 unveils 200 CEUs of sessions for Las Vegas event

Expansion of comprehensive educational program and new Building Integration pavilion enhance offerings for engineers, designers, and consultants.

By Michael Ivanovich, source: LIGHTFAIR International
Lighting December 1, 2009

Energy simulation software

The Hevacomp Simulator V8i building energy simulation software from Bentley Systems enables designers to calculate percentage performance improvements for designs incorporating construction types that outperform minimum default values. The software compares the actual design to a comparative baseline building by averaging the results of four baseline simulation orientations.

Lighting November 2, 2009

Willis Tower looks to go green, from the rooftops on down

Rooftop gardens part of plan to improve efficiency.

By Source: Chicago Tribune
Lighting November 1, 2009

Gen-Tech becomes authorized dealer

Statesville, N.C.-based Doosan Infracore Portable Power named Arizona Generator Technology (Gen-Tech) an authorized dealer of its Ingersoll Rand-branded line of generators, light construction equipment, and lighting systems. Gen-Tech is a full-service company specializing in power generation systems.

Lighting November 1, 2009

Bentley announces major product releases

Bentley Systems Inc. released a series of announcements at its invitation-only “Be Inspired: Infrastructure Best Practices Symposium and Awards Event” in Charlotte, N.C. This newest version of MicroStation features innovative and flexible value-creative enhancements for infrastructure professionals highlighted by RealDWG library support and integrated 3D printing capabilities.

Lighting November 1, 2009


Designed for office, institutional, educational, and commercial applications, the Philips Advance-branded Optanium ballasts from Philips Lighting Electronics include three- and four-lamp fixed output models. The ballasts feature programmed start parallel operation, which enables independent lamp operation for exact identification of the expired lamp.

Lighting October 9, 2009

Short-term energy and winter fuels outlook

The Energy Information Agency released its annual energy and winter fuels outlook that details projected space-heating expenses for the upcoming winter season.

By Source: Energy Information Agency
Lighting October 1, 2009

Engineering heads list of fastest-growing green jobs

According to a story in NWjobs by Randy Woods, of all the miracle cures that have been proposed to heal the nation's economy in the past few years, the so-called “clean tech” industry may be the most disappointing so far. Countless “green” companies endorsed a bright future, full of silent windmills, shiny solar panels, and clean-burning biofuels that would pull us out o...

Lighting September 11, 2009

Major concern over smart grid security

Newly allocated funds for the smart grid have resulted in new technologies being distributed across the U.S., but smart grid security remains a major area of concern for security experts.

By Source: By Erica Naone Technology Review Magazine
Lighting September 1, 2009

Wireless thermostat network

Manufactured for commercial, small business, and light industrial applications, NetworkThermostat has released its Strong Mesh wireless connectivity for its network thermostats. Strong Mesh eliminates the need for communication cables, and its wireless devices reduce the need for time-consuming installations.

Lighting September 1, 2009

Reduce lighting power needs

The PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel from Eaton is designed to improve lighting efficiency so your light levels are maintained with less electricity. While other devices cut electrical flow by “topping” sine waves, the patent-pending PRC3000 Lighting Power Reduction Panel takes a more intelligent approach, resulting in an entirely new way to reduce electrical consumption.

Lighting September 1, 2009

Wireless light control

Lutron's Grafik Eye QS is available with wireless connections to shades and occupancy sensors. The control system also is available with DMX control interface, which can control equipment such as LED light engines, strobes, and motorized fixtures. The interface can map any RGB/CMY to one zone or edit the RGB/CMY table to map a zone intensity to a specific color.

Lighting August 31, 2009

Some buildings not living up to green label

There's no guarantee that earning LEED will lead to energy savings, but one consulting company is now guaranteeing LEED certification.

By Source: Mireya Navarro, The New York Times; Wayne Robertson, Energy Ace Inc.
Lighting August 19, 2009

Green building resource centers practice what they preach

Facilities in Michigan and Georgia take on regional responsibility in encouraging green building techniques.

By Source: Mother Nature Network
Lighting August 10, 2009

Pilot program tests energy efficiency of commercial buildings

Commercial buildings in Canada could begin receiving energy efficiency report cards as early as next year.

By Source: Journal of Commerce
Lighting August 5, 2009

Study claims LED as efficient as fluorescents

A new lighting study says that there is essentially no difference between LED and fluorescent lights.

By Source: Eric A. Taub, New York Times
Lighting August 1, 2009

Lighting control system – 2009-08-01

Maintain control on operating costs with the Square D Powerlink G3 intelligent lighting control system by Schneider Electric. The system can react to potential load-shed situations, such as market electrical prices reaching a predetermined ceiling that prompts a shift to backup power sources. It also contains a schedule-based controller, and facility managers can configure and execute load-shed sequences remotely. #10.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 1, 2009

Calculate HVAC loads with BIM

3-D building information modeling tools are improving the process of calculating peak cooling and heating loads for buildings.

By Stephen Roth, PE, LEED AP, Carmel Software Corp., San Rafael, Calif.
Lighting July 23, 2009

Empire State Building goes green (and gold)

The 78-year-old building will achieve LEED gold and save $4.4 million in annual energy costs by 2013.

By Source: Ray Quartararo, Environmental Leader
Lighting July 22, 2009

Engineering a new way to network

Social networking websites allow users to find information and interact with colleagues, including DOE Secretary Steven Chu and CSE editors.

By Eli Kaberon
Lighting July 2, 2009

Cisco announces network building ‘mediator’

The networking giant delivers early on its promise to integrate proprietary BAS into its platform.

By Source: Greentech Media,
Lighting July 1, 2009

DOE plans $346 million for building energy efficiency programs

As part of Energy Secretary Chu's green initiatives, stimulus funding will attempt to reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

By Source: Jeff St. John, Greentech Media
Lighting July 1, 2009

Emergency relay panel

Ensure fail-safe emergency lighting in commercial settings with the new emergency relay panel from Watt Stopper Inc. The emergency relay panel can monitor the presence of normal power to control emergency lighting circuits based on ordinary control schedules and devices. The emergency relay panel option is available with Watt Stopper’s 24- or 48-relay size Lighting Integrator low-voltage ...

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 1, 2009

Sustainable high-output lamp

Save money and energy with the Energy Advantage 49 W fluorescent lamp from Philips Lighting in T5 high-output (HO) applications. Available in 3000-, 3500-, 4100-, and 5000-K color temperatures, these bulbs are low wattage and low mercury alternatives to 54 W T5HO bulbs. The bulbs feature high-lumen maintenance and a color-rendering index of 82 to 85, and they maximize design flexibility while s...

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 1, 2009

Lighting standards expanded

Final rules for lighting include energy conservation standards, which could lead to huge financial savings according to President Obama.

By Eli Kaberon
Lighting June 23, 2009

Data center receives solar panel facelift

I/O Data Centers announced plans to construct solar panels on the roof of their Phoenix ONE center-potentially generating 4.5 MW of power.

By Eli Kaberon
Lighting June 12, 2009

Partnership spurs smart grid development

Duke Energy and Cisco Systems will partner to speed the development of efficient smart grid technologies.

By Source:
Lighting June 1, 2009

Emergency lighting unit

Designed for industrial and harsh environment emergency lighting needs, the Rhyno Series from Chloride Systems is available in 12 V and 24 V, and 200 to 450 W. A 120/277 dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics monitors all critical functions of the lighting unit.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2009

Polyethylene insulators

Available in 15 kV, 25 kV, and 35 kV models, the HPI Polyethylene Insulators are lightweight options for linemen and are fit to use in construction areas. Manufactured by Hendrix Wire & Cable, the insulators offer longer leakage distance and higher impulse strength than their porcelain counterparts.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2009

Lighting enclosure

Stop damage from surges and lightning with the Stahlin DuraBoxx series of enclosures from V-Blox Corp. The UL/CUL listed enclosures are molded from a composite fiberglass thermosetting material. The chemical-resistant enclosures are Type 4X and 6P NEMA-rated. Designed for commercial and industrial environments such as mining, oil, gas, and wastewater treatment, the enclosures meet standards inc...

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 11, 2009

Industry looks to LED bulbs

LED bulbs electrify lighting at Lightfair International.

By Source: New York Times
Lighting May 6, 2009

Lighting awards bestowed

Excellence in lighting was honored at the 2009 Lightfair Innovation Awards ceremony.

By Source: Lightfair International
Lighting May 1, 2009

Daylight controller

Provide closed-loop, single zone, and on/off switching for most types of lighting in response to daylight contributions with the LS-102 daylighting controller from Watt Stopper/Legrand. The controller automatically calibrates itself, which eliminates the need for repeated manual calibrations to capture changing light levels.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 27, 2009

Smart Grid has big obstacles

The construction of the Smart Grid is seen by many as a daunting challenge.

By Source: L.A. Times, NPR, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post
Lighting April 14, 2009

Study: Bilevel occupancy sensors save energy

A recent CLTC study demonstrates major energy savings for bilevel occupancy sensors.

By Source: Craig DiLouie, Lighting Controls Assn.
Lighting April 1, 2009

Solar industry grows, but future may not be so sunny

  According to a New York Times article , solar energy capacity in the United States grew by 17% in 2008, according to preliminary report released by the Solar Energy Industries Assn . (SEIA). The recession has dried up the financing for many projects, but 2008 showed growth for a third consecutive year. The report notes that 1,265 MW of solar power of all types were installed in 2008, bringing total U.S.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2009

News At A Glance – 2009-04-01

• The innovative environmental training program, GreenPlumbers, announced Grundfos Pumps Corp. as its founding partner. The GreenPlumbers training and accreditation program is open to all recognized plumbers and contractors. The program is partnered with the EPA's WaterSense program, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the Calif.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2009

DC converter

Protect against short circuits, overloads, and over temperatures with the DIN rail mount, XCSA line of DC to DC converters from Automation Systems Interconnect. The line of converters is available in versions with inputs ranging from 12-110 Vdc and outputs of 12 and 24 Vdc at 5 and 10 amps. The 12 and 24 Vdc converters feature a wide auto-ranging input, wide operating temperature range, and high efficiency.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2009

Solar-powered plumbing products

Use PV technology and sunlight to charge an efficient capacitor and provide power to bathrooms with the SOLIS Flushometer and SOLIS faucet from Sloan. The flush control for water closets and urinals are available in single-and dual-flush models. The dual-flush model features two flush cycles: 1.6 gal.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2009

Occupancy sensors – 2009-04-01

Detect motion in aisle ways with the FS-705 wide-angle PIR occupancy sensor from Watt Stopper/Legrand. The sensor uses a passive infrared device that detects motion from two directions and covers an area of 30 by 14 ft. The senor's sensitivity adjusts to cover a 22 x 12 ft area.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 25, 2009

Danfoss receives refrigeration award

The U.K.-based Institute of Refrigeration recognizes Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. founder Ron Conry for his contributions to the HVAC industry.

By Source: Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc.
Lighting March 25, 2009

Energy office nets $2 billion in appropriations

The omnibus appropriations act signed by President Obama allots $1.93 billion for the Dept. of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for fiscal year 2009.

By Source: Dept. of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Lighting March 17, 2009

White-LED luminaire

Albeo Technologies’ C-Series white-LED, high-bay light fixture is intended to replace 400-W HID light fixtures as general illumination in large buildings. The luminaires—featuring the company’s TEMPR thermal technology—lower energy usage and reduce maintenance costs.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 17, 2009

Survey of lighting designers reflects mixed economic outlook

The International Assn. of Lighting Designers' economic impact survey shows just as many designers are cautiously optimistic, as those who are struggling or feeling pessimistic about the downturn.

By Source: International Assn. of Lighting Designers
Lighting March 11, 2009

MEP Insider – 2009-03-11

Recent hires and promotions

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 6, 2009

First university in the U.S. to earn LEED status for every building on campus

At the University of California-Merced, they know a little something about LEED certification.

By Source: USGBC
Lighting February 26, 2009

Can a coat of paint improve energy efficiency?

Chicago's Sears Tower may be painted silver, in an effort to both rebrand the fabled building and increase energy efficiency.

By Source: Chicago Sun-Times
Lighting February 20, 2009

National Guard goes green to conserve energy, cost

A new mission for the New Mexico National Guard Headquarters in Santa Fe, N.M., involves going green.

By Source: Associated Press
Lighting February 18, 2009

Bring your winning design to light

The Lightfair International Innovation Awards--recognizing creative, effective lighting system designs and products--are accepting submissions for this year's event.

By Source: Lightfair International
Lighting February 1, 2009

Saving energy with 90.1

Improve a building's thermal envelope to improve energy performance.

By Matthew E. Lininger, PE, LEED AP, GRAEF, Milwaukee
Lighting January 14, 2009

Energy standard changes proposed

Alterations to ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, which focuses requirements for energy-efficient building design, are open for public comment.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 14, 2009

Looking back at the year’s AEC trends

AEC Weekly magazine ticks off the top 10 trends affecting architects, engineers, and consultants.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 2009

LED accent lights

The LED accent lights by Cooper Wiring Devices Inc. provide flexible solutions for paths of egress and task lighting. Units feature a choice of vertical or horizontal louvered faceplate for even light distribution.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 10, 2008

A call for better lighting efficiency

In response to a letter from Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman that calls for implementation of improved lighting systems that save U.S. dollars, the National Lighting Bureau is among the groups offering solutions.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 2, 2008

AMCA updates fire, shading control publications

The Air Movement and Control Assn. International Inc. (AMCA) has approved application manuals for fire and smoke/fire damper products, and sun control devices.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2008

Moisture eliminator

The DRY-R moisture eliminator from Cliplight Manufacturing protects against moisture, acid corrosion, and sludge buildup. The product chemically reacts with water and results in new molecules, which are soluble in the chemicals used in refrigeration system. The biodegradable chemical is packaged in a vacuum-packed can with its own charging hose #4.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2008

Light towers

Provide 4,000 W of light coverage for 5 to 7 acres with the PL6000K mobile light tower from Baldor Electric Co. The tower's 50-gal diesel fuel tank provides more than 100 hours of operation, and the tank's enclosures are made with aluminum to ensure limited rusting in coastal areas. The tower's four 1,000 W metal halide lamps rotate 360 degrees, and the tower features low oil/high temperature shutdown protection and a runtime hour indicator. Baldor Circle 463.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2008


The LS series of lighting and fan speed controls by Pass & Seymour/Legrand features a dual dimmer with two 300 W, single pole, slide-to-off dimmers and installs in a single gang box. The series also includes a decorator dimmer with independent switch and a preset single pole three-way dual fan speed dimmer. All units feature an optional locator light.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2008

Standby generator

Generac has five new models of liquid-cooled standby generators, with outputs from 22 to 60 kW. Four of the units feature a low-speed engine for minimal sound output. The generators run on natural gas or liquid propane and include a corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure, a run-time meter for monitoring exercise and maintenance levels, and updated paint colors.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 26, 2008

Schneider to light up Times Square

Schneider Electric’s Square D Powerlink 3000 level, Web-enabled lighting control system was installed to control the new, Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 19, 2008

A Times Square billboard goes green

The $3 million Ricoh Americas billboard will be fitted with 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels. The 126 x 47 ft billboard on the Great White Way, weighs 35,000 lbs, rests 55 ft off the ground, and wraps around the northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 42nd St.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 19, 2008

Working toward better power standards

A group of power industry professionals is joining to forge a new power, control, and device-level technology standard for commercial buildings.

By Jenni Spinner
Lighting November 17, 2008

States approve green-energy measures

Voters in Missouri and Colorado voice approval for clean/renewable energy issues.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 14, 2008

USGBC reaffirms green-building code commitment

Amid doubts over a proposed ASHRAE standard, U.S. Green Building Council leaders vow to continue work on national green-building code.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 14, 2008

IES lights up new Career Center on Web

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America has launched an online resource to help job seekers and employers connect.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 12, 2008

Smart hotels

Hotels offer guests the latest technology tools, and electrical engineers must work hard to keep up.

By Amara Rozgus
Lighting November 1, 2008

Airport spreads its wings

Situated on a 10,000-acre site located 20 miles west of the city, Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) accommodates almost 10 million travelers each year. PIT services about 210 non-stop flights per day to 59 destinations. With new routes being added each year and growing development surrounding the airfield, the airport is a major economic engine for southwestern Pennsylvania.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 1, 2008

Interesting times, indeed

There’s a saying that many people pass along to others as a Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. The provenance of this saying is disputed; there is no written record of it occurring in Chinese literature, so says Wikipedia. It may, however, have something to do with a real Chinese proverb, “It is better to be a dog in a peaceful time than a be man in a chaotic period.

By Michael Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting November 1, 2008

LED driver

The Hi-lume LED driver engineered by Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. provides energy-efficient LED dimming from 100% to 1% of light output and integrates with a number of lighting products. Designed to provide a product lifetime of approximately 10 years of service, the units feature internal thermal management to reduce light and power when operating in unusually high temperatures.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 1, 2008

Ignition controls

Use a single ignition control for gas-fired appliances intended for use in cooking equipment, HVAC, boilers, and infrared heaters applications with the 35-6X series of gas ignition controls from Fenwal Controls. The microprocessor-based direct spark controls include a 35-63 intermittent pilot version, a basic 35-60, and a 35-61 with an on-board combustion blower relay.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 1, 2008

Commissioning lighting controls

Indoor lighting is one of the single largest consumers of energy in nonresidential buildings, representing more than one-third of total electricity used. Recognizing its significant effect on energy consumption, the U.S. Green Building Council included requirements for commissioning lighting, including controls in its LEED rating systems.

By Tom Hudson, PE, LEED AP, Green Building Services, Portland, Ore.; and John Ri
Lighting October 13, 2008

NECA votes to think greener

The governing board of the National Electrical Contractors Assn. (NECA) voted to encourage a drive toward greener electricity--including modernizing the national electrical grid, and lobbying for increased energy independence.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 3, 2008

Solid State Lighting program takes off

NEMA, NGLIA welcome Energy Star Solid State Lighting program.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 22, 2008

Nanoflowers improve ultracapacitors

A novel design could boost energy storage.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 17, 2008

Report: LED sales to jump

Light-emitting diodes may be ready to reach the mass market, says a Wall Street Journal report.

By Amara Rozgus
Lighting September 1, 2008

Occupancy sensors – 2008-09-01

Sleek occupancy sensors, designed by Watt Stopper/Legrand feature a low profile design allowing the unit to blend in with the ceiling tile.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2008

Backup ballasts

Prevent lamp extinction and subsequent need for re-strike in metal halide lighting systems with the Artic ARC Keeper HID backup ballasts from Bodine.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2008

News at a Glance – 2008-09-01

Various events and news.

By Edited By Patrick Lynch, Contributing Editor
Lighting August 13, 2008

New book on green projects

Objective, expert advice in this book cuts through the “green-washing” to the best products and improvements for homeowners.

By Amara Rozgus
Lighting August 1, 2008

Lighting sensors

The Illumra product line designed by Ad Hoc Electronics includes wireless light switches, temperature sensors, occupancy sensors, and light sensors that are powered using either solar or mechanical energy. They can be installed virtually anywhere. The receiver modules of wireless light switches and sensors can be plugged into outlets or hard wired to the devices they control.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 30, 2008

Last chance to vote for Product of the Year

Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2008 Product of the Year voting ends Thursday, July 31. Enter your vote today.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 30, 2008

SFPE revises Canon of Ethics

Society of Fire Protection Engineers revises the Canon of Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers to include the environment.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 19, 2008

Industry roundup: partnerships, mergers, etc. – 2008-06-19

News from W.A.C. Lighting, Honeywell, Active Power, UTC Power, Yakawa Electric, Eaton Corp., Optical Cable Corp., Carrier Corp., and WFI Industries.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 17, 2008

Wind turbine lightning and surge suppression upgrade kit by Raycap

Wind turbine lightning and surge suppression upgrade kit by Raycap urges, the upgrade kits can sustain multiple and successive lightning-induced power surges without requiring maintenance.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 12, 2008

Federal construction wishlists total $8.6 billion

Federal agencies released their wishlists for more than 160 construction projects in the Washington, D.C., area during the next six years. Twenty-six of the projects are on the lists for the first time, including a $900 million expanded military medical complex, a $380 million space engineering facility, and a $170 renovation to the Smithsonian Castle.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2008

Power analyzers

Utility metering and electrical parameters analysis and control are available with the EM26-96 Series Compact Power Analyzers. The analyzers feature MID compliance, three digital outputs and RS485 communication port, harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic, dual color backlight LCD, a universal power supply range of 18-60 V ac/dc, 90-260 ac/dc, and it is Class B in accordance to EN50470-1-3, ...

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2008

LEEDing construction safety a Natural Step

After the sixth construction worker in six months died at the $9.2 billion MGM Mirage CityCenter construction site, workers went on strike citing conditions were unsafe and Perini Building Co. was being unresponsive. It lasted only one day, but the largest-ever safety related strike in Las Vegas at the largest-ever private construction project in the United States attracted national attention.

By Michael Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting June 1, 2008

New Generating Capacity Needed To Meet Electricity Demand By 2030

According to a preliminary analysis of potential energy savings released in April, energy efficiency improvements in the U.S. electric power sector could reduce the need for new electric generation by an additional 7% to 11% over the projected amount for the next two decades, if key barriers can be addressed.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2008

When the green fad fades

A few years ago, I was moderating a panel discussion on green buildings at an ASHRAE meeting of the Cleveland chapter, when after a few hours of dithering discussions on costs, benefits, and performance data, an engineer in the audience piped up and said, “If green were to just become fashionable, people would buy it.

By Michael G. Ivanovich, Editor-in-chief
Lighting June 1, 2008

Will California have enough power?

The answer is maybe. California should have enough power to keep the lights on and air conditioners humming this summer, although there likely will be days—especially in Southern California—when conservation and voluntary demand response programs will be called on to ease the strain on the power grid, according to the California Independent System Operator Corp.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 30, 2008

PPE 2.0: Protection meets productivity

EMCOR Group Inc. leads the way for Personal Productivity Equipment.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 12, 2008

Interface of network video products standardized

This new standard will offer increased flexibility to integrators and users of network video equipment.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Cooper Lighting luminaires

Specify an innovative and unobstrusive direct-indirect luminaire with the Low-Profile Class R series from Cooper Lighting.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

AIA names top sustainable architecture and green design solutions

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Committee on the Environment (COTE) have selected the top 10 examples of sustainable architecture and green design solutions that protect and enhance the environment.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Watt Stopper/Legrand dimming photosensor

Promote sustainable building practices with the LS-301 Dimming Photosensor from Watt Stopper/Legrand.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Lightfair shines on Sin City

Lightfair 19th Annual Trade Show & Conference Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

NFPA brings heat to Vegas

NFPA World Safety Conference & Expo Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Selecting, maintaining UPS

Engineers who design and specify systems should be cognizant of the various conditions that facilitate optimal lifecycle performance for an uninterruptible power supply system.

By Ed Spears, Product and Training Manager, Eaton Corp., Raleigh, N.C.
Lighting May 1, 2008

Albeo Technologies recessed troffer line

Access low-maintenance, high-efficiency advantages of LED lighting systems with Albeo Technologies' solid state T8LED family of recessed troffer products.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Wireless controls

The advantages, future, and obstacles facing the development of wireless controls are discussed with this month's panel of experts.

By Melissa Hillebrand, Associate Editor
Lighting May 1, 2008

Leviton dual-relay wall switch

Leviton's new OSSMD Dual Relay Multi-Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor line combines bi-level switching with infrared & ultrasonic technology for accurate occupancy detection.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2008

Constitution Center chills out

As Washington, D.C.-based David Nassif Assocs. rejuvenates its namesake building, the full-block marble clad structure is shedding its aging skin and MEP systems. It will re-emerge in late 2009 as Constitution Center, the first large-scale building in the United States to use chilled-beam technology, and one of the largest USGBC LEED Core and Shell Development (LEED CS) projects to date.

By George Karidis, PE, LEED AP, Vice President, SmithGroup, Detroit
Lighting April 17, 2008

Eaton contributes to arc flash collaborative research project

Eaton Corp. announced a $500,000 contribution to the IEEE and NFPA Arc Flash Phenomena Collaborative Research Project.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 10, 2008

USGBC speaks with green school advocates

In light of Earth Day, April 22, and the LEED for Schools certification program, the U.S. Green Building Council is promoting the benefits of green schools.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 4, 2008

ASME: Engineers must react to changing business trends for success

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers will discuss how engineers can adopt new management strategies at its annual meeting June 7-11 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 26, 2008

Change the world: Turn off your lights for 1 hour on March 29

Sign up for Earth Hour, scheduled for March 29, 2008.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 10, 2008

International Code Council takes action on ASHRAE proposals

The International Codes may soon incorporate requirements from a new load calculation standard from ASHRAE and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America under several recent proposals.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 3, 2008

Security cameras

Pelco has introduced two new camera series that will provide around-the-clock security coverage.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 1, 2008

Edison Electric Institute Honors Electric Utilities with Emergency Recovery, Assistance Awards

The Edison Electric Institute honored 14 electric utilities for their outstanding efforts to restore electric service or assist other utilities in restoring service following major storms or other natural events during 2007. The “Emergency Recovery Award” and the “Emergency Assistance Award” are presented annually.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 20, 2008

The art of protecting electrical systems, part 16—software speeds electrical design

Part 16 in this continuing series looks at computer programs used to assist in electrical system design and protection.

Lighting February 15, 2008

BCA announces board of directors

The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) has announced its 2008 BCA Board of Directors.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 14, 2008

Industry roundup: partnerships, mergers, etc.

News from Silent Knight, Wrightsoft, Johnson Controls, Automated Logic Corp, American DG Energy, Carrier Corp, Schréder Lighting USA, TAC, and ABB.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 1, 2008

Electrical enclosures: not just a box anymore

The ideal electrical enclosure should install and remove easily, protect valuable equipment, allow the housed components to be accessed easily, and resist environmental hazards. The key steps in determining the best enclosure include assessing the building's environment, the electrical equipment's protection and size requirements, and the accessibility needed for time- and cost-efficient mainte...

By Glen Kampa, Program Manager, Hoffman, Anoka, Minn.
Lighting February 1, 2008

Controller – 2008-02-01

For enhanced capabilities with Square D Clipsal lighting control system, the Square D Clipsal Pascal Automation Controller provides expansive scheduling capability and facilitates operation of third-party products through two RS232 ports from input devices such as keypads and touchscreen. The controller easily is installed with standard Cat-5 cable and supports a variety of commands including i...

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 31, 2008

High resolution day/night IR LED bullet camera

High resolution day/night IR LED bullet camera features 520 TVL color and 570 TVL black-and-white.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 31, 2008

Pan-tilt-zoom imager

Pan-tilt-zoom imager combines thermal and CCD sensors for surveillance imaging covering detection to identification.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 31, 2008

NYC dumps port-o-johns for improved public toilets

The first of 20 automated, self-cleaning public toilets opened Jan. 10. The restroom’s architectural and engineering features bring to mind a space-age facility.

By Michael Wilson, The New York Times
Lighting January 24, 2008

ASHRAE publishes new energy standard

ASHRAE, Atlanta, published the 2007 version of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings except Low-Rise Residential Buildings. The standard provides minimum requirements for the energy-efficient design of buildings except low-rise residential buildings.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 10, 2008

GE powers up California

GE Energy Financial Services will finance five commercial and public solar power installations in California.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 2008

LED lights

Consider Tetra PowerGrid LED Lighting System from GE as an alternative to standard LED or fluorescent lighting systems. It saves time and energy, delivers up to 50,000 hour rated life, and reduces maintenance costs. The lighting system is pre-wired and features easy-to-handle interlocking modules to simplify the installation process.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 2008

Lighting – 2008-01-01

Consider the 376 Series Wet/Damp fixtures from LDPI Lighting as an alternative to traditional weatherproof fixtures. The UL-rated fixtures are designed for installations in areas of harsh conditions, such as marinas, parking garages, refrigerated facilities, and processing facilities. The series features white fiberglass reinforced housing in 2-, 4-, 5-, and 8-ft lengths.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 19, 2007

Construction market forecast: No downturn in nonresidential construction in 2008

FMI’s outlook for construction in 2008 has been revised slightly downward since the third quarter, but certain segments, such as nonresidential and nonbuilding, will remain strong.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 12, 2007

M/E insider: recent new hires and promotions – 2007-12-12

News from KJWW Engineering, Syska Hennessy Group, and more.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2007

Briefly… – 2007-12-01 – 2007-12-01

“Construction Outlook: Fourth Quarter 2007” is available from FMI, Raleigh, N.C. FMI's outlook for 2008 has been revised slightly downward since the third quarter, but certain segments, such as nonresidential and nonbuilding, will remain strong. Combat Climate Change (3C), a coalition of 46 international companies advocating for action on climate change, released i...

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2007

Fixing the grid with big batteries

American Electric Power (AEP), Columbus, Ohio, as part of the company's comprehensive effort to integrate new technologies for reliability, renewable energy and energy efficiency, is expanding its use of large-scale battery technology on its electricity grid. AEP claimed to be the only U.S. utility currently using advanced energy storage technology as part of its electricity infrastructure, and...

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2007

Berkeley Lab’s ultraclean combustion technology for electricity generation

An experimental gas turbine simulator equipped with an ultra-low-emissions combustion technology called LSI was tested successfully using pure hydrogen as a fuel—a milestone that indicates a potential to help eliminate millions of tons of carbon dioxide and thousands of tons of NOx from power plants each year.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2007

New Products – 2007-12-01

Generator protection system is designed to protect and control medium to large AC generators. The device allows the monitoring of instabilities in the power systems and sees how instabilities are affecting the points of generation. The device exceeds the IEEE C37.118 standard for measurement devices and the device updates every 16.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 28, 2007

Flushing away water shortage problems

On Nov. 30, the Orange County Water District, Fountain Valley, Calif., will turn on the world’s largest plant devoted to purifying sewer water to increase drinking water supplies.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 27, 2007

Philips Electronics buys out biggest rival

Royal Philips Electronics NV, Amsterdam, will buy the Genlyte Group Inc., Louisville, Ky., for $2.7 billion.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 27, 2007

When ‘building steel’ grounds are not enough

NextWave Wireless Network Solutions Group gets grounding down to less than 1 ohm with external grounding system, protecting its data center from the ferocity of Las Vegas thunderstorms.

By Dave Rizzo, technical writer, Fullerton, Calif.
Lighting November 20, 2007

Cree announces corporate conversion to LED lighting

Cree, Inc., announced plans to convert all lighting at its Durham headquarters and manufacturing facility to LED lighting and released the results of the first phase of the conversion.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 16, 2007

Light untamed

A look at daylighting strategies and why few designers are actually doing it right.

By Kristopher S. Baker, PE, LEED AP, associate, senior sustainability specialist, Syska Hennessy Group Inc., Chicago.
Lighting November 1, 2007

Letters: Reader Feedback – 2007-11-01 – 2007-11-01

Power for security In the article “Quality Power for Security Systems” (Pure Power, Fall 2007, p. 17) the author gives “underground local metal structures (gas piping, for example)” as one of the legal ways of connecting a grounding system to the earth. The author refers to the National Electrical Code for the listing.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 1, 2007

Industrial-strength lighting

Although power, grounding, and controls take center stage in electrical design for the industrial environment, the challenges involved with lighting industrial spaces often are overlooked. These challenges include: A case study for an aerospace company illustrates how one team of lighting designers overcame a number of these challenges.

By Mike Watkins, PE, LEED AP, Project Manager, The RMH Group, Lakewood, Colo.
Lighting November 1, 2007

Green and growing

After posting an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23% through 2006, the market for green, or environmentally friendly, building materials is expected to continue growing from almost $2.2 billion in 2006 to $4.7 billion in 2011, although at a slightly slower rate of 17%, according to Green Building Materials in the U.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 25, 2007

NEMA publishes revised electric, incandescent lamp standard

The National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. revises and publishes "American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Incandescent Lamps—Safety Specifications” to conform to IEC Guide 21-2005.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 1, 2007

CSE helps you optimize E-media

CSE and its sister publication, Plant Engineering, recently hosted a roundtable discussion among consulting engineers, plant engineers, manufacturers, and Internet experts to discuss the future of e-media. I learned a few things worth passing on. For one thing, engineers clearly are looking to the Internet for answers to project questions, not only about products and engineering techniques, but...

By Michael Ivanovich, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting October 1, 2007

Part 2 of a 2-part series: Shackled by liability to third parties

In the first part of this article (CSE, 09/07, page 38), I discussed that most claims against engineers come from project owners, but as many as a third come from non-clients—individuals and entities who do not have a contract with the engineer. Part 1 left off with discussion of a Louisiana case, Day v.

By Kenneth M. Elovitz, PE, ESQ., In-house counsel, Energy Economics, Inc., Foxboro, Mass.
Lighting September 18, 2007

New Products for Electrical Systems – 2007-09-18

Singnal conditioning and relay modules, wet-location lighting fixtures and control panel assembly certification.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 18, 2007

A thousand lumens from a single LED

Cree, Inc., Durham, N.C., reports that it has demonstrated light output of more than 1,000 lumens—an amount equivalent to the output level of a standard household light bulb—from a single R&D LED.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 13, 2007

Industry roundup – 2007-09-13 – 2007-09-13

News from Sea Gull Lighting and Phoenix Contact.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2007

Lighting controls today for tomorrow

The energy efficiency, occupant comfort and interior flexibility a building offers today are often designed just for the needs of today. However, it is of critical importance that the building is designed to allow for future expansion in size and capabilities. As time passes, it will have to meet requirements for use and efficiency different than those in place when the building first opened.

By Eric Lind, Director, Commercial Marketing, Lutron, Coopersburg, Pa.
Lighting September 1, 2007

Economic outlook from AMCA Intl.

The Air Movement and Control Assn. Intl. released a quarterly forecast newsletter for the third quarter of 2007 authored by consulting economist, Hans Zigmund. The industry's principal economic indicators continue to provide mixed results. Housing markets continue to struggle, Zigmund said. According to the U.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2007

Solar Researchers Concentrating Their Efforts

As any child who's played with mirrors and magnifying lenses outdoors knows, such simple devices, when paired with sunlight, can generate significant energy. Researchers currently are looking at new ways to adapt similar principles to improving solar-energy production. Resulting products are showing promise in both improving photovoltaics' performance and reducing overall system costs.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2007

California Enacts Renewables Tracking System

Renewable-energy portfolio standards, which require utilities to ensure targeted percentages of their overall electricity sales come from renewable resources, are becoming the law in many states. California has mandated that 20% of electricity sales in the state meet this standard, and regulators recently launched a system to register and track acceptable resources in the larger Western Interco...

By Staff
Lighting August 23, 2007

M/E insider: recent new hires and promotions – 2007-08-23

A KJWW Engineering associate is named a voting member for an ASHRAE subcommittee, Cannon Design names its vice president, SmithGroup promotes one of its own to associate.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 21, 2007

National Petroleum Council study highlights ‘hard truths’

Accumulating risks to the supply of reliable and affordable energy require an integrated national strategy, says a report from the National Petroleum Council.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 16, 2007

LFI 2008 calls for speakers

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI), This is an opportunity to present lighting-related topics,nd-users, students and lighting enthusiasts. DEADLINE:Submissions are due on-line by September 14. WHO: HOW: . No exceptions, please. WHEN: Participating speakers will present at LIGHTFAIR WHERE:Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 1, 2007

Air Jet Dynamics of Air Diffusers

Heating and ventilation systems are designed to provide a degree of thermal comfort to the occupants of a building. The ability of a system to meet minimum comfort levels is determined by a number of factors, such as supply air quality, control systems. But the most difficult parameter to quantify is air distribution within a space.

By Dan Int-Hout III, P.E., Chief Engineer, Krueger, Richardson, Texas
Lighting July 1, 2007

In the Blogs at – 2007-07-01

David Sellers, who blogs “A Field Guide For Engineers” posted the first part of a discussion on damper tests at the end of May, and has already posted Part 7B. “I recently had a chance to test the flow vs. damper blade position characteristics for the AHU1 economizer dampers at the Pacific Energy Center (PEC),” Sellers said.

By Staff
Lighting June 23, 2007

Ratatouille, a Disney·Pixar character, is helping DOE to promote home energy efficiency.

DOE announced last week that it has teamed up with Disney in a nationwide campaign to promote energy efficiency through a television spot based on the upcoming Disney%%POINT%%Pixar film "Ratatouille." The 30-second animated spot features the characters Remy, Emile, and Skinner, and urges viewers to make the switch from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights. To learn more ways to save energy, viewers are then pointed to DOE's Web site, which features links for kids and adults. The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) now features the TV spot on its home page &&a href="">> , as well as on its Consumer &&a href="">>%%amp;a href="">>  and the "Ratatouille" feature on the home page &&a href="">> .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 18, 2007

Developing Technology to Improve Half-bridge Ballast Performance

Engineers have developed a circuitry modification that could change the performance and popularity of compact fluorescent lighting.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 13, 2007

M/E Insider: Recent New Hires and Promotions – 2007-06-13

Nine engineers at TLC Engineering have become LEED APs, KJWW Engineering Consultants acquired EME and more.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 1, 2007

The Keys to Marketing Green – Part 2

In the first part of this series (CSE 05/07, p.29), I explained that there is no single competitive response to the growing green building market that is right for every design firm. Nevertheless, I proposed seven keys to successful green marketing, and I outlined the first three: In this second installment, I will continue with a discussion of the remaining keys.

By Jerry Yudelson, P.E., MBA, LEED AP, Yudelson Assocs., Tucson, Ariz.
Lighting June 1, 2007

New Websites…

• Expesite, Columbus, Ohio, provider of end-to-end program and project management software, launched a strategic sourcing solution to help users of Expesite locate and qualify vendors/suppliers for their projects: • Ferraz Shawmut, Newburyport, Mass., announced the completion of its new website for the company’s North American division at us.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2007

3-D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency, Reduce Size

A type of 3-D solar cell that captures nearly all of the light that strikes it could boost the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) systems while reducing their size, weight and mechanical complexity. The new 3-D solar cells capture photons from sunlight using an array of miniature “tower” structures that resemble high-rise buildings in a city street grid.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2007

Lamp Recycling

Dallas-based Rexel, an electrical and datacom equipment distributor, announced that its customers can now take advantage of lamp, ballast and battery recycling services offered through the company's 325 locations across the United States. Working with Veolia Environmental Services, Rexel will offer RECYCLEPAK kits and bulk recycling services.

By Staff
Lighting May 24, 2007

Industry Roundup: News from the Suppliers – 2007-05-24

New hires at Exitronix and Seagull Lighting; kudos for Cleaver-Brooks and Phillips Lighting.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2007

Sloan Goes 100% Renewable

Sloan Valve, Chicago, manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has made a purchase of renewable energy credits to offset 100% percent of the electricity used in its manufacturing facility in Franklin Park, Ill. Company officials claim that this is the largest renewable energy purchase in the plumbing industry, making Sloan the first flush valve manufacturer to purchase renewable energy cred...

By Staff
Lighting April 25, 2007

Industry Roundup: News from the Suppliers – 2007-04-25

News from American Ultraviolet, The Electrical Generating Systems Assn., ABB, Lee Technologies and more.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 23, 2007

ACCA “Quality Installation” Standard Recognized by ANSI

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has announced...

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 17, 2007

New Products for Electrical and Communications Systems

Telecommunications connectors are said to achieve best-in-class optical performance, with a typical insertion loss as low as 0.1 dB. The product line enhancement also includes a new tool kit, which features lightweight, handheld tools, virtually zero set-up time and enables installation of a connector in less than one minute. For more about UniCam from Corning, click here . Transfer switches have been shown by independent testing to exceed IBC requirement by operating during a simulated severe seismic event.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2007

Effective Outdoor Lighting Depends on Proper Pole Selection

Many engineers and lighting designers understand proper outdoor luminaire selection, but do they understand that selecting the proper poles to support these luminaires requires careful analysis? Proper pole selection is based not only on lighting application needs, but also on structural loading imposed on the pole by the luminaire and arm.

By Siva K. Haran, P.E., LC, LEED AP, A. Epstein and Sons Intl., Chicago
Lighting March 22, 2007

Industry Roundup: News from the Suppliers – 2007-03-22

Coleman Cable, Waukegan, Ill., has agreed to acquire all of the equity interests in Copperfield LLC, Bremen, Ind. Invensys Controls, Carol Stream, Ill., has launched a completely revamped website for their FireX . The Geberit Group, Des Plaines, Ill., has announced a North American partnership with Duravit, a German-based manufacturer of sanitary ceramics, bath furniture and wellness products. These two segment leaders will combine efforts to develop the concealed installation system and wall-hung toilet market in North America. Graybar, the St. Louis-based distributor of electrical and communications products and related supply chain management and logistics services, recently joined the APC Gold Certified Partner Program .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 1, 2007

A Green Building for the Wild Blue Yonder

In 1975, Indianapolis showed few signs of outgrowing its airport, at the time less than 20 years old. Nevertheless, the local Airport Authority, seeing increased capacity needs in the city's future, set aside a midfield site for later development in a master plan for the overall facility. Designs for the terminal now rising on this protected parcel illustrate similar foresight, by providing ada...

By Chuck Ross, Contributing Writer
Lighting March 1, 2007

Scientists confirm Montreal Protocol

DuPont, Wilmington, Del., has reinforced the findings of a group of leading scientists that show the Montreal Protocol treaty, signed in Sept. 1987, has had a significant impact on protecting the Earth's climate, as well as its ozone layer. In the article, “The Importance of the Montreal Protocol in Protecting Climate,” published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2007

Web Threads – 2007-03-01

• In order to assist consumers in the architectural design process and the considerations involved in selecting and working with an architect, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched a new online resource. The site incorporates streaming videos that depict the design process from the initial discussion with an architect: www.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2007

The Seeing Eye Upgrades Fire Evacuation System to Address Special Needs

In a fire emergency, timely evacuations may be challenging—especially at The Seeing Eye, North America’s premier guide dog school, located in Morristown, N. J. Because persons with visual impairment are unable to follow exit markings or signage, Bud Liptak, director of facilities at The Seeing Eye, met the challenge of finding an alternative to using traditional exit signs and egress markings. The Seeing Eye has matched nearly 14,000 specially bred and trained Seeing Eye dogs with men and women across the United States and Canada since 1929.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 8, 2007

National Engineers Week 2007 Kicks Off on February 18

Engineers Week , a formal coalition of more than 75 engineering, professional and technical societies and more than 50 corporations and government agencies, is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers among young students and by promoting pre-college literacy in math and science. Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers , the program also is intended to raise public understanding and appreciation of engineers' contributions to society. Co-chairs for 2007 are the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Tyco Electronics. Activities that are a part of this year Engineers Week include the following: Design Squad — A new PBS program that uses television to introduce kids and families to the engineering design process premieres the first of its 13 episodes on PBS stations nationwide. Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (Thursday, Feb. 22) — Thousands of women engineers, with support from their male counterparts, directly mentor more than one million girls and young women in K-12 with firsthand experiences in engineering. Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering — A live webcast and teleconference running continuously from noon on Thursday, March 22 through midday Friday, March 23 (EST). New Faces of Engineering — Highlighting young engineers and their contributions provides stimulation and incentive for college-level students and encourages younger students to consider engineering careers. Future City Competition — Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, 30,000 middle-school students in 1,100 schools from 38 regions across America work with teachers and volunteer engineers to envision the future in large, tabletop models of cities of tomorrow. Cyberchase — A new multi-media activity guide is based on the fifth season of “Cyberchase,” the popular PBS television program and website. DiscoverE — More than 45,000 engineers work with 5.5 million students and teachers in elementary through secondary school each year through classroom visits and extracurricular programs, using educational materials provided by Engineers Week. These are just a few of the events and activities.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 1, 2007

Autodesk, IES Become Partners on Revit Software Platform

Autodesk Inc., San Rafael, Calif., announced Jan. 30 that it partnered with Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. (IES), Glasgow, Scotland, to enhance the Revit software platform for building information modeling (BIM) to support sustainable design. At the 2007 AHR Expo in Dallas, Autodesk demonstrated a prototype of how the IES building performance analysis tools are used with Autodesk Re...

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2007

Best of BAS

This month's panel of controls experts takes a hard look at the state of intelligent buildings, how the industry has evolved and where it is heading. CSE: How far have intelligent buildings come in the past few years? HOFFMAN: Further than we expected, but less than we might have hoped. Building systems manufacturers have worked hard to provide communication features that facilitate integration...

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, Contributing Editor
Lighting February 1, 2007

Product of the Week

CSE's Product of the Year is an annual showcase of readers' choices for the most innovative equipment and systems of the year. But specifiers can't wait for a year to discover the best products out there. So, coming soon to the homepage of, we will offer an ongoing “Product of the Week” spotlight feature.

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2007

Web Threads – 2007-02-01

• Lighting in hotels and senior living centers is frequently turned on for extended periods—either due to forgetfulness or deliberately Two new products developed at the California Lighting Technology Center address these problems. For the full story, click on the green “electrical” button at www.

By Staff
Lighting January 22, 2007

North American Electrical Market Conditions Sag in December

The National Electrical Manufacturers Assn.’s (NEMA) monthly indicator of North American business conditions declined for the second month in a row in December.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 2007

Busway is Right for Distribution Center

Any do-it-yourselfer will tell you that it's good practice to pick the right tool for the job at hand. Sometimes, though, it seems as if any of several tools are appropriate. Past experience in similar situations usually dictates the final choice, with success the ultimate vindication. On a much larger scale, making the right choice of equipment and systems when there is more than one workable ...

By From Schneider Electric/Square D
Lighting January 1, 2007

CSE to Launch “Online Connection”

With all of the new electronic media available these days, the store of M/E/P engineering information is so vast—and growing—that we cannot possibly fit it all into our print edition. But no matter. That's where the Internet can help. The website offers us a virtually unlimited repository of information and data.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2006

New Products – 2006-12-01

Enclosed disconnect switches are offered in fusible and non-fusible versions. The non-fused type can be used to comply with NEC Article 430, which requires a disconnect switch to be provided within 15 ft. of the sight of a motor to ensure a safe means of disconnection and lockout capability. Up to 400 amps, the fusible type disconnects both the line and load sides of the fuses using two double...

By Staff
Lighting November 21, 2006

Programmable Electrical Infrastructure Debuts at Greenbuild

Green building continues to grow—and at this year’s annual Greenbuild conference, held at Denver's Colorado Convention Center from Nov. 14-17, manufacturers of M/E/P building systems planted in attendees’ minds an idea of just how vital a role they can play in the sustainability movement. Zeeland, Mich.-based Convia, for example, debuted its signature product, Programmable Infrastructure, at the Greenbuild Expo. Programmable Infrastructure is a modular and programmable electrical infrastructure that delivers "plug-and-play" power anywhere within a commercial space without requiring hardwiring of devices or switches.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 9, 2006

Industry Roundup: Mergers, Acquisitions and Agreements

• Baldor Electric, Fort Smith, Ark. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Reliance Electric Company and certain of its affiliates from Rockwell Automation, Inc. • According to The Wall Street Journal , Schneider Electric has reached an agreement to acquire APC . • Philips Lighting, Somerset, N.J.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting November 1, 2006

Letters: Reader Feedback – 2006-11-01

Fire strobe and seizures The story “Strobe Coverage May Need to Go Beyond NFPA 72 to Ensure Safety,” in the October edition of the Fire and Life Safety newsletter offered some disturbing news in the discussion of some AHJs requiring increased strobe lighting intensity levels for fire alarm systems in retail operations.

By Staff
Lighting October 19, 2006

New Business Tools

PDF software is said to help CAD users share, collaborate and review documents more efficiently. Users can create PDF files from CAD and Windows applications and view, markup and edit them quickly and easily to improve productivity. There are three editions of the software: Standard Edition for MS Office, general CAD and Tablet PC users; AutoCAD Edition for users of Autodesk AutoCAD products; and SolidWorks Edition.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 17, 2006

Hotel Focuses on Lighting Retrofit to Save Energy

A lighting retrofit in July 2005 involving 7,300 fixtures at the 390-room Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn made for a summer of delight, not discontent, for the facility’s owner and manager. The hotel cut wasteful spending on energy for lighting over 50% by replacing outdated incandescent and fluorescent lamps in favor of dimmable, long-life plug-in and screw-in compact fluorescent lamps and high-efficiency T8 linear fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts. "We've helped the hotel hit a 50% improvement on kilowatt savings alone," says Richard G. Lubinski, president of Ohio-based energy consulting firm Think Energy Management, LLC. "There's also a tangible reduction in electrical demand peaks (KW), lower maintenance hassles and lower costs whenever long-life lighting products are applied." Lubinski reports that the six-month performance of the new lighting nets out as a recurring annual savings of 1,250,000 kWh of electricity consumed, compared with the old lighting.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 17, 2006

Index Registers Decline for Electrical Business in September

On the heels of a strong burst of activity over the last 12 to 15 months, current North American business conditions declined for a second straight month in September, according to NEMA's Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI). The index posted its fifth consecutive monthly decline, falling 10.2 points to a level of 36, below the 50-point threshold indicative of sectoral expansion. While the North American future conditions index also remained below 50, it rebounded to its highest level since June, rising nearly 9 points from a month ago to 26. September EBCI indicators for each of the other three world regions included in the survey pointed to both current and continued growth. The recent deterioration of the North American index should be viewed in the context of a heretofore booming electroindustry.Robust end-markets for electrical equipment such as manufacturing and construction, as well as the added stimulus of Gulf Coast relief and precautionary buying in the face of a projected heavy hurricane season in late 2005 and the first half of 2006, led to rates of capacity utilization in the U.S.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 1, 2006

Technology Trends in Real Estate

The National Assn. of Building Owners and Managers, in conjunction with RealComm, asked more than 7,000 BOMA members in June how new technologies and business solutions are affecting the way they manage and operate their commercial properties. The results are enlightening. Broken down into two main categories of questions—solutions for company/business and for buildings—the Realcomm/BOMA Technology Survey findings regarding indispensable building technologies included the following: As one might expect, 86% reported having Internet connectivity of T1 or higher, supporting the increased dependency on high-speed broadband over the last five to 10 years.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2006

A Bright Future for LEDs

The domain of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) was once relegated to calculator displays, where tiny dots of light were arranged dot matrix-style to form numbers. Today, hype about LEDs seems to be everywhere. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon: compact size, an extended life of 50,000 or more hours, no ambient temperature effect on output, no ultraviolet or infrared emission in the light—and most notably, they can be dimmed without color shift. Of course, there are disadvantages as well: heat-sinking requirements, problems with white LED color consistency and a higher cost compared to other light sources. A stunning debut When LEDs first hit the lighting market, the industry was mesmerized by their saturated color output. The benefits of vibrant color, programming flexibility and energy efficiency in creating colored light were obvious, and LEDs immediately found a natural fit in decorative accent applications. But can LEDs be applied beyond the realm of decorative applications? The answer is yes, and they have already begun to do so.

By Jeff Gerwing, IALD, LC, IESNA, LEED AP, Associate, Lighting Design Practice Co-Leader, SmithGroup, Inc., Detroit
Lighting September 19, 2006

2007 National Electrical Safety Code Now Available

The 2007 edition of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) is now available from the IEEE. It covers electric power and communications supply lines and equipment, along with similar installations such as high-voltage power-distribution systems in industrial complexes. Electric utilities, communications providers and state public utility commissions (PUCs) adopt the NESC as their wiring rules for high-voltage electrical systems, telephone systems, long-haul fiber-optic networks and similar outside plant installations. The NESC covers utility generation, transmission and distribution systems up to the service point, which is often a watt-hour meter.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 14, 2006

Industry Roundup: Active Power and Cummins Receive F&S Awards; Sloan Celebrates 100 Years

• Active Power, Austin, Texas, received the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Backup Power Technology Innovation of the Year Award for its technology that supplies backup power and cooling simultaneously. • AirOcare, Rockville, Md., has teamed with Tyler Refrigeration, a division of Carrier (which in turn is a subsidiary of Hartford, Conn.-based UTC ) , to establish a new standard of care for food handling and food safety. Tyler will sell, install and service AirOcare's patented air purification equipment to food retailers and related wholesale food distribution businesses. • Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, a subsidiary of Cummins, is recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2006 North American Diesel Engine Technology Leadership of the Year Award in recognition of its advancements in emissions technology. • Emerson Climate Technologies, St. Louis, a business of Emerson, has purchased Kirloskar Copeland Limited (KCL) .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2006

Pentagon to Premiere Exiting Plan

Five years after 9/11, whether or not buildings are safer is still a point of contention, but one thing that can't be argued is that many “high-risk” buildings have made efforts to beef up security. And it's certainly no surprise that the Pentagon is one such edifice. In collaboration with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon put a high priority on implementing a prototype system to detect chemical and/or biological agents that could minimize occupant exposure through quick, strategic evacuation routes. Regal Decision Systems, a company specializing in custom life safety/evacuation software, developed the program—the Evacuation Guidance System (EGS)—which is essentially software that maps out optimal evacuation routing and guides occupants using directional lighting. In a nutshell, the program creates a virtual map of a facility through extensive data collection, allowing facilities to strategically set up cameras to record people and their actions.

By Geoff Weisenberger, Associate Editor
Lighting August 22, 2006

Demand-Response, Spinning-Reserve—A New Tool to Reduce the Likelihood of Outages

The first-ever demand-response, spinning-reserve demonstration will give California a new tool to avoid rolling blackouts during periods of high electricity demand. The joint project of the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technologies (CERTS) and Southern California Edison (SCE) will begin in August. The work is funded by the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Program and is being carried out in cooperation with the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which operates the state’s electricity grid. “Spinning reserve” refers to electricity generating plants that are standing by to provide additional electricity to the grid on a moment’s notice.lling blackouts,” explains Jim Detmers of CAISO. “Demand response” (DR) strategies reduce non-essential consumption of electricity by customers when demand is high on the grid and the possibility of rolling blackouts or system failure is imminent. Technologies and strategiesfor automated demand response are areas of active research, and the state of California is looking to DR to improve the reliability of its grid by reducing peak power consumption and the risk of rolling blackouts. Electric utilities have developed a variety of demand-response programs to which large and small customers can subscribe. In return for their commitment to reduce nonessential demand--for example, turning off lights and reducing air conditioner use--during times of high demand on the grid, customers receive price breaks and other benefits from their utility.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 17, 2006

Product Showcase | August 2006

Visit for industry news and featuresAugust 2006 Special Advertising Section Dear Reader,Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer's product and system solutions showcase. If you would like any additional information sent to you from any of the companies below regarding their products fill out this form . Featured Products Waste-to-energy power solutions Now you can generate low-cost and environmentally responsible electricity and thermal energy using alternative fuels--such as methane from landfill, sewage digesters and coal seams. Turnkey solutions from Cummins Power Generation include design, installation and management of on-site power systems.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 4, 2006

ASIS Product Spotlight

Integral Technologies’ recently launched DS RealVue products and the revolutionary access control solution Intelli-M PoE will be the company’s frontrunners at the 52nd annual ASIS International, to be held September 25-27, 2006 in San Diego, California. During the show, Integral also plans to reveal its latest in video, access control and network security solutions in booth #1737. In the area of digital video, Integral will showcase its newest high-end video product in the DigitalSENTRY family of products, DS RealVue. Ideal for high security applications, DS RealVue products are the security industry’s first real-time digital video recorders capable of recording 32 cameras simultaneously at 30 fps at full D1 resolution--all on a single chassis.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 1, 2006

Security Alert: San Diego Hosts ASIS

This year's ASIS International 52nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits boasts almost 900 participating vendors, featuring more than 200 new products for life safety and security. Here is just a very small sampling of products to be featured at the show, which will run from Sept. 25 through 28 in San Diego. Explosion-protected cameras for hazardous environments are CSA/UL-certified to Class I, Divisio...

By Scott Siddens, Senior Editor
Lighting August 1, 2006

Dimmable Ballasts: Consider Digital

Cheap and technologically superior? That’s what the promoters of a new electronic dimmable ballast are claiming. Lumenergi, formerly Lumenoptics, has come to market with a new name and technology it claims will revolutionize the world of lighting the way the Toyota Prius is changing the driving habits of many Americans. The growing popularity of daylighting on the building side of the green equation is certainly reason for lighting designers to consider greater use of dimmable electronic ballasts (DEBs). There’s just one problem: “To install dimmable ballasts right now is just too expensive,” says Bill Alling, president and CEO of the Sparks, Nev.-based company.

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting July 19, 2006

Technology Company Hits a Home Run During Hurricane Rita

What do baseball and technology have in common? Think of a batter who just hit a single. Say he’s a great hitter, but a slow runner. In comes the pinch runner to get around the bases fast—a display of outsourcing, a strategy for optimizing skills.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 5, 2006

Getting Up a Head of Steam: It’s All About Boiler Efficiency

Steam boilers are experiencing a resurgence of popularity these days, in part due to the greater efficiencies that new technologies are demonstrating. This is not only true for HVAC applications, but is also the case in installations for process steam. In fact, for industries that rely on steam as an integral part of their process, more horsepower is not always needed to meet increased demand—even when existing boiler capacity just cannot keep up. As is true of many manufacturing facilities, when steam demand fluctuates up and down throughout the day, the ability to ramp up quickly to meet that kind of demand just isn’t there. That is where their boilers are letting them down.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 1, 2006

7×24 Conference Hits on Key Data Center Issues

Data center owners, operators, designers and vendors recently converged in Orlando for the annual 7×24 Conference. While a disparate group, all had one question on their minds: How does the industry deal with server power loads starting to creep up to almost 20 kW per rack with a not-so-distant potential load of up to 50 or 60 kW per rack? First, savvy designers must learn how to use computational fluid dynamic modeling. CFD, according to Suhas Patankar, Ph.D., who presented on the topic, can be employed to simulate airflow within mission-critical environments to ensure that all servers are being provided with enough cool air. Improper or low CFM levels can cause serious heating issues for the racks.

By Keith Lane
Lighting July 1, 2006

Washing Away Electrical Costs

At our company, we believe that it is incumbent to implement new technology and good design practice to provide more value and efficiency to the owner and end user. One such technology that's becoming more prevalent in multi-unit high-rise residential projects: the ventless combination washer and dryer. This appliance uses a 120-volt/20-amp circuit with plumbing requirements similar to that of a common dishwasher. Because of its reduced size, the ventless combination unit can be placed in a number of locations, depending on the floor plan of the condo and the needs of the resident (see "All in One," below).

By Keith Lane, P.E., RCDD/NTS Specialist, TPM, LC, LEED AP, Director/Vice President, Engineering, SASCO, Seattle
Lighting June 27, 2006

New Products for Power Quality and Reliability – 2006-06-27

Power quality analyzer is three-phase and features eight independent channels. The unit incorporates a color touchscreen into a lightweight design. User can select length and mode of data collection, including troubleshooting, data logging, power quality surveys, energy and load balancing.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 23, 2006

Product Showcase | June 2006

Visit for industry news and features Special Advertising Section Dear Reader,Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer's product and system solutions showcase if you would like any additional information sent to you from any of the companies below regarding their products fill out this form . Featured Products ANSUL ANSULon systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents. Click here. For more information onAnsul Inc click here . Why Pay More? FirstLine Three-Phase UPS offers all the features you want, with a smaller footprint, lighter weight, and lower cost than competitive models.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 22, 2006

Industry Roundup: Major Appointments at ASSA ABLOY and Philips Lighting

• Juan Carlos García has been appointed president of RFID supplier ASSA ABLOY Identification Technology ( ITG ) . He will start in his new position on July 1st and will be based in Walluf, Germany. • Philips Lighting recently announced the appointment of K.R. (Kaj) den Daas to the position of CEO of Philips Lighting Company, N.A.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 19, 2006

The Art of Protecting Electrical Systems, Part 6

This sixth part in our series discusses the need for short-circuit calculations and the current-limiting effect of some overcurrent protective devices. Whenever a short circuit occurs, every component in the system carrying the fault current must safely withstand the heating and magnetic stresses caused by the current. In addition, the protective device interrupting the fault current must do so safely and reliably. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires two principal short-circuit ratings for electrical system components up to 600 volts: interrupting and withstand. Devices that interrupt current, especially overcurrent protective devices, may have one or both ratings.

Lighting June 1, 2006

Lighting Warehouse Aisles

At the risk of making it sound too simple, lighting design for warehouse aisles can be boiled down to two steps: 1) determining the quantity of illumination required at the task and 2) selecting the lighting system by considering functionality or performance, energy and economics. The primary standard to reference, of course, is the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Lighting Handbook , which should be used in conjunction with IESNA Design Guide for Warehouse Lighting DG-2. The latter is presently under revision. Adequate horizontal illumination must be provided not only for safety, but also for navigation convenience and a staff's ability to read documents. Variables to consider are that rack storage areas can vary greatly, according to the material handled, and that visual tasks in warehouse aisles occur on both vertical and horizontal planes. Regarding the latter, the handbook lists footcandle requirements for active areas where staff handles: 1) small items with small labels; and 2) large items with large labels.

By Siva K. Haran, P.E., LC, Senior Electrical Engineer, A. Epstein and Sons, Chicago
Lighting June 1, 2006

A Big Push for Control at Lightfair

There were even more dazzling lights than usual in Las Vegas last month, as once again, Lightfair rolled into town. But in the shadows of the glow, a subject on many people's mind was energy efficiency—specifically, the drive to have lighting systems adhere to the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1. A big part of this compliance initiative means lighting fixtures need to be controllable. As such, many exhibitors touted their products' control capabilities.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2006

Shedding Some Light on Dimming

Lighting systems are one of the largest consumers of energy in a building, by some estimates using approximately 38% of a building's total energy. However, choosing the appropriate dimming fixture for a project can be tough. Dimming light fixtures can be expensive, and the available choices for dimmers are numerous. Most of the lighting being specified today is fluorescent, whether it is for offices, retail or even residential kitchens.

By Jack K. Schneider, LEED AP, Lighting Designer, Coffman Engineers, Inc., Spokane, Wash.
Lighting May 11, 2006

Industry Roundup: Awards, Appointments and Partnerships

• CertainTeed, Valley Forge, Pa., announced that two of its products, ToughGard textile duct liner and standard duct wrap insulation, will be used in the construction of the new West Building of McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. • Compass Technologies, Exton, Pa., manufacturer of security products, has named Jerry Cordasco as its new president and general manager. Daikin AC ( Americas ), Carrollton, Texas, has named Yoshinobu Inoue to serve as the company’s president. Danfoss, Baltimore, has appointed Mike Winnicki as director of operations, North America in the refrigeration and air-conditioning division.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 1, 2006

Changes to 90.1?

ASHRAE has proposed that the portions of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, dealing with lighting be adopted in the International Energy Conservation Code published by the International Code Council. Specific proposals: Address reasonable alternatives to showing compliance with line-voltage lighting track and plug-in busway lighting requirements; Provide additional control options for exterior lighting.Additional proposals from 90.1 unrelated to lighting include: Add a table of U-factors to match the prescriptive R-value table in the code; Strengthen the requirements for hot gas bypass. Address HVAC system completion and commissioning requirements. The proposed changes are scheduled to be evaluated in September for possible inclusion in the 2007 IECC Supplement.

By Staff
Lighting May 1, 2006

Celebrating Women in Engineering

The first Women in Engineering Banquet, sponsored by the Dubuque, Iowa-based Durrant Group, was recently held at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to spotlight women in the school's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program. According to Kevin Eipperle, managing principal for Durrant's Dubuque office, it's the goal of the 300-employee engineering firm, whose ranks are made up of many UWP alumni, to help diversify the workforce. "This was a great event. I think it accomplished a lot. I am pleasantly surprised at the turnout; it shows me how strong the program is," said Eipperle. Kimberly Marinelli, a UWP grad and former Durrant engineer, was the night's keynote speaker.

By Staff
Lighting April 24, 2006

New Products for Power Monitoring

Current/voltage data logger, PQ data center, power monitoring instrument, and insulation testers Current/voltage data logger has eight channels. Four channels are available for use with external clamp-on current probes to measure and record alternating current; three channels are for voltage input; and one is dedicated to a built-in thermistor for temperature measurement. For more about the Model DL-AC logger from Dwyer, click here . Power quality data center allows users ot identify all site trends and power events for an all-inclusive view of network functionality.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 19, 2006

What Do Workers Really Want in a Benefit Package?

From the April SullivanKreiss newsletter: In many firms, employee benefit offerings vary little from year to year. The common mind-set is that what worked fine five or 10 years ago suits us well now too. But the needs and expectations of workers do change over time, and if the benefit package is outdated, it could be a factor in your turnover rate and in recruiting. A big challenge to adjusting a benefit plan to best serve employees is the difficulty in finding out what they really want.

By Kim McLean, Market Sector Leader, SullivanKreiss
Lighting April 18, 2006

NEMA Launches New Website To Support Energy-Efficient Lighting Tax Deduction

The National Electrical Manufacturers Assn.’s Lighting Systems Division has launched a new website for owners, specifiers, installers and sellers of lighting systems. The new website, , provides comprehensive education and implementation information about lighting upgrades covered by the commercial buildings tax deduction provision of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). EPAct 2005 includes a commercial buildings tax provision that provides a deduction of the cost of energy efficient systems up to $1.80 per sq. ft.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 13, 2006

Industry Roundup: Partnerships, Awards and Joint Ventures

• AERCO, Northvale, N.J., a supplier of commercial boilers and water heating products, has announced new distribution partnerships in key U.S. markets including Barr Mechanical Sales in Chicago, Cougar Sales in New England, and Technology Plus in New York. • Bentley Systems, Exton, Pa., recently announced two initiatives in China. The company has headquartered its Asia operations there, making its software portfolio for infrastructure readily available to the China community.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 5, 2006

Fire Protection Research Foundation Completes Report on Visual Signaling

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF), an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Assn. (NFPA), has released a study on Direct Visual Signaling as a Means for Occupant Notification in Large Spaces . The project was conducted in support of the requirements of The testing that led to the current requirements in NFPA 72 was limited to classroom and office-type spaces and was not undertaken in large, well-lit spaces such as warehouses, “superstores” and other large buildings.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 3, 2006

Skylighting and Retail Sales

An Investigation into the Relationship Between Daylighting and Human Performance. For PDF.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 1, 2006

Briefly … – 2006-04-01

The 17th Annual Energy Efficiency Forum will be held June 14 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Co-sponsored by the U.S Energy Assn. and Johnson Controls, this year's theme, "Energy Efficiency: The Path Towards Independence," reflects growing awareness of energy's impact on the global economy and security in today's world.

By Staff
Lighting April 1, 2006

New York Data Center Conference is ‘Cool’

Data center managers and design experts convened in Manhattan last month to discuss the latest trends driving these mission-critical facilities. The conference, Datacenter Dynamics New York, touched upon a number of topics, including power and cooling. Regarding the latter, it was noted that many designers are seeing a return of chilled water to cool server rooms.

By Staff
Lighting April 1, 2006

’06 Construction ‘Strong’

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, construction spending is hitting on all cylinders with "strong, balanced growth." Reacting to a Census Bureau report that construction spending in February was at a record seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.19 trillion—up 0.8% from January and 7.4% from February 2005—Ken Simonson, AGC chief economist, noted that not only was the overall total up significantly from a year ago, but all major segments showed similar growth. "For the first time since the 2001 recession, private nonresidential construction led the parade with a 9.6% increase from a year ago. Private residential construction was 7.1% higher, and public construction, 6% higher," he said. On the flip side, Simonson said the biggest worries right now are materials costs and availability.

By Staff
Lighting March 28, 2006

A Correction to Our Lightning Protection Story in Winter 2006 Pure Power

Editor’s Note: In the Winter 2006 issue of Pure Power, we ran a story titled Lightning Protection: Optional or Recommended by frequent contributor and CSE editorial consultant Keith Lane, P.E. Several readers questioned the calculations used. The author replies below: After the publication of “Lightning Protection: Optional or Recommended,” I realized that there was a computational error on the example provided.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 20, 2006

NEMA Electroindustry Business Confidence Index Increases Sharply

The National Electrical Manufacturers Assn.’s Electroindustry Business Confidence Index for current North American conditions posted a sharp increase in February, climbing to 68.5 points from 55.2 in January. The most recent month’s reading was the strongest since last September and the 34th in a row above the critical 50-point threshold indicative of favorable business conditions. At the same time, the January EBCI for future North American conditions slipped slightly to 53.6 points, down from 56.9 a month ago. The diffusion of positive sentiment regarding North American business conditions saw its biggest jump in five months as the strength of the electroindustry surprised a number of panelists. For a complete summary of the February 2006 index, including charts and a list of participating companies, click here .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 1, 2006

Letters: Reader Feedback – 2006-03-01

Move Beyond Talk Per your "America Is Addicted to Oil" column last month, I also want to applaud the president for his championing of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. But the hard fact is that energy efficiency is really the Rodney Dangerfield of energy solutions—it gets no repsect.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2006

Power Continuity

There are a variety of different loads and faults in all the many types of facilities that emergency power system designers encounter. Specifying an uninterruptible power supply system calls for a careful consideration of what is unique to the project. CSE: How does one decide that UPS is even the best emergency power solution for a specific application? ALBERT: In general, if any system or application is affected or operationally impaired because of power source interruptions or loss, UPS is required. McCALLA: Any business processes that depend on technological systems need to be protected by UPS.

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, Contributing Editor
Lighting February 21, 2006

New Products for Electrical Systems – 2006-02-21

Stainless motors are available inizing. For more about SSE from Baldor, click here . Input/output system offers solution for IP20 optimized-type distributed I/O requirements. Designed for simple and compact machines, it provides the right technical and economical balance among size, cost and ease of installation. Users can create I/O islands managed by a master controller, via a fieldbus or communication network.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 15, 2006

New Products for HVAC

Commercial boiler line offers a fully modulating burner with 5:1 turndown and a cascading feature that allows multiple boilers to be controlled by one central boiler. Available in seven models with inputs from 80 to 500 MBH, the condensing boiler is said to reduce its heat output as much as 80%. For more about Knight series from Lochnivar, click here . Variable-frequency drive replaces the manufacturer’s three largest high power units in the 380-volt to 500-volt AC range in each of three product series, and adds an additional higher horsepower unit to the program.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 1, 2006

“America is Addicted to Oil”

Amen! I can't express how relieved I was to hear the president utter these words in his most recent State of the Union address. While it remains to be seen what will happen, it's my hope that the president's words and official recognition of this national malady may move more people to act. Certainly, the engineering community has many proponents of energy efficiency, and the green building mov...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting January 13, 2006

Industry Roundup: Updates from Advance, Autodesk, Rheem, S&C Electric and Others

• Advance Lighting, Rosemont, Ill., announced that its president & CEO, Brian Dundon, was recently elected Chairman of the National Electrical Manufacturers Assn. (NEMA) Lighting CEO Board of Directors for the coming two-year term. • Autodesk, San Rafael, Calif., has acquired majority assets of Applied Spatial Technologies, including its flagship software application for facilities management, FMDesktop. • Automated Logic, Kennesaw, Ga., has acquired two of Comfort Systems USA ’s independent dealers— United Environmental Services, L.P. of Houston and Comfort Systems USA of Twin Cities, Inc.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 13, 2006

M/E Insider: Awards and Achievements

• Guarantee Electrical Company , St. Louis, recently received a 2005 Construction Keystone Award from the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis for its work on the LEED-platinum Alberici Constructors headquarters.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 10, 2006

New Products for IT Applications

Data query tool is designed to simplify the data gathering and reporting process to the point where CEOs and CFOs with just a basicacquaintance with Excel can retrieve and manipulate any company data they wish. Users can generate personally-customized, real-time reports, all on a personal laptop and without having to consult withtheir IT department. For more about DataLink from Business Intelligence, click here . DWF Writer 3 and DWF Viewer 6.5 are new versions of Autodesk CAD tools with several new enhancements, including generation of section 3-D models, movement and rotation of 3-D components, and Microsoft Office drag and drop support.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 3, 2006

Webcast: Taking on ASHRAE 90.1

Broadcast originally aired March 31, 2006. Register Now. Take AIA/LU exam for continuing education credits.Download the slides from the broadcast . Earn valuableDesign and specify building systems for optimum energy efficiency! The next installment in Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s Educational Webcast Series specifically addresses what engineers can do to meet or beat the energy standard, which is a critical component of LEED and has also become the default energy code for most states.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 2006

Making Room

Congratulations! You just won the electrical design project you worked so hard to land. But there's no time to rest on your laurels in this "get it done yesterday" environment. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! It won't be long before you get that telephone call from your architect asking you the dreaded question, "So, how much space do you need for the electrical gear?" There is actually much more to this question than meets the eye.

