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Courtesy: CannonDesign
Labs, Research October 19, 2020

Design solutions for aging mid-century laboratories

Aging mid-century laboratories continue to be a pressing challenge for institutions across the country and building owners are at a crossroads with what to do with these buildings.

By Michael DeLuca, Jeff Murray, FAIA and Carl Schultz, PE, LEED AP
Courtesy: CRB
Labs, Research August 12, 2020

Advice on wet and dry labs from lab design experts

As technology and testing advance, wet labs and dry labs have become more interconnected, but these spaces still have fundamentally different purposes and design considerations.

Alcami Tech Center and Laboratory Wilmington, North Carolina. Courtesy: CRB
Labs, Research July 20, 2020

Lab design techniques to accelerate COVID-19 test processing

Testing is a crucial component of our global response to COVID-19 and producing enough tests processing the results quickly to the public is a challenge we currently face.

Courtesy: Mark Herboth, Clark Nexsen
Electrical Systems June 18, 2020

Four tips for successfully designing pharmaceutical lab space

Pharmaceutical labs offer many challenges for electrical engineers, but good communication and thorough planning can bypass most of these challenges.

By Patrick Licklider
biocontainment laboratories are where various pathogenic organisms and agents (i.e., viruses, bacteria or toxins that produce a disease) are held and studied in a highly controlled and isolated environment. Courtesy: CannonDesign
Labs, Research May 26, 2020

Designing public health laboratories to safeguard researchers during pandemics

In laboratories across the globe, researchers are working around the clock to develop better testing procedures and treatments to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

By Stephen Blair and Michael Vinkler
Courtesy: Perkins+Will
Labs, Research April 17, 2020

Bayer Crop Science Plant Science Research and Development Facility

Renovation of this 164,300-sq-ft R&D facility combining Bayer Vegetable Seeds and Biologics

By Affiliated Engineers
Courtesy: Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Labs, Research April 10, 2020

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Life Sciences Lab

NASA’s Space Life Sciences Lab (SLSL) serves as a primary gateway for research payloads bound for the ISS and supports groundbreaking biological and life sciences flight and ground research

By Affiliated Engineers
Courtesy: Aaron Lindberg Photography, CRB
Building Types February 21, 2020

Vivarium renovation planning and design

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), a Tier I Research University, wanted to develop a barrier suite within its existing vivarium facility.

Codes and Standards December 30, 2019

Lab, research facility design: Codes and standards

Learn tips on how to design labs and research facilities — some of the most high-tech buildings around

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Electrical, Power December 27, 2019

Lab, research facility design: Electrical, power and lighting

Learn tips on how to design labs and research facilities — some of the most high-tech buildings around

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer