Automation, Controls

Automation, Controls June 1, 2001

Economy Offers Mood for Thought

A down economy is always a downer. For most M/E engineering firms, however, the presumably weak business conditions are only affecting a small fraction of projects currently on the boards. Most consultants report being very busy, and there have been no announced workforce reductions at any of the major firms.

By C.C. Sullivan, Editorial Director
Automation, Controls May 21, 2001

Calif. Power Crisis Gives Boost to Solar Power

As Californians brace for another summer of blackouts and price spikes, solar and photovoltaic installations are quickly becoming a popular power alternative, say designers.

By Staff
Automation, Controls May 1, 2001

NFPA Exposition Products

New components straight from the floor of the 2001 show.

By Staff
Automation, Controls May 1, 2001

Catch Mistakes Now, Save Money Later

While checking on the progress of an audio-visual system installation for a client, a consulting engineer discovered a worker preparing to sand drywall directly over an uncovered mixing board worth $35,000. Silly and expensive mistakes like this one are made all too often in today's busy commercial and industrial construction industry.

Automation, Controls March 1, 2001

Trends In Power Usage

An initial public offering document that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Chatsworth, Calif.

By Staff
Automation, Controls March 1, 2001

Problems with POWER

The concept of load and source compatibility is not new. In fact, the need to provide power with steady voltage and frequency has been recognized since the inception of the electric utility industry. However, the definition of "steady" has changed over the years, with increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment that is much more susceptible to departures from steady conditions.

By ANIL AHUJA, P.E., Director, New Products and Services Exelon Services, Inc., Westchester, Ill.
Automation, Controls March 1, 2001

Distribution Generations Meets the Challenge

Times have changed," says Mark Gerken, president of American Municipal Power-Ohio, Inc. (AMP-Ohio). "Several years ago, the market was stable and it was possible to buy power in reasonable annual contracts. Today you can't. Prices now fluctuate on an hourly basis.

By Staff
Automation, Controls February 9, 2001

Smoke Control for Fire-Protection System Designers

January: Smoke Control Advice for fire-protection system designers, including the major components of a smoke-control system and the special problems to look out for.

By Mike Prowse, Siemens Cerberus
Automation, Controls February 1, 2001

Brightening Trends: Controls Manufacturers

Lighting-control systems can only develop as far as their components take them, making the role of manufacturers in lighting control an important one...

By Staff
Automation, Controls February 1, 2001

Integrated Buildings, Integrated Services

Buildings are constructed to serve the needs of both occupants and businesses. And while occupants need facilities with a comfortable, safe and healthy environment, businesses need reliable communication and technical equipment to perform their work. To meet the demands of both, an integrated building system...

By Anil Ahuja, P.E., Exelon Services, Westchester, Ill.