By Garrett M. Nariman, P.E., RCDD, LEED AP, Senior Electrical Engineer, The RMH Group, Lakewood, Colo.
Lighting December 21, 2005

Universal Lighting Launches Online Learning Modules

Universal Lighting has launched an e-Learning Center for contractors, end users, lighting designers and distributors. The new website provides a variety of online training opportunities. Individuals can sign up for any number of educational modules free of charge, and then learn at their own pace. Registering for the new e-Learning Center takes less than 30 seconds.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 19, 2005

Industry Roundup: Recent Acquisitions, New Services and Enhanced Websites

• Abacus Engineered Systems, Seattle, a provider of facility engineering and energy solutions in the Pacific Northwest, has been acquired by Schneider Electric , and is now part of the Energy Solutions division of TAC, a Schneider-owned building automation, security systems and energy solutions vendor. In other news from Schneider, its Power Measurement division will operate as the Power Monitoring and Control (PMC) group under the Schneider name. • Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) , Arlington Heights, Ill., has recently installed an additional testing facility for ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-99, Laboratory Methods of Testing Air Circulator Fans for Rating. • C&M Corporation, Wauregan, Conn., a cable, cable assemblies and coil cords manufacturer, has launched a comprehensive new web site at . • Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Charlotte, N.C., has formed a new technical services department to provide education and technical support to engineers and contractors on the application and installation of all the company’s pipe products. • Emerson Climate Technologies, St. Louis, has acquired U.K.-based Oaksmere Refrigeration Design and Consultancy Ltd., a provider of design expertise, project management and maintenance management for the supermarket retail industry. • Federal-Mogul Systems Protection Group, Exton, Pa., has formed an Innovative Technology Solutions Group.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 12, 2005

Sales Upturn for Electrical Distributors in Third Quarter 2005

Electrical distributors’ expectations for improving sales continued during the third quarter of 2005, according to the National Assn. of Electrical Distributors’ (NAED) recent Quarterly Sales Change Expectation Survey (QSCE). Out of those surveyed, 89.9% estimate a rise in sales for the third quarter (Q3) which ended September 30, compared with 81.6% who anticipated increased sales following the second quarter. However, fewer distributors, 77.4%, predict sales increases during the colder months of the fourth quarter (Q4), which ends Dec.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2005

Energy Storage Projects Take Large-Scale Approach

No longer relegated to backup status, energy storage technologies are expanding into grid-connected applications for peak shaving and frequency regulation . Two recent projects illustrate how energy-storage products are gaining respect as distributed energy resources. Columbus, Ohio-based utility American Electric Power will be installing a 1.2-MW stationary sodium-sulfur battery-based system at a substation owned by its Appalachian Power operating unit, near Charleston W.Va. Expected to be operational by early summer 2006, it will be able to supply 7.2 MWh of electricity.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2005

NECA Publishes New CCTV, Fiber-Optic Lighting Standards

The National Electrical Contractors Assn. (NECA) has announced publication of two additions to its National Electrical Installation Standards . NECA 303-2005, " Standard for Installing Closed-Circuit Television ," describes installation procedures for video-surveillance cameras used in a wide range of security applications, including shopping malls, parking garages and prisons. Among other requirements, the standard outlines procedures for working with possible site constraints, such as lighting, and how equipment may tie into other building systems, such as alarms. NECA 503-2005, " Standard for Installing Fiber Optic Lighting Systems ," details installation procedures for fiber-optic lighting systems.

By Staff
Lighting November 17, 2005

Oil Prices and Global Warming Fuel Renewable Energy Investments, Point Roberts, Wash. ( ) an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, reports an increasing importance being placed on energy efficient initiatives—by individuals as well as corporations. In a recent report, author Brian Noer suggests that “in North America, issues such as rising oil prices, hurricanes, global warming and other environmental crises are raising the awareness and importance of renewable energy initiatives. He also describes the growing importance of energy-efficient building solutions such as lighting. To read the full report go to

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 10, 2005

GSA Project Spotlighted at World Sustainable Building Conference

Denver’s Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse, which we wrote about in the CSE April 2004 issue (, was recently highlighted at the 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The courthouse, built by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), was the only submission by the 2005 U.S.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 5, 2005

NEC 2005: New Code Clarifies Water Installations

Editor’s Note: This is the seventh in a bimonthly column that covers significant new issues raised by the 2005 Edition of the National Electrical Code. Nothing quite transforms the landscape like water. NEC 2005 Article 682, Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water, was created to address installation requirements of electrical wiring and equipment in and adjacent to natural or artificially made bodies of water not covered by other articles in the Code. Prior to Article 682, electrical installations in areas such as aeration ponds, fish farm ponds, storm retention basins, treatment ponds, irrigation (channels) facilities, lakes, streams or rivers presented a problem as to which sections of the NEC covered them.

By Ken Seaton, President, The Seaton Group, Chicago
Lighting October 1, 2005

Fused Distribution May Not Always Be Necessary

Editor's note: This month, we wrap up author Keith Lane's three-part series on the 2005 NEC and emergency power distribution system design, which has included discussions of how the updated code will affect switchgear and the potential repercussions of selective coordination. Visit the Electrical community of csemag.

By Keith Lane, P.E., RCDD/NTS Specialist, LC, LEED AP, Vice President, Engineering, SASCO, Seattle
Lighting September 26, 2005

Katrina to Affect Construction Costs Via Cement, Fuel Prices

Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, discussed the impact of Hurricane Katrina on construction activity, materials and labor at AGC’s Midyear Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, saying that construction material prices will rise at least 10% next year, as opposed to the 6-8% increase he anticipated before the storm. Diesel fuel price increases are one contributing factor, and Simonson noted that these increases will manifest as freight surcharges on the thousands of deliveries to a typical job site. “Most of the increased costs in construction materials throughout the country will result from a reduction in oil and natural gas production, and not from higher demand for those materials for the reconstruction projects in the devastated areas,” he said. He noted that New Orleans led the U.S.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 26, 2005

IEEE 802.11 Networks Gaining Ground on Proprietary Wireless Networks

IEEE 802.11 networks are working their way up the network ladder and are expected to realize the largest market share gains among wireless industrial products in North America by 2007. According to a recent study conducted by market research firm Venture Development Corporation, IEEE 802.11a, b and g networks collectively account for 33.6% of the $150.5 million 2004 North American market for wireless products used in on-site industrial monitoring and control applications, and VDC expects this number to increase to 41.4% in 2007, with the total market dollar amount reaching $409.3 million. Proprietary protocols operating in the 900 MHz band led the way in 2004, followed by IEEE 802.11b, and the two network types combined to account for just over half of all shipments. The same is expected in 2007, but with IEEE 802.11b gaining ground. So why the shift away from proprietary networks? VDC lists several reasons: lower prices of IEEE 802.11 products compared to most proprietary networks; standardization of office and plant floor networks; multiple vendor options; high data throughput; and brand name familiarity among IT staff. On the other hand, proprietary networks are often preferred in industrial applications where transmission distances are longer and bandwidth requirements are not high.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 9, 2005

Genzyme Center Wins USGBC LEED Platinum

The world headquarters building of Genzyme Corp., Cambridge, Mass., has received the highest rating possible—platinum—under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. GenzymeCenter is the largest corporate office building to earn the platinum certification and one of only 13 buildings to date to receive this rating. More than 2,100 building projects have been registered for certification since the LEED rating system was created five years ago, and approximately 260 buildings have earned one of four certification levels—platinum, gold, silver and certified. The center earned 52 points by meeting or exceeding rigorous standards in five broad categories: sustainable site development, water savings, energy and atmosphere, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. The 12-story, 350,000-sq.-ft.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2005

New Products – 2005-09-01

Power meter now features the ability to provide an Energy KYZ pulse and to be powered from a 24–48 volt DC power source. Unit is now appropriate for additional applications, such as low-voltage switchgear and telecom equipment. KYZ pulses are proportional to the amount of positive energy consumed, enabling energy verification, sub-metering and PLC control applications.

By Staff
Lighting August 31, 2005

Product Showcase August 17, 2005

Visit for industry news and features August 17, 2005 Special Advertising Section Dear #FirstName#,Here is the next edition of Consulting-Specifying Engineer's product and system solutions showcase if you would like any additional information sent to you from any of the companies below regarding their products fill out this form: Request more information about these products Featured Products Alternative for insulated pipe applications Cooper B-Line Armafixy solution for an insulated piping system. Visit Cooper B-Line's website Request more information about this product Belden New Generation are a cost-effective alternative to coaxial cables in CCTV/security installations. They require baluns to convert to 75-ohm impedance, but provide pan/tilt/zoom cameras with video, control and power functionality in a single, composite cable pull.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 12, 2005

BuildingTeam Summit to Highlight Construction Market Improvements

Ten-years anniversaries are marked by aluminum and tin, but maybe steel and concrete are more appropriate for the 10thAnniversary of North American Construction Forecast. Renamed The BuildingTeam Summit, this year’s event includes a comprehensive forecast of construction activity in the U.S. and a program dealing with innovators in building design and construction, complete with input from the industry’s top professionals. Facing a decline over the last few years in the institutional building and heavy construction markets, this year’s conference is considerably more optimistic, examining the reasoning behind the predicted increase in both markets and letting members of the A/E/C industry know what to expect. James Haughey, Ph.D., director of economics with Reed Business Information, provided some insight on the forecast.

By Alex Schultz, Editorial Intern
Lighting August 10, 2005

Electrical Distributor Profit Margins Highest Since 1997, with Sales also on the Rise

The electrical distribution industry’s financial performance levels continue to improve, according to a recently released report from the National Assn. of Electrical Distributors ( NAED ). The 2005 PAR Highlights , in its third consecutive year, tracks financial growth among NAED members. The Performance Analysis Report (PAR) is a benchmark for electrical distributor operations.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 10, 2005

New Products for Electrical Systems – 2005-08-10

Variable frequency drive series now includes 600-volt rating, opening up use to a number of new applications. The product line features a control panel with the look, feel and functionality of a mobile phone and features two soft keys, the functions of which change according to the operating state of the panel. A built-in help button and a real-time clock assist in drive setup and fault diagnostics.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 2, 2005

NSPE Has a Plan of Action

The National Society of Professional Engineer's Future Directions Task Force (FDTF), created to review, reaffirm or reinvent the NSPE, approved its final report last month. When it was formed in the spring of 2004, the task force’s mission was to “reinvent the NSPE from a blank slate,” according to its mission statement. In order to revitalize the organization, nothing would be sacred, and nothing off-limits. Major goals that have come out of these efforts are a focus on serving licensed professional engineers (P.E.s) and engineer interns (EIs/EITs) only, concentration on partnership with its state societies, and of course, an emphasis on building membership. In addition, the new mission statement stresses the desire to pursue a close partnership with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, with NCEES taking the lead on licensure law policy and NSPE focusing on the individual needs of P.E.s. “This is not a report,” task force participants state in the document.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 1, 2005

Metal-Halide Finding New Life in Retail

In last issue's Specifier's Notebook we reported that T5-HO lamps were making inroads into high-bay applications such as warehouses and big-box retail operations—the traditional domain of HID fixtures. Metal-halide lamps, however, are by no means dead, and in fact are seeing new life in many retail operations. According to Barbara Cianci Horton, a senior principal with Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design (HLB), New York, new state energy requirements, particularly Title 24 in California, are driving a need for better lamp efficiency.

By Staff
Lighting July 22, 2005

CSE Management Report | July 14, 2005

July 14 , 2005 Hi ghlights: Building a Sustainable Design Practice at Ecobuild America More Green: LEED-NC v2.2 Second Public Comment Period Opens Protecting Employee Identities from Theft Is Long-Term Care Insurance the Right Choice? New Products: Information Technology for Engineering Firms ________________________________ SPONSOR #Ad:CSE_Business_of_Engin2# ________________________________ Building a Sustainable Design Practice at Ecobuild America The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council’s (SBIC) Ecobuild America Conference and Exhibit, held in conjunction with twelve co-located events, debuted last month in Orlando, Fla. More than one hundred educational sessions including in-depth workshops, hands-on tutorials, panels and plenary speeches provided attendees with a rich and highly interactive program. Go to story More Green: LEED-NC v2.2 Second Public Comment Period Opens The U.S.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 21, 2005

UL Certifies Microturbine for Hazardous Area Placement

Underwriters Laboratories confirmed earlier this month that Capstone Turbine, Chatsworth, Calif., has successfully completed certification testing on its new 30-kW product specifically designed for hazardous oil and gas applications. This certification states that the 30-kW unit meets the NEC Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D classification where explosive gases may be present under abnormal conditions. According to the UL’s Hazardous Locations Gas & Oil Group, this is the first stationary engine manufacturer to receive UL certification for NEC Class I, Division 2. The formal listing process will be completed in the next few weeks and will note that the 30-kW Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D certification will be for hazardous area operating temperature class T2 (300°C).

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 21, 2005

IEEE PES Announces Technical Program for 2005 Conference

The Institute of Electronics and Electronic Engineers’ PES Transmission and Distribution Conference & Exposition is scheduled for Oct. 9-14 in New Orleans. And IEEE officials claim to offer attendees “the most comprehensive technical and business program of any event serving the power-delivery marketplace.” This year’s program consists of more than 240 technical poster sessions, nearly 30 focused technical panel sessions, four super sessions, instructional tutorial sessions, special interest sessions, an educational track, a special short course, a collegiate program and an exhibition that features hundreds of manufacturers. Highlights of the panel session program include: %%POINT%% Project Evaluation and Selection %%POINT%% Rethinking T&D Architecture for DER Environment %%POINT%% Stray Voltage—Causes, Impacts and Mitigation %%POINT%% Insulator Selection for Icing Performance %%POINT%% DER Impacts on Distribution Systems Analysis %%POINT%% Market Simulators for the Open Electricity Market %%POINT%% PQ Standards Roadmap with IEEE/IEC Coordination %%POINT%% Wide Area Protection and Control %%POINT%% Development of Guidelines for Distribution Voltage Quality %%POINT%% Outsourcing T&D Infrastructure Projects Complete listings of technical panels, poster sessions, super sessions and tutorials are available at the event website at .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting July 1, 2005

T5-HOs: Are They Here to Stay?

Abig buzz at last April's Lightfair conference in New York was the impact new state energy codes (the 1999 edition of ASHRAE 90.1 by default) will have on lighting, specifically the amount of watts consumed. One of the products being touted as a solution in many different applications was the T5 and T5-HO lamp.

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting July 1, 2005

After all these years… It’s Still Efficient

Approximately five years ago, the Fox Chase Cancer Center finished the construction of a $30 million, four-story, 112,000-sq.-ft. research facility known as the Cancer Prevention Pavilion. Located in northeast Philadelphia, the Fox Chase Cancer Center's mission is to "reduce the burden of human cancer through the highest-quality programs in research and patient care, including cancer prevention, treatment, early detection and education." The Pavilion was designed with an innovative air-handling unit (AHU) and heat pipe energy recovery system.

By Keith Cockerham, P.E., LEED AP, CUH2A Princeton, N.J.
Lighting June 30, 2005

ARC Awards Advancing, Reinvigorating and Cultivating Engineering

The 2006 ARC Awards submission information click here (doc.) 2005 Winners: 2005 Project of the Year 2005 Systems Award: HVAC 2005 Systems Award: Lighting 2005 Honorable Mention: Back-up Power Systems 2005 Honorable Mention Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s ARC Awards honor engineers and engineering firms that have incorporated unique.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting June 16, 2005

Survey of Electrical Distributors Predicts Modest Gains in 2005

Sales expectations among electrical distributors reflect guarded optimism, according to the St. Louis-based National Association of Electrical Distributors’ (NAED) most recent “Quarterly Sales Change Expectation” (QSCE) survey results. Of the survey’s 250 respondents, 73.6% expected positive sales for first quarter 2005.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting May 12, 2005

Distance Learning Offers Education Possibilities for PEs

Villanova University’s College of Engineering has embraced recent technology advances to improve its distance learning program. The college’s graduate level DL courses are offered both in-class and online. Since 2004 the college has offered DL courses rich in sensory and visual experiences, which make students feel as if they are actually sitting in the classroom. Using an interactive “rich media” experience, the technology at Villanova involves a combination of streaming video and live extended graphics array (XGA) feeds into a single player window that eliminates the delay often associated with web-based streaming video applications. Highlights of a typical Villanova DL experience include: %%POINT%%The ability for DL students to provide real-time feedback to a live class %%POINT%%Archived class sessions, which can be accessed by both distance learners and in-class students for later viewing and reference %%POINT%%One viewer window that incorporates all lecture content, including, but not limited to, video, sound, graphics, feedback and more %%POINT%%Integrated chat, phone and video teleconferencing (VTC) systems make two-way communication possible, a feature never before utilized in Villanova’s DL program %%POINT%%Use of advanced tools such as Tablet PCs, which replace presentation devices that typically compromised quality in the DL experience Engineering is a discipline that one might think does not lend itself well to distance learning due to the complex nature of much of the material, especially at the master’s level.

By Sharon Murphy, Alta Communications
Lighting April 25, 2005

Industry Roundup: Partnerships, Awards and Philanthropy

• Assa Abloy, Walluf, Germany, manufacturer and supplier of identification components, has acquired the rights to all of the patents filed by David Finn before March 12, 2002. This includes a large number of radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder technology patents. • Advance Transformer, Rosemont, Ill., in commemoration of its 60th anniversary, has contributed $60,000 to the International Association of Lighting Designers Education Trust, to be administered in the form of two $5,000 student scholarships annually for each of the next six years. • Hoffman, Anoka, Minn., maker of enclosures and accessories, has partnered with ECT International, Brookfield, Wis., to expand the latter’s electrical design software, promis*e. The partnership is said to simplify the process and reduce the time required to manage, design and draw electrical systems projects. • Honeywell Access Control Systems, Syosset, N.Y., has signed an agreement with HID Corp., Irvine, Calif., that expands their partnership to provide access control card and reader products to the security industry.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 8, 2005

NCQLP Certifies 169 New LCs

The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions has announced the results of its 2004 exam. More than 200 lighting practitioners sat for the exam, and more than 80% passed. This adds 169 new LCs to the current total of 1,322. Additionally, six graduate and undergraduate students in lighting passed the LC examination under the NCQLP Intern Program, bringing the total number of Intern LCs to 41. Of those who have sat for the LC exam over the past three years, 35% Of all respondents, 34% list experience levels at 6-10 years, with another 36% listing 11-20 years of experience. An average of 51% of exam takers hold bachelor degrees; 18% hold advanced degrees. And 65% identify themselves as members of the IESNA; 12.3%, the IALD; 4.2%, the IEEE.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 7, 2005

Expansion Ahead for Most Construction Sectors

The U.S. economy is expected to expand more slowly in 2005 than it did in 2004, but the nonresidential construction market will continue to grow at an above average pace, according the March, 2005 Construction Forecast Monthly from Reed Construction Data. If all goes well, say the researchers, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate will be slightly faster than the sustainable long-term growth rate—the pace that keeps the unemployment rate stable and the inflation rate in check.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting April 6, 2005

Spotlight on UVC in HVAC

Ultraviolet light C band (UVC) devices installed in the AC system are being used increasingly to eradicate surface and airborne mold, as well as viruses and bacteria. The devices eliminate the odors associated with mold, mildew and VOCs by cleaning the AC coils where they are installed. On existing systems, the best results are obtained when UVC light is located downstream of and facing the cooling coil. It’s important to avoid installing devices in the return air ducts.

By Robert Scheir, Ph.D., President, Steril-Aire, Burbank, Calif.
Lighting March 14, 2005

Survey Shows Lighting Products Merging with Controls

More than 86% of respondents said that their lighting work now involves products and controls, according to a recent survey by Electrical Contractor Magazine. The implication is that they are now seen as “Manufacturers and their advertising agencies tend to think that lighting products and controls are two separate and very different markets,” says John Maisel, publisher of Electrical Contractor. “Our survey shows that this has changed, including the significant role [respondents] play in brand choice for both,” he said. Conducted online from a random, totally opt-in database, 420 participants completed the survey.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting March 1, 2005

Small Switch Offers Big Promise

New high-power switches measuring only one square centimeter offer the promise of significantly improving the advanced power electronics used to control bulk electricity flow. Initial applications include motor drives for industrial plants, with later use anticipated in the thyristors used in flexible AC transmission-system devices controlling high-voltage electricity transmission.

By Staff
Lighting February 28, 2005

Global Shipments of Photovoltaic Modules May Surpass $8 billion by 2009

According to a soon-to-be-released update from Business Communications Company, Norwalk, Conn., total shipments of photovoltaic (PV) modules are estimated at 973.1 megawatts in 2004 and are expected to rise at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 23.4% to reach 2,783.1 megawatts by 2009. Silicon technology, which accounted for approximately 90% of the PV market in 2003, will continue to dominate through the end of our forecast period, say creator’s of the report. Multicrystalline silicon will represent the highest volume of silicon technology with shipments projected to grow at a 24.8% AAGR to reach 1,778.0 megawatts by 2009. Single crystal shipments will grow at an average annual rate of 22.9% to reach 830.8 megawatts by 2009. Thin films, which represent an experiment in manufacturing lower cost PV modules, have slipped to less than 10% of the market.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 28, 2005

LRC Industry Group Reports LED Recommendations

The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST), organized by the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, has published ASSIST recommends: LED Life for General Lighting . The publication presents the industry group’s definition for the life of LED products for lighting, based on light output depreciation and appropriate light levels for various lighting applications. ASSIST recommends 70% lumen maintenance (a 30% reduction in light output over time) as the useful life for general lighting applications, and 50% lumen maintenance for decorative lighting applications. The term “useful life” indicates when an LED’s light output decreases to the point where it is unacceptable for the lighting application. ASSIST recommends also provides methods for measuring and extrapolating data to estimate the life, in hours, of an LED component and an LED-based system, as well as methods for how companies should record and present LED life data for their products. The information in the recommendation document is based on LED life tests conducted at LRC, related literature and input from LED manufacturers and the traditional lighting community. Visit LRC’s web site for a free downloadable copy.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 11, 2005

Israelis to the Brits: Let in the Light, but not Too Much

Editor’s note: Check out the February edition of CSE, which focuses on airports, including Israel’s new Terminal 3 project at Ben Gurion Airport. Following is a story regarding the use of natural lighting at the facility. And don’t forget to check out the March edition of CSE, which delves deeper into the technical ins and outs of daylighting.

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett
Lighting February 1, 2005

Reducing Potable Water Use: Calculating LEED Water Efficiency Credit 3

When striving for LEED certification, how do you bring to bear water conservation measures? The U.S. Green Building Council offers up to five LEED water efficiency credits: two for reducing potable water use for irrigation; one for reducing potable water use for sewage conveyance; and two for reducing potable water use inside a building.

By Kim Shinn, P.E., LEED AP, Principal and Division Director, TLC Engineering for Architecture, Nashville, Tenn.
Lighting February 1, 2005

Giant (Lighting) Relay

San Francisco and its Moscone Center have been the host of a number of Lightfairs—the industry's top lighting exposition and conference. This year's show is on the other coast, but that's not stopping the convention center from making lighting news. With the recent opening of the Moscone West expansion, the convention center may boast one of the largest lighting control systems to date.

By Staff
Lighting January 18, 2005

Nanophotonics Market to Reach $9.3 Billion by 2009

The global market for nanophotonic devices is projected to increase dramatically between 2004 and 2009-from $420 million to more than $9.3 billion-according to a soon-to-be-released report from Business Communications Company, Inc., Norwalk, Conn. Photonics, the technology of generating and controlling light, particularly to carry information, includes the emission, transmission, amplification, detection, modulation and switching of light. Nanophotonics involves the interaction of light with nanoscale structures and materials. Nanophotonic light-emitting diode (LED) technology, including flat-panel and plasma displays, accounted for more than 82% of the 2004 nanophotonics market. Near-field optics and nanocrystalline dye-sensitized solar cells accounted for 14.4% and 3.3%, respectively. LEDs is the fastest-growing nanophotonic market segment with a projected average annual growth rate of more than 90% between 2004 and 2009, reflecting their increased use in monitor and display applications.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 7, 2005

The Seven Deadly Sins of Management

By Lonnie Pacelli Pride. Envy. Gluttony.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 30, 2004

Lighting Energy and Environmental Design Awards

The first annual award specifically recognizing energy and environmental design in lighting were presented last week at the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America's International Illumination Design Awards (IIDA) in Tampa, Fla. Sponsored by Osram Sylvania, two international companies were awarded the Energy and Environmental Design Award of Excellence. They were: Daylighting Using the Mirror Duct System from designers Kiyoshi Sakurai, Kouichi Kaihou, Atsushi Matsushita and Masafumi Sekine from Nikken Sekkei Ltd., and designer Hideo Arai from Materialhouse Co., Ltd. The project was completed at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. New Architectural Harmony with Light IGES from designers Ryo Togashi, Takuro Asano and Kaoru Watanabe from Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 30, 2004

Specifier Report: Parking Lot and Area Fixtures

The National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP) has released a new publication that replaces a previous report published in 1993. Specifier Reports: Parking Lot and Area Luminaires updates information on critical performance and application issues for parking lot and area lighting fixtures. The report identifies the information that a lighting specifier may request from a manufacturer when evaluating different products. This latest Specifier Report focuses only on functional fixtures typically used in applications such as parking lots and area lighting, including: the cobra head fixture, commonly used in roadway lighting but also used for lighting parking lots; the arm mount fixture, currently the most common type used for parking lot lighting; and the post-top functional fixture. To obtain a free copy, click here .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 30, 2004

LED Freezer Lighting Study in the Works

The use of dimming systems is steadily increasing, mostly due to a desire for flexibility and energy savings in projects, suggests the 2004-2005 Dimming Study, recently released by ZING Communications, Inc. The study uses data from architects, lighting designers, engineers, electrical and lighting distributors and electrical contractors to explore trends in the specification, distribution and contractor sales channel. The 219-page study, sponsored by the Lighting Controls Association, includes 15 pages of methodology and analysis, approximately 160 pages of data tables and graphs and around 20 pages of verbatim responses. According to the study, dimming is being used in a broader range of spaces and applications and is seeing more integration with other building systems. Participants generally agree that dimming is seen as a "green" technology and that daylighting is becoming increasingly important as an energy-saving measure.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 30, 2004

IT/Facilities Survey Shows Availability Requirements on the Rise

A recent survey from Columbus, Ohio-based Liebert Corp. provides some interesting information about what IT and facilities professionals know--and don't know—about the cost of downtime. Computer and network availability requirements are on the rise, according to a survey of information technology professionals by the Liebert. Of the more than 500 respondents to the survey, 55% said that computer availability requirements have increased over the last two years, while an additional 26% indicated that availability requirements are already at 100 percent.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 22, 2004

T5 Fluorescent Technology Flies High For Defense

The United States Air Force stands on the front line of America's defense around the world. It's a tough job that requires tough equipment, even for lighting. Paramount Industries made the grade by updating jet fighter shelters with new T5 fluorescent technology. On Guard In Japan Misawa Air Base is the Air Force's northernmost facility in Japan.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 22, 2004

HVAC Firm Sees Lighting Costs Drop by More than Half

A recent upgrade brought a dramatically downward drop in lighting costs recently at Kurth Sheet Metal Inc., of Chippewa Falls - and at the same time produced a tangible benefit to the local environment. Richard Engel, Kurth owner, said he had been researching alternatives for the heating-ventilating shop on County OO even before coming in contact with representatives of Orion Energy Systems, Inc., of Plymouth WI. "I looked at a couple other types of fluorescent lights and got some preliminary pricing but no firm quotes," Engel said. "But when the Orion people looked at it, everything fell in line and we decided to go with it." In the renovation project, Kurth replaced 33 outmoded 400-watt high-intensity discharge lights and two existing fluorescent fixtures in two buildings with 35 Illuminator fixtures from Orion Energy Systems Inc., of Plymouth WI. As a result, the electric power Kurth used for lighting fell from 42,782 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year to 20,721 -- a 52 percent drop of 22,061 kWh per year.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 22, 2004

Best Supporting Role for HVAC: A Case Study

LAGraphico, a graphic imaging, pre-media and printing company, serves the Hollywood film industry. Responding to rapid growth, the company recently relocated their Burbank, Calif., operations, from 45,000 sq. ft.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 22, 2004

The Raid on Refrigerants

By Barbara Horwitz-BennettContributing Editor Editor’s Note: The following observations on refrigerants come from the participants in CSE’s 12/04 M/E Roundtable, which discusses hybrid chiller plants. Look for it soon, along with the rest of our December issue, at . When it comes to choosing a refrigerant for chillers, what factors go into play? “Of the two primary new refrigerants, R123 and R134a, one is slightly better for reducing ozone depletion and the other is slightly better for reducing global warming.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2004

New Group Highlights DG’s Security Benefits

Drawing on the experiences of Sept. 11, 2001, and the August 2003 blackout, founders of the new Power Reliability and Security Council say increased adoption of distributed generation (DG) could help limit the impact of future terrorist attacks and utility system failures. Organizers say they hope to bring together public, private and utility sectors to meet three goals: The group intends to wo...

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2004

River Revisited

When it came time to review the ARC Award submissions, a couple of familiar faces surfaced, including the Lawrence Center, the subject of our Project Journal this past year. During the competition judging, its tremendous features, including its daylighted exhibition hall, once again shone through. Ultimately, there were two factors that brought home the prize: First, the facility truly has revo...

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2004

Sustainable Architectural Design: Fundamental

The importance of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center doesn't just rest on its being the largest LEED building ever certified. Rather, decisions made during the competition and conceptual design stage to incorporate ideas and technologies that were subsequently awarded points in the sustainable design certification process were based solely on the creation of meaningful and substantive design.

By Rafael Viñoly, Rafael Viñoly Architects, New York
Lighting November 1, 2004

ASHRAE to Add New Codes Position

While ASHRAE's code activities in the 1990s were mainly limited to the monitoring of the CABO Model Energy Code, its present code activities are much more demanding; more than 10 ASHRAE standards are currently referenced in national and international codes. "In recent years, as the society began to write standards intended for adoption by code models, ASHRAE's activities in codes interaction mo...

By Staff
Lighting November 1, 2004

ZigBee—What’s That?

It's mesh networking. Come again? Well, it's one of several exciting technologies that will soon be affecting the world of building control, or at least so say the organizers of BuilSpec. The seminar series, which CSE reported on last issue, kicked off in Chicago Nov. 4 and tackled a myriad of subjects affecting the building automation community, as well as a number of issues that will be comin...

By Staff
Lighting October 11, 2004

Contact Us – 2004-10-11

Mission Statement The mission of Consulting-Specifying Engineer is to tell the tale of the multi-disciplinary approach to mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, which includes the subdisciplines of fire protection, lighting, controls and communication. By practicing integrated engineering, where the various disciplines work together to produce more efficient systems, the engineering team is able to deliver a better building. CSE communicates this story through its feature stories by trying to demonstrate how the various M/E systems and their designers interface.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting October 1, 2004

Highlights from the 2004 Plumbing Expo

This year's Engineered Plumbing Expo, the tradeshow that is part of the biennial convention of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, goes to Cleveland from Oct. 25–26. (The complete convention runs from Oct. 23–27.) Seminar topics include vacuum sanitary sewers, water reuse for green buildings, biosafety, liquid waste decontamination and liquid nitrogen process piping.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2004

Security Standards – Filling the Void

The editors of CSE recently asked me about the general lack of security standards in the United States and what was being done to fill the void. I replied that until recently this has indeed been the case, but that is about to change so rapidly that quite a thunder will result. At a recent standards committee meeting hosted by the Security Industry Assn.

By Rob Zivney, Vice President of Marketing, Hirsch Electronics, Santa Ana, Calif.
Lighting September 1, 2004

Batten Down the Hatches

A brief tutorial on strategies for containing biosafety labs The design of high-containment biosafety laboratories is not as simple as it may look. Federal guidelines from the National Institute of Health provide a starting point, but the information may be misleading. The most significant issue is that the laboratory's air pressure can never go positive.

By George Mellen, P.E., Chief Engineer, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Lighting September 1, 2004

New Products – 2004-09-01

UPS SYSTEMS are additions to the manufacturer's product offerings for high-density rack and server applications. Modular 700-VA, 1,000-VA and 1,500-VA models feature hot-swappable batteries and incorporate online double-conversion topology and built-in automatic bypass. Users can add extended battery packs or fuel-cell modules for multi-hour backup.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2004

Grounding Your Generators

There are many topics to consider when discussing grounding, even when the discussion is centered on emergency systems. Here, we focus on several topics that relate to the most common generator applications found in commercial systems. Some definitions are necessary for an understanding of system components referred to.

By William Spencer Phillips, P.E., Leed AP, Associate Partner, Newcomb & Boyd, Atlanta
Lighting August 1, 2004

Industry Events – 2004-08-01

For a complete listing of events, go to

By Staff
Lighting July 1, 2004

Twin Tower Cogen

Cogeneration systems, one might argue, are on the rise. That hypothesis, however, gains significant credence when the nation's largest publicly held office building owner and manager—Equity Office Properties (EOP)—jumps on the cogen bandwagon with a twin tower installation in San Francisco.

By the CSE staff
Lighting June 1, 2004

Shopping for the Right Size

Capacity planning is one of the trickiest challenges that designers of mission-critical facilities face. Many data centers go to extremes to assure reliability, installing several layers of costly backup and redundancy with heavy investments in equipment—switchgear, switchboards, UPS and parallel gensets.

By Mike Hellmann, Marketing Manager, Siemens Critical Power Team and Iliya Arsenovic, Business Development Manager, Siemens Power Distribution Control
Lighting May 1, 2004

New Products – 2004-05-01

Ball valve features all-thermoplastic construction with no metallic parts and is intended for water and light chemical applications. Its safe blocking design allows downstream pipe removal, and it includes a handle that doubles as a built-in spanner wrench. (Quarter-Bloc PVC True Union by Asahi America) RS#1 Connector is finger-proof, minimizing human contact with live contacts and reducing t...

By Staff
Lighting May 1, 2004

Strategic Planning Key for CCTV

Have you ever watched fuzzy pictures or videos of unidentified criminals, recorded by surveillance cameras and shown on TV programs such as "America's Most Wanted"? Some of these pictures, even after extensive image enhancements, are extremely indistinctive. One of the keys to an effective CCTV system is proper video collection, which depends on two factors: location and camera settings.

By Hadi Rezvani, P.E., RCDD, Glumac International, Sacramento, Calif.
Lighting April 1, 2004

Ethernet Commandments

B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company, Ottawa, Ill., has listed the "Ten Commandments of Industrial Ethernet" on its website. The list provides advice on topics ranging from the difference between how IP addresses are assigned in factories vs. an office environment to common security risks and steps to ensure that systems can't be "hacked.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2004

Genset Dealers Help Keep Lights on in Hurricane Isabel’s Path

Communities in the path of a major hurricane have one advantage over those that face other types of natural disaster: time to prepare. Modern weather-modeling systems can alert area residents to impending severe weather. For those living along the Mid-Atlantic coast, as Hurricane Isabel approached this past September, such warnings provided time to prepare homes and businesses for brutal wind a...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2004

A Sneak Peak at Lightfair

With the coming of the vernal equinox, spring is certainly the season to talk more about light. Appropriately, the 15th annual Lightfair International trade show and conference runs March 31 through April 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a suitable setting for a show geared toward artificial illumination.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2004

Flexible vs. Traditional

Traditional conduit-and-wire busway systems have always dominated engineering specs. But more and more, flex-busway systems are being installed for certain types of facilities, thanks to a number of benefits. Specifically, flex-busway fulfills the flexibility and power density requirements for server/computer rooms, manufacturing plants and assembly facilities.

By David Pickett, P.E., Senior Vice President, Interface Engineering, Inc., Portland, Ore.
Lighting March 1, 2004

Fiber-Optic Manufacturer Unphased by Northeast Blackout

Last summer's widespread blackout in the northeastern United States resulted in enormous financial losses for some, but at least one firm was well-prepared. Nufern, a Connecticut-based designer of optical fiber for telecommunications, creates fibers smaller in diameter than a human hair and as long as one mile.

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2004

New products – 2004-02-01

ATS control system is designed as a performance upgrade capable of controlling all operational functions of the manufacturer's ATS. Using high-speed serial communications, the unit reports all key power data such as current, voltage, power and frequency readings. (Model 2000 Plus by Russelectric) RS#1 Relay autochangeover controller provides unit rotation, backup capacity and the ability to...

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2004

Sensing Savings

Automatic sensor controls are a very effective means for saving lighting energy. They let you use only as much lighting as you require. And you simply cannot save more lighting energy than by turning off unnecessary lights. Lighting regulated by a well-designed program of sensor controls is an efficient, cost-effective component of your building operating systems.

By Alfred R. Borden, IALD LC, President, The Lighting Practice, Philadelphia
Lighting January 1, 2004

Stacking Up Cable Tray

In the ever-growing world of telecommunications, many factors come to bear when designing a complete and robust cable system—from the type of technology to the level of cable and type of distribution. Often overlooked, however, is the type of cable support or conveyance system, i.e., cable tray and its accessories.

By Walter P. Herring, RCDD/LAN/OSP, Senior Systems Engineer, Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc., Philadelphia
Lighting January 1, 2004

Briefly … – 2004-01-01

Mark your calendars: National Engineers Week, an initiative geared toward promotion and awareness of the broad world of engineering, will take place Feb. 22-28. For more information visit Lockwood Greene, Spartanburg, S.C., has received an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Consulting Engineers Council of South Carolina for its Thomson television relocation facility i...

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2003

New Products – 2003-09-01

RACK- AND POWER-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE provides control of multiple devices in data centers, where multiple users access and manage computer hardware both locally and remotely. Users can schedule system shutdowns, control power-failure settings and define UPS load segments, as well as configure redundant UPS units and system event-handling procedures.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2003

Utilities, Environmentalists Envision “Smarter” Demand-Side Management

In some respects, the microprocessor is at the root of many of the electric-utility industry's recent challenges. Its vital and increasing importance in all industries is raising both electricity demand and power-quality requirements. But now, some industry experts see microprocessors as the key to the industry's future as well.

By Staff
Lighting September 1, 2003

Lucky Lindy Flying High on BAS

Charles Lindbergh would surely be amazed by aviation technology at Lindbergh Field, San Diego International Airport. And he would be just as intrigued by the building automation. The airport currently serves more than 14 million passengers with hundreds of daily flights year-round. Recently, the airport deployed new open-protocol networks to help simplify HVAC integration and assure smooth expa...

By Staff
Lighting August 1, 2003

Keeping Up on CFCs and Chillers

CSE: Several alternatives are available for chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) replacement, such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and ammonia. How does one determine which is best for existing chillers—or whether to install a new chiller? LEADER: If a new chiller is considered, it's best to do a cost analysis that looks at all aspects of chiller replacement, not just...

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, Contributing Editor
Lighting August 1, 2003

Creative Cooling Crowns Commercial Complex

The Christian Street Court, a commercial/retail building complex in downtown Lancaster, Pa., recently received an HVAC overhaul. Built in 1900, the five recently-renovated buildings encompass 58,000 sq. ft. of space and house, among other things, Godfrey Advertising, Inc., central Pennsylvania's largest advertising agency.

By Staff
Lighting July 1, 2003

The Future of Office Buildings

As a kid I thought it would be cool to be an architect. After all, I loved to draw and build models, and according to the Brady Bunch (the father was an architect), you got to work at home a lot. A significant amount of years, less TV and some real-world experience, however, revealed that career was much more complicated and, frankly, a lot less fun than I imagined.

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting June 1, 2003

Lamp Maker Seeks To Table Overhead Lighting

By combining functionality with attractive design, a pair of scientists at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) in Berkeley, Calif., has developed a fluorescent lamp that could provide better light for office workers—and lower energy bills for office managers. The units are available in both floor and table models and were originally conceived for residential and hotel use.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2003

DALI Definitely the Buzz

Walking the floor at this year's Lightfair, one couldn't help but see some kind of placard promoting the fact that a product was DALI-compatible—that's to say it works with the digital addressable lighting interface protocol, which was broken down by Rick Miller in April's issue. Miller, who presented the subject in educational sessions this year and last year, noted in his '02 presentat...

By Staff
Lighting April 1, 2003

Automate and Save

In today's economy, energy-saving measures have become more important than ever as the price of electricity per kilowatt-hour has steadily increased. Lighting systems in commercial and institutional facilities can take up a much higher portion of a facility's total energy consumption than many people realize, explains Scott Jordan of Square D/Schneider Electric.

By Geoff Weisenberger, Production/Web Editor
Lighting March 1, 2003

Relays Help Energy Company Protect Its Investments

Oil producer Oxy Permian—a unit of Occidental Petroleum—requires ample energy resources for its oil-drilling operations in the Permian Basin of western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. When the company's electricity-distribution infrastructure was identified as a contributor to falling production rates, managers invested in new power relays to monitor, control and protect their sy...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2003

New Products – 2003-03-01

VACUUM SWITCHGEAR can be used in interior, exterior and submersible applications. It is smaller and lighter than traditional oil-based models and can be mounted in any position on walls, floors and ceilings. Insulating medium is a nonflammable gas, eliminating the need for special building requirements such as vaults or liquid containment.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2003

Beyond Mission Critical – to Hypercritical

It was once thought that electrical reliability had reached its peak at "six nines." And for many facilities, it is still the standard. As a measure of electrical system availability, six nines means that the power supply is available 99.9999% of the time (see "Average System Availability Index below).

By David Vandyne, P.E., President IDC Engineering Lima, Ohio
Lighting February 18, 2003

LIGHTCongress Warms Up Press for LIGHTFAIR

Members of the press were treated to an "appetizer" to the upcoming LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL at the first annual LIGHTCongress last week in New York, where lighting experts and manufacturers introduced new technologies and discussed issues relevant to the industry.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 18, 2003

Transfer Switches: Open or Closed?

What factors should engineers consider when deciding between closed- and open-transition switches, or three-pole vs. four-pole transfer switches? How about insulating buswork? In a Web-exclusive white paper, one of our February roundtable participants provides some insight.

By James M. Daley, P.E.
Lighting February 12, 2003

Natural Gas Budgets Drop, But Facilities Increase

Despite being in a fiscal conservation mode, slightly more than half of natural gas companies are planning to construct new facilities in 2003.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2002

Record Setting Power Generation

U.S. power generators set a new record, producing 90,640 gigawatt-hours (GWh) during the week ending August 3, 2002, according to the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). This record, driven by extreme temperatures and humidity over the eastern United States, surpassed the previous record of 88,120 GWh set during the week ending August 11, 2001.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2002

Auld Lang Syne for 2002?

At the beginning of this decade, the big debate was which year the millennium officially started—2000 or 2001. The burning question now is when will we pull out of this current economic morass—2003 or 2004? One thing is certain, with respect to the business climate—I don't think many of us will miss 2002.

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting December 1, 2002

Green Week a Smashing Success

The U.S. Green Building Council's inaugural International Green Building Conference is being hailed as a success "beyond expectations." More than 3,200 people traveled to Austin, Texas, Nov. 11-15 to attend the event. "We had to turn people away during registration," says Jerry Yudelson of USGBC's conference steering committee.

By Staff
Lighting November 1, 2002

State-of-the-Art BAS in the UAE

In regions of the world where tourism is growing, often what distinguishes competing hotels and convention centers is the technology made available to guests, be they tourists or business people. Such is the case with the Dubai's Emirates Towers in the United Arab Emirates. Among the tallest buildings in the Middle East—at 1,165 ft.

By Staff
Lighting November 1, 2002

Engineers to Manufacturers: Let’s Do Lunch

Cold calls, noncurrent technical information and pushy salespeople are among the pet peeves of consulting engineers when called on by manufacturer representatives. But vendors can score major points when they offer consistently updated and comprehensive product information on their web sites, educational lunch 'n' learn sessions and timely follow-up and product support.

By Barbara Horwitz, Associate Editor
Lighting September 9, 2002

Turner Forecasts Slight Construction Cost Increase

Third quarter 2002 construction costs are projected to increase 0.16%, as compared to the second quarter of this year, according to the Turner Corporation, a large Dallas-based contractor that completed $6.3 billion in construction projects in 2001.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting September 1, 2002

Regaining Perspective

Helter-skelter would be an accurate description of the past few weeks. And indeed, various staff members can and will attest to a high degree of grousing issuing forth from my office. Without question, I've been gruff and grouchy—and frankly, feeling sorry for myself—as I found myself planning a new editorial calendar, participating in a sales meeting and hiring two new staff member...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting September 1, 2002

Television Network Protects its Investment with UPS

Like any television network, the Christian Television Network (CTN), headquartered in Clearwater, Fla., risks losing broadcast capabilities during a power failure. But according to Chris Mavros, CTN's chief engineer, losing their viewing audience for a short period of time is not his greatest concern.

By Staff
Lighting August 21, 2002

Marketing Spending Takes Slight Dip

For the first time in five years, marketing spending for M/E firms took a slight dip, according to recent survey results from the Natick, Mass.-based market research firm ZweigWhite.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 15, 2002

New Call for the Office of Technology Assessment

A bipartisan effort to resurrect the former Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)—a group that aimed to offer unbiased scientific, technical information to Congress and assist lawmakers with complicated decisions—has yet to yield fruit.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting August 1, 2002

Hot Lighting Technology Hits Offices

While it is by no means a new development that almost all office workers have a personal computer on their desk, the installation of quality lighting that minimizes glare on computer screens is. In the recent past, recessed T8 parabolic troffers with semi-specular louvers were widely used to combat glare, but these fixtures can still cause glare because the bare lamps are exposed to the human eye.

By Staff
Lighting July 10, 2002

Early Dip in Nonresidential Spending Ominous

After recording 8.1 percent growth in 2000, nonresidential construction spending increased by an estimated 3.3 percent between 2000 and 2001. But total nonresidential construction spending through the first two months of this year ran 7 percent below the total of the same period in 2001, foreshadowing a slight decline expected for the year. The outlook for 2003 is considerably brighter, however.

By Daryl Delano, Reed Business Information
Lighting June 1, 2002

A Low-Cost Insurance Policy

While it is not the most traditional definition, all electrical protective equipment is basically just insurance. For example, when you buy a health insurance policy, you pay a premium for covering your health-care costs in the event you get sick. Likewise, when purchasing electrical protective equipment, you pay a premium to protect an investment—be it in a building, a process, a piece o...

By Ken Lovorn, P.E., Principal, Lovorn Engineering Associates Pittsburgh
Lighting June 1, 2002

NFPA Session Highlights FEMA 9/11 Report

Following the cataclysmic events of Sept. 11, it is not surprising to find that numerous professional organizations are exploring what can be learned from the disaster—and what can be done in the future to safeguard buildings. Among those concerned parties, the National Fire Protection Association hosted its own session on the topic May 14 at its annual conference in Minneapolis.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2002

New Products – 2002-06-01

High-bay lighting features an adjustable, dual-reflector system said to offer increased light output with reduced energy consumption. Inner and outer reflectors adjust independently, and units feature a self-cleaning, ventilated design. Can be specified for metal-halide, high-pressure sodium or induction light sources from 100 to 1,000 watts.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2002

Two-Phase into Three-Phase

A joint effort by Black Hills Ventures and Phase Technologies, both of Rapid City, S.D., has led to the creation of an alternative for smaller companies and rural users for converting single-phase to three-phase power. The Phase Perfect supplies three-phase power from a single-phase source, without the power quality problems inherent in rotary and static phase converters, or in trying to adap...

By Staff
Lighting May 1, 2002

Web Threads – 2002-05-01

A monthly compendium of facts and figures

By Staff
Lighting May 1, 2002

Lights are off with Retooled MasterFormat

Now that the Construction Specifications Institute has reorganized the MasterFormat again ("CSI Reenergizes MasterFormat," April 2002, p. 11), chances of conserving energy through interdiciplinary integration are even slimmer. Instead of promoting integration, they have further separated related M/E systems already suffering from a lack of communication, coordination and cooperation in design...

By Staff
Lighting April 17, 2002

Construction Writers Association Offers Post-9/11 Insights

As a result of the events of September 11, building and construction professionals will pay more attention to security in buildings, particularly with regards to fire-protection and alarm systems, structural reinforcement and evacuation routes, concludes a recent survey conducted by the Construction Writers Association, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

By Staff
Lighting April 8, 2002

The Scoop on Salaries

While salaries among engineers and security managers have continued to grow—slightly outpacing inflation last year—recent industry salary surveys show that compensation continues to vary quite a bit based upon professional certification, industry and geographic region.

By Staff
Lighting April 1, 2002

Best of the Web – Editor’s Pix – 2002-04-01 – 2002-04-01

Valuable Internet resources for engineers.GE Lighting Auditor light fixtures, bulb types and operating parameters. Then calculate potential energy savings gleaned from a lighting retrofit with this nifty calculation tool, brought to you by GE.

By Staff
Lighting April 1, 2002

Professional Practices: Are Construction Submittals Irrelevant?

Construction submittals have traditionally been the means by which contractors secure approval from project designers for how they intend to comply with contract specifications. Current practice, however, has often diminished the value of submittals...

By Charles W. Kilper, III, P.E., Vice President, Engineering, Heitmann & Associates, Inc., Chesterfield, Mo.
Lighting April 1, 2002

Are Construction Submittals Irrelevant?

Construction submittals have traditionally been the means by which contractors secure approval from project designers for how they intend to comply with contract specifications. Current practice, however, has often diminished the value of submittals to the point where they could be eliminated without significantly affecting the project.

By Charles W. Kilper, III, P.E., Vice President, Engineering Heitmann & Associates, Inc., Chesterfield, Mo.
Lighting March 7, 2002

Security Professionals Raise Issues at Summit

The need for more end-user training, stronger emphasis on life-safety and greater system integration are a few of the latest security industry trends identified by a group of security professionals attending a corporate summit last month.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Strong Market Growth for PQ Devices

The U.S. market value of major power-quality products, which totaled $3.8 billion in 2000, is predicted to hit $7.1 billion by 2006—an 11% compound average annual growth rate.A recently published survey from Business Communications Co. (, The Power Quality Equipment and Services Market: A 21st Century Growing Industry, also predicts: BCC researchers note in the s...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Smart Metering Tackles Problems

In a move expected to reduce as much as 240 megawatts of electricity demand, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) has received funding from the California Energy Commission to install real-time electricity meters at more than 3,400 businesses.Free to all participants, the smart metering system is expected to reduce electricity bills by 15% and free up enough energy to p...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Flexible Plant Uses Adaptable Power

When Honeywell's Avionics and Electronics Systems (AES) division in Olathe, Kan., built its 560,000-sq.-ft., $40 million Cedar Creek facility, says Charles Kitterman, manager of facilities, the intent was to create "a futuristic venture into an environment uniquely structured to improve communication, productivity and profitability.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Keeping Track of Conductive Polymers

Plastics that are capable of conducting electricity—electrically conducting polymers—were the accidental result of an experiment in the late 1970s. At the time, the discovery that certain plastics could actually change their traditional "insulating" properties to conductive ones offered a future bright with possibilities.

By Jeromie Winsor, Web Editor
Lighting March 1, 2002

Case Study: Following the Sage of Monticello’s Legacy

Since the 1960s, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., has been illuminated around-the-clock by high-wattage incandescent lamps—not the most apropos tribute to one of America's greatest innovators...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Following the Sage of Monticello’s Legacy

Since the 1960s, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., has been illuminated around-the-clock by high-wattage incandescent lamps—not the most apropos tribute to one of America's greatest innovators. Last September, on the 200th anniversary of Jefferson's inauguration as the third president of the United States, the National Park Service decided it was time for a more e...

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2002

Specifier’s Notebook: Keeping Track of Conductive Polymers

Plastics that are capable of conducting electricity—electrically conducting polymers—were the accidental result of an experiment in the late 1970s. At the time, the discovery that certain plastics could actually change their traditional "insulating" properties to conductive ones offerered a future bright with possibilities...

By Jeromie Winsor, Web Editor
Lighting March 1, 2002

Data Center’s Redesign Saves Money, Time

At its 20,000-sq.-ft. data center in Dallas, J.P. Morgan Chase handles an array of global financial services—with mission-critical requirements. Four 1,500-kW diesel generators operate in parallel on a common bus at the center. Two UPS systems, each consisting of two 375-kVA modules—with the ability to expand to four each—also operate in parallel on a common bus.

By Staff
Lighting February 15, 2002

Plant Efficiency at Alliant Energy

A Wisconsin utility's home office, the latest central plant project from February author Pete Zak, P.E., is a testament to both operational and energy efficiency.

By Peter Zak, P.E., Principal, Zak Engineering, Mequon, Wis.
Lighting February 1, 2002

Author Notes Table Snafu in Article

Reading over "Playing the Smart Hand" (Jan. 2001, p. 42), I noticed that Table 3, Chiller Algorithm Output, was not the latest one that I had sent with my article revision.The electric chiller calculation that was shown on the table in the magazine was missing the kilowatt/ton in the formula.Kent W.

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2002

AHR, the economy and engineers

Going into this year's Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Expo/ASHRAE Winter Conference, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. A number of HVAC manufacturers, with whom I had spoken prior to the show, were concerned that attendance would be down significantly as the result of the sagging economy and lingering fears about flying in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center th...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting February 1, 2002

Conferencing equipment: Audio, Video and Web

More affordable video-, audio- and web-conferencing equipment, combined with post-Sept. 11th travel reductions, have led engineering firms to a greater use of such collaboration tools than ever before.According to Andrew Davis, senior analyst and managing partner of Brookline, Mass.-based Wainhouse Research LLC, "Travel has become inefficient, causing people to be more in tune to other al...

By Mindi Zissman, Products/Assistant Editor
Lighting January 2, 2002

Berkeley Lab Directs Energy-Efficiency Initiative

With the hopes of making a dent in the nation's annual $100 billion energy bill for commercial buildings, scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are heading up a three-year public/private research initiative.

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 2002

‘Cool’ Tower Dominates Heat Horizon

High Delta-T cooling, an innovative technology utilizing standard temperature air to cool electronic equipment, increases energy efficiency and reliability for data centers and other electronic-intensive facilities.

By R. Stephen Sinazzola, P.E., Vice President, and Zubin Menachery, P.E., Associate, RTKL Associates, Baltimore
Lighting January 1, 2002

Best of the Web – Editor’s Pix – 2002-01-01

Valuable Internet resources for engineers. The Biometric Consortium focal point for the research, development, testing, evaluation and application of biometric-based personal identification and verification technology offers a bibliography of articles on biometrics.

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 2002

Don’t Roll the Dice on Casino Lighting

Modern day casinos are really multipurpose developments that must fulfill a variety of customer needs and desires. Casinos typically deliver the goods through multifaceted entertainment "experiences" that might include rides or shopping in addition to traditional shows, dining and gambling. In fact, recent studies show that shopping attractions draw more people into casino complexes than...

By Mark Raissen, Lighting Designer, Access Lighting, Irvine, Calif.
Lighting January 1, 2002

New products & Literature – 2002-01-01

Building-system components from our January issue

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2001

Executive Order On Standby Power

President Bush has issued an Executive Order requiring federal agencies to purchase products "that contain an internal standby power function" and must, if possible, buy products that use 1 watt or less of power "in their standby power consuming mode." Where such products are not available, federal buyers must seek out the lowest standby power wattage in products on the market.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2001

Not Your Father’s Switchgear

Medium-voltage metal-clad switchgear have long been an essential component of safe, reliable electric-power distribution systems for industrial facilities. Now, innovative technologies are opening up a new world of possibilities in switchgear design. Switchgear, of course, is an assembly of switching and interrupting devices—in combination with control, metering and protective equipment...

By Rick Downer, Senior Design Specialist, Lockwood Greene Engineers, Atlanta
Lighting December 1, 2001

Surge Protection Discount

State Farm of Florida Insurance, working with Florida Power (subsidiary of Progress Energy) are working together to offer homeowners in a lightning-prone area of the state a discount on installing whole-house, meter-based surge protection, including a grounding inspection, according to The Business Journal of Tampa Bay.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2001

Western Power Crisis Yields To Rental Units

Approximately 440 megawatts of power came to the American West this past summer—on wheels. Temporary sites in Arizona, Utah and Washington hosted 22 trailer-mounted gas-turbine generator sets. Each of the rental units can produce 22.8 megawatts—enough power for roughly 20,000 households and reportedly the largest single rental power unit available in the United States today.

By Staff
Lighting December 1, 2001

Distributed Generation Updates

A year-long, in-depth study by the Washington, D.C.-based Consumer Energy Council of America (CECA) has found that "distributed energy resources, when properly integrated into an improved national electric power system, can foster lower prices, greater reliability and a new platform for integrated consumer services.

By Staff
Lighting November 19, 2001

Protecting Buildings Against Anthrax

While high-grade filters can be very helpful in protecting against the spread of Anthrax spores through building ventilation systems, HEPA filters are the only kind of filters that offer a sure-fire way of eliminating these spores, according to an information bulletin put out by air filtration manufacturer Camfil Farr, El Segundo, Calif.

By Staff
Lighting November 9, 2001

Boiler Beats California Blues

Del Mar French Laundry in Monterey, California, has been operating since 1932 when Cedo Gospodnetich's family came to America and started their new business in the height of the depression. They survived the depression, but can the business survive energy costs that suddenly tripled in 2001?

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2001


We publish this issue with great sorrow. The gentlemen gracing our cover are some of New York's finest engineers, and indeed New York was the host of the "Law and Firm Management" roundtable that we feature in this issue. It was with great anticipation that we looked to unveil the story. Instead, it comes to light in the wake of one the darkest moments of our era—the murder of thous...

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Lighting October 1, 2001

Design-Build: The Engineer’s Point of View

Design-build project delivery has opened many opportunities—and created many new pitfalls—for engineering firms. For better or worse, design-build has established itself as an approach to which engineers have had to adapt. The good news is that they've adapted well.More than 95% of firms that responded to Consulting-Specifying Engineer's 2001 "Giants" survey (CSE 8/01 p.

By Scott Siddens, Senior Editor
Lighting October 1, 2001

The Right Mix

The invention of the air-side economizer was a great boon to the HVAC industry as it made it possible to circulate large volumes of outdoor air when the conditions are favorable. The technology saved huge amounts of mechanical cooling energy, and money, in temperate climates and is a feature now required in most energy codes.

By Eugene DeJoannis, P.E., Technical Associate, VanZelm Heywood & Shadford, West Hartford, Conn.
Lighting September 1, 2001

BACnet 1 2 3

The ASHRAE-devised communications protocol is undergoing more specifier-friendly changes, but in the meantime GSA's guide is a useful tool in specifying systems using BACnet

By Eugene DeJoannis, P.E., Technical Associate, van Zelm Heywood & Shadford, West Hartford, Conn.
Lighting September 1, 2001

New products & literature – 2001-09-01

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide more efficient and cost-effective heat transfer than shell-and-tube and other traditional types of heat exchangers. With three times higher "U" values, the equipment's turbulent-flow design results in lower fouling. (Superchanger by Tranter PHE, Inc.)Circle 1Integrated life-safety platform offers emergency voice communication; a remote system annunc...

By Staff
Lighting June 25, 2001

LEDs and Laser Diodes Head for a Boom

The global market for light-emitting diodes, optocouplers, photodetectors and laser diodes is projected to dramatically increase from $1.97 billion in 1999, to $10.11 billion by 2006, according to the market research firm, Frost & Sullivan.

By Staff
Lighting June 18, 2001

Energy-Efficient Compressed-Air Energy-Storage System Under Development

An innovative new type of compressed-air energy-storage (CAES) system that offers greater energy-efficiencies is now under construction in Norton, Ohio.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2001

AC or DC—or Both?

In the past, telecommunications and data-communication operations were distinctly different entities. Housed in separate departments within a firm, each had its own unique power needs—and its own way of meeting those needs. But with the development of computer networks and the Internet, telecom and datacom centers have converged.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2001

Electricity Worries Hit the Top of Business Agendas

It's clear that electricity's availability, quality and cost have become a growing source of worry" for businesses, says David Reichman, president of RKS Research & Consulting, North Salem, N.Y. An RKS research project, in which 831 energy decision-makers in eight U.S. industries were interviewed, found that 34 percent of those surveyed employ on-site generation.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2001

Web Hosts Call for Warp Speed

Internet hotels and Web-hosting centers are springing up in unusual places and are being built under nearly impossible schedules. The need for these facilities has been spurred by the explosion of Internet-service providers and e-commerce companies that require new facilities to maintain a competitive advantage.

By Peter Oliveri, P.E., Principal, Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Mission Critical Facilities Group, White Plains, N.Y.
Lighting June 1, 2001

New products & literature – 2001-06-01

Luminaries for industrial, retail and public facilities feature die-cast aluminum electrical enclosures, a heat/shock-resistant glass optical chamber and a corrosion-resistant finish. These lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors and can reduce refractor uplight to approximately 15 percent for diffuse downlight.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2001

New Products & Literature – 2001-06-01 – 2001-06-01

A roundup of new products from our June issue.

By Staff
Lighting June 1, 2001

Distributed Generation May Be Salmon Savior

As many as 250 diesel generators were acquired by businesses in Washington state last winter as power rates rose due to the California energy crisis, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal. "The pressure of skyrocketing spot prices for electricity isn't the only consideration to be balanced against the pollution impact of diesel-produced power," the paper reports.

By Staff
Lighting April 26, 2001

Fanning the Flames of Efficiency

Visitors from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joined the Arlington Heights, Ill.-based Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) last month to announce a new public-private partnership that will promote fan-system efficiency and develop new assessment tools for fan systems...

By C.C. Sullivan, Editorial Director
Lighting March 20, 2001

Let’s Talk Telco

The growth of Internet data centers —buildings that house computer servers and networking equipment and have the potential to consume as much power as a small city—were the focus of a recent conference in Washington, D.C.. The event, hosted by Edison Electric Institute (EEI), was the first gathering of consulting engineers, data center developers, zoning officials and electric utilities who came together to scrutinize the unique challenges and opportunities that data centers pose.

By Staff
Lighting March 1, 2001

Compressed for Success

Ten tips for designing and maintaining optimal instrument air systems

By John M. Rattenbury, P.E., Senior Corporate Engineer, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers, Inc., Boston
Lighting March 1, 2001

The Way of the World.Wide Web

There's no better time than today for another brief visit to We've updated our Web site, and we have more features and better functionality than ever before.

By C.C. Sullivan, Editorial Director
Lighting March 1, 2001

Changing of the Guard: The Programmable-Logic Controller

Long the mainstay of industrial process controls, the programmable-logic controller (PLC) is now emerging as a superior control device for life-safety systems...

By David F. Sereno, P.E., and Glenn Grasso, Affiliated Engineers, Inc., Madison, Wis.
Lighting March 1, 2001

Lighting Terms for 2001

Compact-fluorescent lamps: Triple-tube compact-fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are ideal for downlighting applications, especially when the appearance of an incandescent downlight is desired. When used in a vertical base-up design, the luminaire provides better cutoff and produces less glare than the traditional horizontal-mounted twin-tube CFL luminaire.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting February 21, 2001

Lighting-Controls Market On the Rise

With energy conversation becoming a greater priority for building owners, the lighting-controls market is expected to continue growing through 2006, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan, San Jose, Calif.

By Staff
Lighting February 16, 2001

Keys to Keep the Power Pumping

By assisting an end-user in addressing certain key issues, the chances of staying connected during power interruptions will increase, according to Syska & Hennessy's OnlinEnvironments.

By Staff
Lighting February 1, 2001

Local Area Lingo: A Turn-of-the-Century Controls Glossary

Control network: A collection of DDC microcontrollers distributed throughout a facility that use a control protocol and one or more network media to communicate. Control protocol: An electronic language spoken between microcomputer-based DDC controllers to pass values and commands.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 25, 2001

CSI Considers Updating Formatting Standard

To keep up to date with changing technology, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Alexandria, Va., is currently studying the need to revise its MasterFormat, a nationally used formatting standard for nonresidential construction. Specifically, CSI is looking to adapt the standard to reflect advances in telecommunications technology.

By Staff
Lighting January 25, 2001

Photovoltaics Frenzy

Having already surpassed the billion-dollar mark in 1999, the photovoltaics market is projected to increase ten fold by the year 2010, according to a recent report by Allied Business Intelligence (ABI), Oyster Bay, N.Y.

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 2001

Specifying Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Photovoltaics (PV)-which directly convert sunlight into electricity-have come a long way since their early days as a source of power for spacecraft and remote communications systems. Solar technology is now available in a variety of building materials, including skylights, curtainwalls, canopies, sunshades a...

By Paul Wormser, Solar Design Associates, Harvard, Mass.
Lighting January 1, 2001

More Influence? Survey Says So

Talking to mechanical and electrical engineering firms these days, one gets the impression that engineers hold more sway in building design and construction than ever before.

By C. C. SULLIVAN, Editorial Director
Lighting January 1, 2001

The Evolving Engineer

How important is the consulting engineer to the building team? In the 1970s, a typical reply probably would have been somewhat important. However, if one were to ask this question in the year 2001, a more likely response is very important.Yes, it's true.

By BARBARA HORWITZ, Associate Editor
Lighting January 1, 2001

Watching the Lights: A Reliable PQ Indicator

The flicker chart below shows one measure of how power disturbances can affect power users. At any point above the orange line, light flicker will be noticeable, while above the purple line people will begin to become irritated by the intensity and frequency of the flicker.Flickering of the lights is a definite indication that there are voltage variations in the distribution system.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2000

Design Issues in Outdoor Lighting:

Light pollution Light trespass Illumination quality Energy efficiency

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2000

Fox Studios’ Good Neighbor Policy

In the design of the new Child Development Center on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles, engineers from Syska & Hennessy chose to be good neighbors.Because the 10,000-square-foot facility with seven classrooms and an outdoor playground was to be located at the edge of the 52.9-acre lot, the facility's design had to take into consideration the concerns of a neighboring 20-story hotel.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting December 1, 2000

IAI Boosts Interoperability with New Release

In an industry effort to add value to the building design and construction process, the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) has released a new version of software designed to better enable the transfer of information between different building systems, software and products.

By Staff
Lighting November 1, 2000

Pulse-Start Upgrade Increases Productivity-and Efficiency

The Angelus Sanitary Can Machine Company, Los Angeles, recently upgraded its lighting technology-not to save energy dollars, but rather to increase productivity by enhancing the quality of its workspace. Energy savings, however, were a welcome added benefit.

By Staff
Lighting November 1, 2000

Power Play

With electric deregulation becoming a reality in an increasing number of states, several of our larger clients have approached us for help in restructuring their electric service to best take advantage of the deregulated environment.

By ALLAN HASKELL P.E., Principal, JERRY DAUGHERTY P.E., Engineer and NORMAN MILLER, Director of Marketing, Fosdick Hilmer, Inc., Cincinnati, OH
Lighting November 1, 2000

Consortium Studies Lighting

While studies have shown a correlation between the well-being of employees and their exposure to brightness, glare and daylight, no causal evidence has conclusively linked lighting to worker productivity.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Projector-mirror lighting system

Projector-mirror lighting system floods a room with light without revealing its source and without competing with design aesthetics. The system luminaire contains circular louvers with an integrated lamp shielding to provide glare protection. A computer-designed reflector ensures perfect focusing and low beam divergence. Lamp options are 70-watt and 150-watt T lamps.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Security-lighting wallpack

Security-lighting wallpack is a low-wattage model designed to reduce glare, sky glow and "light trespass" at entryways, walkways and general perimeter areas. Wallpack cuts light off sharply, eliminating wasteful light above 90 degrees. Device also prevents perimeter light from spilling onto adjacent properties.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

HID pulse-start ballast family

HID pulse-start ballast family has been expanded to include 750- and 1,000-watt metal-halide ballast retrofit kits available in quad tap for 120, 208, 240 and 277 volts and in tri tap for 120, 277 and 347 volts. Kits contain the appropriate core and coil, a properly rated and prewired capacitor-and ignitor, if required-color-coded leads, installation instructions and trouble-shooting tips.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Uplifting Solution for Elevator Manufacturer

In the course of renovating its Bloomfield, Conn., service center, Otis Elevator received a $27,000 incentive from Connecticut Light & Power Company and is expected to save more than $16,000 in annual energy costs by switching from traditional metal-halide lamps to a more energy-efficient, pulse-start technology.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Firms Miss Out on Older Talent

For 10 years I've subscribed to several magazines in the same genre as yours. "The People Problem: Labor Solutions" (April, 2000) is the first article I've seen that addresses the older engineer.I retired from a position as manager of engineering at 66. I quickly found that hobbies are boring if they are the only reason for getting up in the morning.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Pipe-joining system

Pipe-joining system for small-diameter, lightwall stainless-steel and carbon-steel piping in sizes 0.5 inch through 2 inches requires no welding, threading or flanges. Assembly involves cutting the pipe to size, inserting into couplings and pressing with a handheld electric or electrohydraulic tool, creating a permanent mechanical union.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Security/emergency stations

Security/emergency stations are specifically designed to withstand weather and vandalism in places where two-way communication is required, such as parking garages, elevators, stairwells, walkways and entry doors. Devices allow easy integration with other security systems, including those for closed-circuit television, access control, alarm and PBX.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

LCD-based lighting control

LCD-based lighting control offers direct access to manufacturer's lighting systems without the need for personal computers, laptops or other plug-in devices. The control, with a new large-button design, is factory programmed to be fully functional right out of the box. Users can monitor and operate lighting in any room of a facility from one or more locations.

By Staff
Lighting October 1, 2000

Industrial lighting fixture

Industrial lighting fixture offers optimal performance with T8 lamps and high-light-output ballasts. Precise herringbone slots run the length of the fixture body to provide 170 degrees of even distribution above the fixture at 92-percent energy efficiency and 90-percent light output below the fixture.

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 1970

High-Level Integration for a High-Tech Office

For high-tech, mission-critical companies like Townsend Analytics Ltd. of Chicago, a specialist in computer applications for Web-based finance, the ideal office is one where integrated building systems produce the right environment both for equipment and personnel. For its 11,000 square feet of space on the 19th floor of Chicago's 100 South Wacker building, the company was looking to integrate...

By ANIL AHUJA, P.E., General Manager Exelon Services Westchester, Ill.
Lighting January 1, 1970

Software Helps Tidy Up Clean Rooms

Concern over cross-contamination between different cleanliness classes within a clean-room garment-changing area led an in-house engineering team at the Belgium facilities of Alcon Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company based in Ft. Worth, Texas, to carry out a design study simulating air movement, heat transfer and distribution of contaminants through the rooms.

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 1970

Log On For Lamp Recycling

Engineers and lighting designers can now access useful information on fluorescent and high-intensity-discharge lamp recycling at a new Web site——sponsored by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Rosslyn, Va. The Web site includes information about federal and state regulatory lamp management requirements, state regulatory contacts, a list of compan...

By Staff
Lighting January 1, 1970

A Chiller Plant That’s Never on Vacation

The Hilton @ Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa, located in Destin, Fla.,along Florida’s northwest Gulf Coast between Pensacola and Panama City, features 600 guest suites, 32,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, four on-site restaurants, four championship golf courses, 13 tennis courts, two outdoor and one indoor swimming pool, and a full-service spa, salon and fitness center.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Lighting January 1, 1970

Report Predicts U.S. Fixture Shipments to Reach $14.4 Billion in 2008

Shipments of lighting fixtures in the U.S. are expected to rise over 5% annually through 2008 to over $14.4 billion, according to Lighting Fixtures , a new study from The Freedonia Group, an industrial market search firm. This pace represents a significant acceleration from the 1998-2003 period as improving economic conditions boost demand in both construction and manufactured goods markets. Advances in lighting fixture demand will also be supported by an ongoing focus on energy efficiency, which will lead to residential remodeling activities and nonresidential retrofit projects aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of existing lighting systems.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff