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Courtesy: WSP USA
Automation, Controls December 11, 2020

Case study: Manufacturing plant BAS update

A manufacturing facility restructured its building automation system, which created several returns on the investment

By Jaco Cronje
The internal workings of the biosensor designed by the Aerosol Pathogen Sensor team. In operation, a patient will breathe into the air pipe. The aerosol will be guided through the tubing via an air pump and into a chamber where the sample will be scanned for traces of COVID-19 using the gold sensor chip and heating laser. Courtesy: Ryan Bean, Texas A&M University
Hospitals December 8, 2020

Rapid COVID-19 detection for hospitals, retirement homes designed

Texas A&M University student researchers are working on a biosensor that could quickly diagnose cases and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals, retirement homes and more.

By Jennifer Reiley
Courtesy: Baker Barrios Architects & Ramston Capital, LLC/TLC Engineering for Architecture
Building Types December 2, 2020

Multi-family housing design trends driven by COVID-19

As the COVID situation has driven many to work from home, the need for changes to the way in which new multifamily apartment buildings are designed has become apparent; architects and designers are adjusting to this new normal.

By Brian McSweeney, PE
Courtesy: CRB
Building Types November 10, 2020

Three ways to pandemic-proof your facility

Segregation, cleanability, and automation/process closure are proven ways to protect viral containment through a pandemic and beyond.

By James P. (JP) Bornholdt
Left to right: Steve Copenhagen, LEED AP; Alissa McFarland, AIA, LEED AP; Erik Terry, LEED AP. Courtesy: CannonDesign
Building Types November 3, 2020

Five answers on the current state of science research, learning

Three experts from CannonDesign offered their advice on the current state of science research and learning and how that informs their decisions.

By CannonDesign
Courtesy: Henderson Engineers/Lowe’s
Building Types October 20, 2020

How warehouse design is evolving

The warehouse and distribution industry has been evolving in recent years and fulfilling these online orders has necessitated expanded and more advanced warehousing for many of our partners.

By Justin Harvey, Tony Welter, Doug Weis, Chris Culp and Jen Jewers Bowlin
Courtesy: Henderson Engineers
Building Types October 13, 2020

Guidelines for infection control in housing design facilities

Due to COVID-19, citizens across the country have spent more time inside their homes than ever before.

By Steven Neville
Courtesy: CannonDesign
Building Types October 12, 2020

What PK-12 schools can learn from museum design

Schools can encourage enthusiasm from children by designing them to be more like museums, which encourage interactivity as well as learning.

By Mike Corb and Troy Hoggard
Courtesy: Lockwood Andrews & Newnam Inc.
Automation, Controls September 29, 2020

Basics of building automation in industrial, manufacturing facilities

Industrial and manufacturing facilities have several building automation and controls needs engineers must include in new or retrofit projects

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Courtesy: Lockwood Andrews & Newnam Inc.
Codes and Standards September 29, 2020

Basics of codes and standards for industrial, manufacturing facility design

Industrial and manufacturing facilities have specialty codes and standards engineers must include in new or retrofit projects

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer