Automation, Controls

Automation, Controls January 1, 1970

Build Value in Now … or Later?

Our enlightening and spirited discussion of value engineering (VE), also known as value analysis, continues. Its ardent defenders have been its practitioners, while the most vocal detractors have been consulting design engineers. For example, Gregory Josephs, P.E., of Philadelphia, was involved with modifications to sedimentation tanks at a large sewage-treatment plant, and VE was mandated by...

By C.C. Sullivan, Editorial Director
Automation, Controls January 1, 1970

Hydraulic Institute Releases Air Operated Pump And Test Standards

The Hydraulic Institute (HI), Parsippany, N.J., has just added two new standards to its ANSI/HI Pump Standards: the American National Standards for Air Operated Pumps (ANSI/HI 10.1-10.5-2004), and the American National Standards for Air Operated Pump Tests (ANSI/HI 10.6-2004). Air Operated Pump Standard This new standard is for air operated pumps, including positive displacement reciprocating pumps used for general liquid transfer, which are driven by means of compressed gas (usually air) from an outside source. The pump may be designed with a single diaphragm or double diaphragms connected to a reciprocating shaft in which one side of the diaphragm is in contact with the liquid being pumped, and the other side is in contact with the compressed gas (air). The standard includes the following sections: • Types, Configurations and Nomenclature• Definitions• Design and Application• Installation, Operation and Maintenance Air Operated Pump Test Standard This new standard applies to the test of air-operated diaphragm and bellows pumps.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff