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Boilers, Chillers April 13, 2017

Cooling tower

The Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower is a cross-flow evaporative cooling system that provides up to 50% more cooling capacity than other single-cell, factory-assembled cooling towers.

By SPX Cooling Technologies
HVAC/R and Mechanical March 1, 2017

Gearboxes for field-erected cooling towers

SPX Cooling Technologies' Series M Geareducer gearboxes reduce the speed of the electric motor to optimize fan performance.

By SPX Cooling Technologies
Other Building Types June 9, 2016

Plume abatement technology

ClearSky plume abatement technology provides cooling tower efficiency, conserves water, and reduces unwanted water vapor plumes when integrated with Marley field-erected counterflow cooling towers.

By SPX Cooling Technologies
HVAC/R and Mechanical September 1, 2015

Cooling towers

Marley NC 8400 cooling tower features increased efficiencies and a reduced footprint for new and replacement cooling in HVAC, light industrial, and power applications.

By SPX Cooling Technologies
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Pumps March 28, 2022

DT Fluid Cooler

An induced-draft, coil only closed-circuit cooling tower, the Marley® DT Fluid Cooler with Aero-X™ coil technology provides dry operation flexibility that fill/coil hybrid coolers cannot.1. Process fluid is pumped internally through the coils.2. Recirculating water is pumped from the collection basin to the pressurized distribution system and is evenly distributed over the coils.3.

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