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Labs, Research September 9, 2022

Your questions answered about HVAC: Labs and research facilities

After the Aug. 11, 2022, webcast, the presenters answered several questions left open during the presentation

By Jeremy Barrette and Brandon Fortier
Labs, Research August 24, 2022

Powering the future: optimizing facilities for lithium-ion battery research and development

The pace of Li-ion battery innovation has sparked new demands for laboratories, manufacturing, and testing.

By Dave Sereno
Labs, Research March 22, 2022

Three must-know strategies for developers in today’s Life Sciences industry

While the life sciences industry had been steadily growing, this growth exploded when the pandemic arrived—and there is no indication that this lightning-fast pace will slow down any time soon.

By Holly Lennihan and Alicia Pandimos-Maurer
Labs, Research January 3, 2022

The Expanding Lab: Considerations when repurposing space to bolster research capabilities

With an urgent need to increase lab space all over the country, the logical question is: can we convert non-lab space into lab space?

By Regal Leftwich
Labs, Research September 2, 2021

Building, renovating and engineering Labs: Six things developers and clients should know

Developing lab facilities is far more complicated than developing most other building types, especially when it comes to MEP engineering.

By George Hachem and Nick Caronna
Labs, Research August 20, 2021

SUNY Buffalo State College completes final phase of Science & Mathematics complex

20 years in the making—and it proves well worth the wait. The project was completed in October 2020 and includes the much-anticipated planetarium and greenhouse.

By Frank Sica
Labs, Research June 11, 2021

The Big Shift: how laboratory design should respond to personalized medicine

Crucial to the success of personalized medicine is the “big shift” away from large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing to small-scale lab manufacturing.

By Alicia Pandimos-Maurer
Labs, Research April 20, 2021

Seven factors for converting commercial office buildings into research labs

Empty office spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic are making some want to turn them into research labs, which brings its own unique set of challenges.

By Katie Courtney and Don Rosen
Labs, Research March 12, 2021

10 things developers need to know for the next lab opportunity

The demand for lab space is growing, which can leave designers feeling flummoxed. How can they meet their clients' expectations? Consider these 10 steps.

By Mark Paskanik and Michelle Gangel
Labs, Research November 13, 2020

The impact of science and technology facility design on COVID-19 research

Science and technology facilities designed for Medicago and FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies serve as case studies for how design helps researchers combat health crises like COVID-19 and what makes them effective.

By Don Kranbuehl
Labs, Research October 27, 2020

University starts lab operation for COVID-19 mitigation testing

Indiana University has started operating its own labs for COVID-19 testing and will be able to complete 35,000 tests per week.

By Chuck Carney
Labs, Research October 19, 2020

Design solutions for aging mid-century laboratories

Aging mid-century laboratories continue to be a pressing challenge for institutions across the country and building owners are at a crossroads with what to do with these buildings.

By Michael DeLuca, Jeff Murray, FAIA and Carl Schultz, PE, LEED AP
Labs, Research August 12, 2020

Advice on wet and dry labs from lab design experts

As technology and testing advance, wet labs and dry labs have become more interconnected, but these spaces still have fundamentally different purposes and design considerations.

Labs, Research July 28, 2020

COVID-19 test developed to deliver results in under an hour

CU Boulder researchers have developed a rapid, portable, saliva-based COVID-19 test able to return results in 45 minutes, which could be deployable in community settings like manufacturing facilities and factories.

By Lisa Marshall
Labs, Research July 20, 2020

Lab design techniques to accelerate COVID-19 test processing

Testing is a crucial component of our global response to COVID-19 and producing enough tests processing the results quickly to the public is a challenge we currently face.

Labs, Research May 27, 2020

Faculty grants for COVID-19 research awarded

Rice University researchers have been awarded grants to research COVID-19's effects as well as develop technologies and protocols to mitigate its effects.

By Jade Boyd
Labs, Research May 26, 2020

Designing public health laboratories to safeguard researchers during pandemics

In laboratories across the globe, researchers are working around the clock to develop better testing procedures and treatments to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

By Stephen Blair and Michael Vinkler
Labs, Research April 17, 2020

Bayer Crop Science Plant Science Research and Development Facility

Renovation of this 164,300-sq-ft R&D facility combining Bayer Vegetable Seeds and Biologics

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research April 10, 2020

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Life Sciences Lab

NASA’s Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL) serves as a primary gateway for research payloads bound for the ISS and supports groundbreaking biological and life sciences flight and ground research

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research December 23, 2019

Lab, research facility design

Learn tips on how to design labs and research facilities — some of the most high-tech buildings around

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research December 5, 2019

The University of Arizona: Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building

The University of Arizona’s Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building (BSPB) fosters collaboration among research scientists, healthcare providers, and private companies.

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research October 1, 2019

National Institutes of Health: Porter Neuroscience Research Center Phase II

World class biomedical neuroscience research facility.

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research September 20, 2019

University of Southern California: The Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

Architecture/Engineering integration optimized with CFD.

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research September 19, 2019

St. Louis Engineers Share Insights into John’s Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on Engineering Tomorrow Podcast

Marc McManus, St. Louis office engineering leader, Alex Oliver, senior mechanical engineer, and Colin Hale, mechanical engineer/energy services, were recently featured on the podcast Engineering Tomorrow to discuss the state-of-the-art Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

By CannonDesign
Labs, Research September 11, 2019

How do you build a laboratory that combines high performance with energy efficiency?

Arup provided comprehensive strategies for Northeastern University’s new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC).

By Arup
Labs, Research June 19, 2019

World-class biomedical neuroscience research facility

The Porter Neuroscience Research Center co-locates researchers from nine NIH Institutes in an innovative setting, launching an initiative to increase the pace of discovery in all areas of neuroscience in a sustained effort to understand the human brain.

By Affiliated Engineers
Labs, Research June 7, 2019

Five Big Ideas from the 2019 Laboratory Design Conference

Here are the five big ideas from the conference that stood out.

By Danielle Larrabee
Labs, Research May 14, 2019

Five design concepts for teaching laboratory success

In a teaching laboratory, each new day can feel like its own unpredictable experiment, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

By Katelyn Deckert, M.A.
Labs, Research March 22, 2019

The Scientific Method at Work: Designing Labs for Productivity

Not all labs are created equal. Why do some research facilities produce more patents?

By Dave Miller
Labs, Research March 12, 2019

John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Building 201 celebrates topping out

The team from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Building 201 recently celebrated the topping out ceremony – reaching a significant milestone in the design and construction process.

By Danielle Larrabee
Labs, Research January 18, 2019

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, January 11-17

Designing safe laboratories and research facilities; designing power systems for co-location data centers; how to design fire alarm notification systems; tips for transformer design in industrial buildings; and emergency, standby, and backup generators questions answered were Consulting-Specifying Engineer's five most clicked articles from last week, Jan. 11-17. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By McKenzie Burns
Labs, Research December 14, 2018

Designing safe laboratories and research facilities

Engineers working on laboratory and research projects are tasked with balancing state-of-the-art systems, budgetary concerns, occupant safety, sustainable performance, and other factors.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research November 2, 2018

World’s Smartest Building?

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) College of Engineering has announced a new research center boasting a sensor driven computing platform to manage people and equipment. University officials claim that the new Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science will host a number of "firsts," including the first commercial sensor-driven computing system using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Developed by location-based computing company Ubisense, the system will utilize UWB radar technology created by scientists in Cambridge, England.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research August 9, 2018

Jacobs: Department of Veteran Affairs Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System Replacement

Commissioning, retro-commissioning; survey work; government building; military facility; and new construction

By Jacobs
Labs, Research August 2, 2018

Common pitfalls to avoid with building a lab

Designing labs can be complicated. Here are the top seven design pitfalls to avoid when building a lab.

