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Data Centers June 1, 2007

Critical Facilities Consulting

One of the nation's major mission-critical design firms, New York City-based EYP MCF, reports that it is ushering in a new era of reliability with the formal establishment of Critical Facilities Consulting (CFC). Firm officials report that the impetus behind the launch of the CFC division is driven by significant changes taking place within the mission critical industry.

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Data Centers August 30, 2006

Webcast Archive

Click Here to View Upcoming Webcasts Critical Power University On-Demand Webcasts: Standby Power Systems for Hospitals: The Debate: Is Paralleling Generators a Good Idea? Original Air Date: May 14, 2009 The primary goal of an emergency power system for a hospital is the reliability of the power source of adequate capacity to serve the Priority 1, 2, and 3 loads. In the event of a failure of one of the generators, the priority 1 and 2 loads should be powered (as a minimum). There are two ways to achieve this reliability and capacity: A) Provide a paralleling, emergency system with N+1 generators such that the N generators will serve the entire load without exceeding 80% of their individual unit rating. Or, B) Provide a system of generators and transfer switches so that the each generator serves a dedicated load (that does not exceed 80% of any unit rating) and the load of any generator can be transferred to another generator or generators to maintain power reliability. For the paralleling system the pros are:Traditional system configuration, true N+1 configuration, and the cons are: higher cost, large space requirements, and single-point-failure mode in the paralleling cabinet. For the multiple generator system the pros are:Smaller footprint, reduced cost, no single point failure modes, and the cons are: the configuration requires that two transfer switches be placed in series at some point in the system. Which is the better approach? View the Webcast and judge for yourself. Arguing for paralleling generators is Tom Divine, PE, Project Manager and Electrical Engineer, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), Houston. Arguing against paralleling generators is Kenneth Lovorn, PE, President and Chief Engineer, Lovorn Engineering Associates, Pittsburgh. All CPU Webcasts are FREE and continuing education credits are available.

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Data Centers June 1, 2003

More “Nines” Not Always Better

A mission critical facility (MCF) provides an environment where processes occur which are integral to an organization's viability. The MCF for a stock exchange includes its trading floor and related clearing houses. A bank's MCF may consist of a data center that processes billions of dollars of credit card transactions; the most critical portion of a hospital may be its operating and communicat...

By Raj Gupta, P.E., President, ESD Construction, Inc., Chicago