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Data Centers January 26, 2011

Transients in mission critical facilities

Each of the three transient conditions in an MCF has a different cause, different result, and different method of mitigation.

By Kenneth L. Lovorn, PE, Lovorn Engineering Assocs., Pittsburgh
Data Centers April 5, 2010

Earthquakes and data centers

Many data centers use seismic isolation technology to protect racks and servers in the event of a major earthquake.

By Source: Data Center Knowledge
Data Centers June 1, 2009

Specifying generator control switchgear

View the full story, including all images and figures, in our monthly digital edition With daily advances in information technology and other processes and services, the world is becoming a more complicated and power-hungry place. Many industries and services have become increasingly more dependent on a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electric power. However, a continually shrinking electric generation margin reduces the reliability of utility-provided power. Consequently, the use of backup power control systems and generator control switchgear has grown and will continue to grow—in number, capacity, and complexity—in the coming years.

By John Meuleman, Russelectric Inc., Hingham, Mass.
Data Centers May 1, 2009

Commissioning mission critical systems

The 24/7/365 nature of a mission critical facility makes its commissioning (Cx) unique. With an abundance of redundant systems and a zero tolerance for downtime, a data center's MEP infrastructure requires careful commissioning practice, which can be more expensive than commissioning less complex facilities. Because of this complexity, increasing scrutiny of budgets, and ever-tightening schedules, gaps in commissioning can occur that lead to larger, more expensive problems down the road. However, by defining commissioning roles early, integrating schedule coordination, completing peer review, and employing simulation and demonstration methodology, commissioning can be a cost-effective ally for delivering data centers on time and within budget. This article outlines some of the strategies that we have been successfully employing on data center and mission critical projects. Project scope From project to project, the commissioning scope involves verification and documentation, including factory witness, field acceptance, and integrated systems testing.

By Jim Vallort, LEED AP, CBCP; and Bob Weber, PE, Environmental Systems Design,
Data Centers June 1, 2007

Critical Facilities Consulting

One of the nation's major mission-critical design firms, New York City-based EYP MCF, reports that it is ushering in a new era of reliability with the formal establishment of Critical Facilities Consulting (CFC). Firm officials report that the impetus behind the launch of the CFC division is driven by significant changes taking place within the mission critical industry.

By Staff
Data Centers June 1, 2003

More “Nines” Not Always Better

A mission critical facility (MCF) provides an environment where processes occur which are integral to an organization's viability. The MCF for a stock exchange includes its trading floor and related clearing houses. A bank's MCF may consist of a data center that processes billions of dollars of credit card transactions; the most critical portion of a hospital may be its operating and communicat...

By Raj Gupta, P.E., President, ESD Construction, Inc., Chicago