Corporate Development Track

Corporate Development Track

Advancing Corporate Development is designed to help principals of consulting firms and engineering managers. Sessions in this track focus on leadership, sales, marketing, and management skills and help managers grow their engineering business and also fortify their firms with internal mentoring, training, and staffing programs.


  • AIA Learning Units Awarded: 4 (1 per session)
  • Cost: Free
  • Number of Educational Sessions: 4

Mentoring: Making the Match

Amy Smith, PhD
Vice President of Research and Training, The Ivanovich Group

In this presentation, Dr. Amy Smith will touch on the benefits of mentoring programs, then explore more deeply the process of matching mentors and mentees. From this presentation, attendees will better understand how making the correct mentoring match can improve a firm’s success.

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How to Spin Off a New Consulting Firm

Mike Walters, PE, LEED AP

Principal, Confluenc Inc.

In this presentation, Mike Walters will explore the opportunities well-established engineering firms have to spin off new firms, or to launch subsidiary firms focusing on a particular engineering specialty. As a previous Principal of a $90 million engineering firm, Mike Walters saw an opportunity his firm was missing out on and-with their blessing and financial support-developed a new firm, Confluenc Inc., that now focuses on institutional strategic energy planning.

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Differentiating Yourself From the Rest of the Engineering Stiffs

Peter C. Harrod, PE

Vice President, Cosentini

During this session, Peter Harrod will discuss how engineers can differentiate themselves and their firms from the rest of the pack and sell their services effectively. Throughout Peter Harrod’s career, he has acted as an adviser to design teams and building owners on compliance with local and international fire safety codes and standards. His experience includes development of fire protection design strategies using code and performance based approaches as well as other special studies related to specific code compliance issues.

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Creating Your Firm’s Design Standards and Quality Assurance Program

Brian Rener, PE, LEED AP
Manager, electrical platform leader and manager of quality assurance, M+W Group

In this presentation, Brian Rener will review the importance of design standards and quality assurance programs, and provide an outline of how engineers can propose a program at their own firm to save time and money during the design phase and avoid costly errors and omissions issues during construction.

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