By Chris Ertl, CRB
Labs, Research May 14, 2018

2018 40 Under 40: Blythe Vogt, PE, LEED AP; 40

Managing Director, Affiliated Engineers Inc. (AEI), Denver BS and MS architectural engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan Vogt is managing director of the AEI Denver office. She is a hands-on manager leading some of the office’s more challenging projects in higher education, research/teaching labs, and clinical applications.

By Jack Smith, Content Manager; Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief
Labs, Research April 26, 2018

Three ways to build AEC firm value

In order to increase the value of architecture, engineering, and consulting (AEC) firms need to make actionable management decisions, focus on gross profit, and reduce the average collection period (ACP).

By Neil Churman, 7 Mile
Labs, Research December 28, 2017

The science behind laboratory and research facility projects

Engineers need to consider many factors for a lab or research facility so it can perform as needed. Engineers with experience on such facilities offer advice on how to pass the test.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research October 27, 2017

2017 Lighting and Lighting Control Study

Lighting in research facilities, laboratories.

By Amanda Pelliccione, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research June 2, 2017

Finding certainty in uncertainty: What health care can expect in 2017

There are a lot of unknowns about what health care will look like under the new presidential administration. But even in the midst of all this uncertainty, there are a few certain ways we know the health care industry (and capital development within it) will be changing in the years ahead.

By Michael Pukszta, AIA, CannonDesign
Labs, Research April 13, 2017

Solar combiner box

The Crouse-Hinds series 1,500-Vdc solar combiner box, with and without integral dc-disconnect switches, is built to minimize system costs by providing maximum flexibility.

By Eaton
Labs, Research March 30, 2017

Case study: Integrating lighting, HVAC in a lab

A new lab building uses a hybrid wired and wireless approach to optimize controls.

By Sagar Rao, Affiliated Engineers Inc.; and Angi Xanders, Pivotal Lighting Design
Labs, Research January 12, 2017

Roche Diagnostics holds official site dedication for campus transformation

Roche Diagnostics dedicates new buildings on its Indianapolis campus to transform and enrich its North American headquarters.

By CannonDesign
Labs, Research December 19, 2016

Flexible design and nimble systems help prepare for a biomedical emergency

A careful examination and prepared approach resulted in an adaptable facility built to accommodate the client’s developing business needs.

By Allan Bream, Grace Linton, Matthew Khair, Jack Striebel, CRB, Raleigh, NC
Labs, Research December 5, 2016

How to vision your lab project in one day

High-level visioning processes can be used in combination with practical approaches to create a vision in a day.

By Mark Paskanik, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, CRB, Raleigh, North Carolina
Labs, Research September 30, 2016

Integrated control systems for labs

Successful controls integration can be a challenge in both new construction and renovation projects. Laboratory facilities present unique challenges with critical lab spaces and non-lab areas that include both traditional building automation systems (BAS) and packaged laboratory controls.

By Jeremy Bartlett, CxA, RMF Engineering, Baltimore
Labs, Research September 30, 2016

Chemical resistant canopy hoods

These canopy hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, heat, steam and odors.

By Hemco
Labs, Research September 12, 2016

Getting analytical on labs

This article summarizes trends and considerations to be mindful in relation to the physical environment in which analytical labs operate.

By Brian Peasley, PE, LEED AP, CRB, Philadelphia
Labs, Research April 11, 2016

Innovative design vs. innovative process

Isn't innovative laboratory design today a mix of both research connectivity and paradigm change within an organization coupled with the physical environment?

By Eric T. Jaffe, CannonDesign
Labs, Research December 10, 2015

Arup Thoughts: BIM drives valuable collaboration

The Big Room, also known as the Integrated Center for Design and Construction, was an ambitious project. Its goal was to bring an entire delivery team together to design and build the complex Mission Bay Hospital digitally before starting work on site.

By Andrew Maher, Arup
Labs, Research December 8, 2015

Accelerating innovation in the pharmaceutical industry

The key to success in the pharmaceutical industry is innovation.

By Deb Sheehan, CannonDesign
Labs, Research June 24, 2015

Crowdsourcing for engineering excellence

Put your firm’s best foot forward by sharing your successes and top-notch information.

By Amara Rozgus, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research May 27, 2015

Creating efficient, effective labs

Laboratory and research facility operators must produce precise, reliable results every time in order to stay in business—and they insist upon that same precision from the engineers working on their buildings.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research April 17, 2015

Engineers: What do you need most?

Based on research done by Consulting-Specifying Engineer and CFE Media, engineers tend to prefer analytical data, online tools from manufacturers, and product information. Do you agree?

By Amara Rozgus, Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research December 2, 2014

FMI: Nonresidential construction index slowly rises

According to FMI's latest nonresidential construction index report, there is a slight increase on the index from 62.5 in the third quarter to 62.8 in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Labs, Research September 22, 2014

Andrew King’s TRANS ARCHITECTURE Exhibition set to open at Ryerson University

CannonDesign's Andrew King is set to open his TRANS ARCHITECTURE exhibition at Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science.

By Cannon Design
Labs, Research August 14, 2014

Affiliated Engineers Inc.: U.S. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Energy Systems Integration Facility

New construction of a research facility/laboratory.

By Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Labs, Research May 23, 2014

High standards for labs, research buildings: Automation and controls

Laboratory and research facilities are high-performance buildings, often with complex systems and exacting standards for engineers to meet. Building automation and management systems often are employed.

By Jenni Spinner, contributing writer
Labs, Research May 22, 2014

High standards for labs, research buildings: Fire and life safety

Laboratory and research facilities are high-performance buildings, often with complex systems and exacting standards for engineers to meet. Fire and life safety challenges abound in these buildings.

By Jenni Spinner, contributing writer
Labs, Research April 24, 2014

The Society of Women Engineers: Top research trends in 2013

The Society of Women Engineers' (SWE) compiled the best research found in the past year's social science literature on women engineers and women in STEM disciplines. Listed here are some of the top trends across the various research initiatives.

Labs, Research April 18, 2014

Catch the National Environmental Balancing Bureau conference’s presentations

Topics such as data center design and commissioning, engaging a younger engineering workforce, hydronic systems control valves, energy benchmarking, air-leakage testing, and labratory airflow control were presented and discussed in early April at NEBB's annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

By Jessica DuBois-Maahs, CFE Media
Labs, Research September 3, 2013

NEBB cleanroom testing seminar, exam

NEBB's Cleanroom Performance Testing seminar and exam is Oct. 21-23 in Holly Springs, N.C.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research August 15, 2013

Sandia National Laboratories Molten Salt Test Loop

New Construction; Sandia National Laboratories Molten Salt Test Loop; Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers Inc.

By Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers Inc
Labs, Research August 15, 2013

Johnson County Criminalistics Laboratory

New construction; Johnson County Criminalistics Laboratory; Harley Ellis Devereaux

By Harley Ellis Devereaux
Labs, Research August 15, 2013

Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory

New Construction; Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory; HDR Architecture Inc.

By HDR Architecture Inc.
Labs, Research June 28, 2013

Research facilities can stop wasting money, water, time, and productivity today

Cooling systems can create a steady flow of cool water at a precise temperature for research equipment, which helps prevent emergency shutdowns.

By Gerald Williams, Cannon Design
Labs, Research May 28, 2013

Designing labs, research buildings: Sustainability and efficiency

Labs and research facilities house sensitive equipment and must maintain very rigid standards. Energy efficiency and sustainability are also key considerations.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research May 24, 2013

Nonresidential construction index hits record high

FMI's nonresidential construction index improved two points to 60.1 for the second quarter, but concerns remain about the effects of sequestration on public and private construction.

Labs, Research April 17, 2013

When suppliers relocate, energy and sustainability are key considerations

Companies’ corporate headquarters show firms’ commitment to energy efficiency.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Labs, Research April 17, 2013

Grundfos looks to pump up education about water, energy efficiency

Company will capitalize on the need to retrofit existing pump systems to deliver energy and operational efficiency.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager, CFE Media
Labs, Research April 17, 2013

NEBB fume hood seminar

NEBB's seminar will focus on performance testing with hands-on demonstrations as well as HVAC concepts and discussions on safety enclosures.

Labs, Research December 31, 2012

Commissioning control systems for MCFs

Controls success starts in design with clear requirements, and ends with thorough testing and complete turnover. Here are eight steps to follow.

By James McEnteggart, PE, Primary Integration Solutions LLC, Charlotte, N.C.
Labs, Research December 19, 2012

Providing power for high-tech facilities

High-tech buildings as well as mission critical facilities must have reliable electrical power.

By Rick Reyburn, JBA Consulting Engineers, Las Vegas
Labs, Research November 21, 2012

Data, research to help you excel

Watch for specialized surveys and research requests in your e-mail in-box, and be sure to share your knowledge. We'll keep you and your firm apprised of the best research possible so that you can make informed decisions.

By Amara Rozgus
Labs, Research August 22, 2012

Americas PV market grew 120% in first half of 2012

The Americas photovoltaics (PV) market more than doubled in the first half of 2012 to reach 1.7 GW and is reportedly set to reach almost 4.3 GW for the full year.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Lockheed Building 245—Materials, Sciences

New construction: Lockheed Building 245—Materials and Sciences; Alfa Tech

By Source: Alpha Tech
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Environmental Services Laboratory Relocation

New construction: Environmental Services Laboratory Relocation; Erdman Anthony

By Source: Erdman Anthony
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Kaleida Health, Clinical, Medical Research Building

New construction: Kaleida Health, Clinical and Medical Research Building; Cannon Design

By Source: Cannon Design
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Albany County Sewer District: Incineration Waste Heat Recovery/Co-Generation Project

Addition to existing building: Albany County Sewer District: Incineration Waste Heat Recovery/Co-Generation Project; CDM Smith

By Source: CDM Smith
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

The Ohio State University RDJ MEP Upgrades, South Campus Central Chiller Plant

MEP upgrades, new construction: The Ohio State University RDJ MEP Upgrades and South Campus Central Chiller Plant; Engineering Economics Inc. (EEI)

By Source: Engineering Economics Inc. (EEI)
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Navistar International Corporate Headquarters

Navistar International Corporate Headquarters; Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD)

By Source: Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD)
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Randall B. Terry Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center

New construction: Randall B. Terry Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center; RMF Engineering

By Source: RMF Engineering
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Nalco Chemical Laboratory

Existing building retrofit: Nalco Chemical Laboratory; Redding Linden Burr Inc.

By Source: Redding Linden Burr Inc.
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Jefferson Laboratories Technology, Engineering Development Facility

Addition to existing building: Jefferson Laboratories Technology and Engineering Development Facility; EwingCole

By Source: EwingCole
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Cornell University—Stocking Hall Rehabilitation

Addition to existing building: Cornell University—Stocking Hall Rehabilitation; M/E Engineering, P.C.

By Source: M/E Engineering, P.C.
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Cleveland Clinic Pathology, Laboratory Medicine Institute

New construction: Cleveland Clinic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Institute; Karpinski Engineering

By Source: Karpinski Engineering
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Wayne State University, A. Paul Schapp Chemistry Building

Addition to existing building: Wayne State University, A. Paul Schapp Chemistry Building; Harley Ellis Devereaux

By Source: Harley Ellis Devereaux
Labs, Research August 9, 2012

Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

New construction: Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine; exp

By Source: exp
Labs, Research July 27, 2012

Weekly merger, acquisition, deal update: July 27

The pace of industry consolidation has picked up dramatically over the summer. This week Morrissey Goodale tracked six domestic and four international transactions. This brings the total year-to-date deal count in the United States to 104, up 7% over the 97 domestic deals tracked through the same period in 2011. Including the U.S., the total global deal count is now 193, down a marginal 2% from the 196 global deals tracked through the same period last year.

By Source: Morrissey Goodale
Labs, Research May 14, 2012

2012 40 Under 40: Erik A. Eaves, PE, 36

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Burns & McDonnell, St. Louis

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist
Labs, Research May 14, 2012

2012 40 Under 40: Jared Edwards, PE, LEED AP BD+C, 36

Senior Project Manager/Senior Mechanical Engineer, Smith Seckman Reid Inc. (SSR), Dallas

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist
Labs, Research May 14, 2012

2012 40 Under 40: April Eisenhauer, PE, LEED AP BD+C, 29

Mechanical Engineer, ccrd Partners Professional Consulting Engineers, Dallas

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist
Labs, Research May 14, 2012

2012 40 Under 40: Martin Howell, LEED AP, CEM, 39

Associate, Arup, Los Angeles

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist
Labs, Research May 10, 2012

Scientific method

Laboratory facilities are among the most sensitive, complex structures an engineer can be asked to consult on. Juggling issues of sustainability, environmental integrity, cost control, and others can be a scientific process in and of itself. Here, top engineers offer their advice on how to effectively handle such delicate projects and maintain the perfect chemistry.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research February 24, 2012

Construction activity improves in Q1

FMI's newest Nonresidential Construction Index (NRCI) increased 7.8 points to 58.1, indicating the construction industry is slowly improving along with the rest of the economy.

Labs, Research December 29, 2011

Juxtaposing science, art, and technology

Mariano Rodriguez is a science planner, where he designs master plans for pharmaceutical, vaccine, and industrial companies and government institutions.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Labs, Research July 19, 2011

Test center for low-energy buildings

A user test site at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory allows researchers and manufacturers to test various energy efficient building systems and components in real-world conditions.

By BY: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Labs, Research June 29, 2011

Understanding laboratory ventilation codes

Become familiar with the project parameters and governing codes and standards to provide good HVAC design, proper airflow, and correct pressure relationships for your project and client.

By J. Patrick Banse, PE, LEED AP, Smith Seckman Reid Inc., Houston
Labs, Research November 14, 2008

ASHRAE, NEBB join forces

The two industry groups join together to promote building design, construction, and operation professionals' interests with a memo of understanding.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research June 12, 2008

Blink and miss computer finishing 1 quadrillion tasks

Scientists unveiled the world’s fastest supercomputer on Monday, a $100 million machine that performs 1 quadrillion calculations per second in a sustained exercise. The computer, nicknamed Roadrunner, is twice as fast as IBM’s Blue Gene system at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which itself is three times faster than any of the world’s other supercomputers.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research August 4, 2007

AMCA International Laboratory Expands A2LA Accreditation Scope

The Air Movement and Control Association Intl. (AMCA), Arlington Heights, Ill., announced in July that it has expanded an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation scope to include acoustic tests on fans, louvers, and reference sound sources.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research June 20, 2007

Adobe Announces Availability of Acrobat 3D Version 8

Adobe Systems, San Jose, Calif., has announced the immediate availability of its latest version of Acrobat. Acrobat 3D Version 8 software enables CAD, CAM, CAE and technical publishing professionals in the AEC industries to convert virtually any 3-D CAD file into a single PDF document.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research May 25, 2006

Realcomm Announces Research Portal

(From RealcommAdvisory) In almost every area of business, research plays an important role in moving markets forward. There are those who take the time to ask the tough questions and ponder where the next phase of evolution will occur in their respective businesses. Without good research, business would become stagnant and eventually lose its forward momentum.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research April 4, 2006

New BACnet Test Lab Established

For more than five years of continuous operation, the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) has operated a test lab in Boston. BACnet International and BTL have reached an agreement with SoftDEL Systems to establish and maintain a test lab for BACnet products. SoftDEL is headquartered in Stafford, Texas, but the actual test facility that the company will operate for BTL will be located in Mumbai, India. The BTL Manager and BTL working group of BACnet International will continue to administer the test lab. Jim Butler, of BACnet International member company Cimetrics, has served as BTL Manager since 2000.for some, we also sought for a cost-effective solution. Finally, we needed to maintain the objective neutrality of a third party. We entertained several proposals but settled on SoftDEL after extensive investigation.” According to Ajay Nirantar, business development manager for SoftDEL, the Mumbai lab has been performing similar testing and validation since 2001. Transitional training for test lab personnel takes place in April.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research April 7, 2005

Video Organizes Paper Documents

Researchers from the University of Washington are working to integrate the “paper” and “electronic” offices, according to a report in the Jan. 2 Technology Research News. Researchers developed a system that uses an overhead video camera to track physical documents on a desk.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research December 22, 2004

Warm Offices Linked to Fewer Typing Errors and Higher Productivity

Warm workers work better, an ergonomics study at Cornell University finds. Chilly workers not only make more errors, but cooler temperatures could increase a worker’s hourly labor cost by 10%, estimates Alan Hedge, professor of design and environmental analysis and director of Cornell's Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory. When the office temperature in a month-long study increased from 68 “The results of our study also suggest raising the temperature to a more comfortable thermal zone saves employers about $2 per worker, per hour," said Hedge. In the study, which was conducted at Insurance Office of America's headquarters in Orlando, Fla., each of nine workstations was equipped with a miniature personal environment-sensor for sampling air temperature every 15 minutes. The researchers recorded the amount of time that employees keyboarded and the amount of time they spent making error corrections. Hedge used a new research approach employing software that can synchronize a specific indoor environmental variable—in this case temperature—with productivity. “At 77 An abbreviated version of the study is available at .

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research September 29, 2004

Engineers Call for a Virtual Meeting with the Presidential Candidates

With the presidential election only a month away, engineering and science organizations are calling for virtual meetings with President Bush and Senator John Kerry, according to the October 2004 issue of Engineering Times from the National Society of Professional Engineers. In August, both Bush and Kerry were invited to participate in separate “virtual town hall meetings” by the CEOs of a number of major U.S. corporations and associations. The invitation has been endorsed by 50 organizations that represent members of industry, the scientific community, and academia, including NSPE. The candidates’ campaign organizations both acknowledged the invitation, but neither candidate has committed to participating in the virtual meetings, according to a spokesperson from the American Physical Society. During the virtual meetings, each candidate would deliver a 15-minute speech outlining his vision of science and technology in the future and his plans for those areas in the 21st Century.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff
Labs, Research June 1, 2004

Marketing: What It Is and Why We Do It

Marketing professionals at A/E firms are all too familiar with the experience of frantically pulling together responses to requests for proposals (RFPs). But effective marketing is more than just RFPs and interviews. Planning, research, networking, conferences and trade shows, public relations and communications also play vital roles in winning new clients—and keeping existing ones.

By Gwyn Jones, CPSM, Marketing Manager, SmithGroup, Washington, D.C., and Sandra Knight, APR, Corporate Director of Public Relations, SmithGroup, Detroit
Labs, Research April 15, 2002

Fast Schedules for Lab Delivery

The April 2002 roundtable dealt with issues in laboratory design, and this deep link offers the panelists' thoughts on project schedules.

By Staff
Labs, Research July 1, 2001

Construction Lien Laws: A Little-Used but Valuable Engineering Tool

Design professionals often overlook a valuable tool they can use to collect their accounts receivable; the construction lien laws of the state where a project is located can help a firm collect sums owed for work or equipment delivered. The first construction lien law was enacted in Maryland in 1791, and since that time, the other 49 states have adopted similar laws for the protection of co...

By Bruce H. Schoumacher, Querrey Harrow, Ltd. Chicago
Labs, Research March 21, 2001

Revenues and Acquisitions on the Rise

Engineering firms posted strong revenue growth in 2000 and a growing interest in merger and acquisitions, according to two recent surveys conducted by Zweig, White & Associates, Inc. (ZWA), a Natick, Mass.-based market-research firm specializing in design professions...

By Staff