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Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, December 25-31: NEC changes, data center design, 2017 HVAC study, and more.

NEC changes, data center design, 2017 HVAC study, developing lighting solutions, and creating... » more

Data center design considerations

This article provides guidelines on distribution systems’ levels of redundancy, the correct... » more

Evaluating modular data center design for supercomputing facilities

The modular approach in designing a data center for supercomputers is based on the computing... » more

Your questions answered: Critical power: Power generation systems in high-performance buildings

The Sept. 21, 2017, “Critical power: Power generation systems in high-performance buildings”... » more

Video: Speed to Market: How to Commission a Modular Data Center in Today's Marketplace

An exploration into the evolution of the data center marketplace and its challenges.

The development of ASHRAE 90.4: Energy Standard for Data Centers

ASHRAE 90.4 is a new energy standard for data centers that calls for meeting minimum efficiency... » more

ASHRAE’s new energy standard for data centers 

ASHRAE Standard 90.4 is a flexible, performance-based energy standard that goes beyond current... » more

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Webcast: How to Specify Electrical Components in Hazardous Locations

Electrical engineers should learn to reduce design time by specifying components in hazardous systems.

Your questions answered: Electrical systems: Designing electrical rooms

Unanswered questions from the Nov. 16, 2017, webcast on designing electrical rooms are addressed by the presenters. » more

Webcast: Cybersecurity in Integrated Buildings

Cyberattacks are actions that target computers and network systems designed to disrupt the normal operations of the system. These actions can be initiated locally (from within the physical facility) or remotely (from outside)....

Your questions answered: An NFPA 70B and 70E Overview: Eliminate the Risk of Electrical Hazards and Avoid Expensive Shutdowns

The Oct. 25, 2017, “An NFPA 70B and 70E Overview: Eliminate the Risk of Electrical Hazards and Avoid Expensive Shutdowns” webcast presenter addressed questions not covered during the live event. » more

Webcast: HVAC: Should you specify an oil-free compressor?

Oil-free compressors can be specified in several air conditioning applications. Learn to engineer these systems for demanding air-cooled systems.

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This specialty newsletter focuses on data centers and mission critical facilities, including electrical/power, HVAC, fire suppression, and other engineering topics.

Cannon Design Blog

Malcolm X College is a strategic response to the rapid evolution of healthcare in American and specifically Chicago. Courtesy: CannonDesign

CityLab profiles Malcolm X College teaching hospital

Malcolm X College has invested in new architecture and high-tech... » more

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Video: Effective Building Automation Controls...

An examination of the design and construction...

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This focused newsletter covers hospitals and health care facilities, including codes and standards, electrical/power, HVAC, fire and life safety, and other engineering topics.

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