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Arc Flash and Electrical Safety June 15, 2023

Revit Version 24.0

Schneider Electric’s launch of its Advanced Electrical Design™ for Autodesk® Revit® (v24.0.0) offers more intelligent, unified and connected workflows. Designed by BIM Electrical Corp., an organization formed by Schneider Electric and Autodesk to drive long-term digital transformation in the industry, the enhanced software helps electrical engineers improve workflows while increasing efficiency and accuracy. Built by engineers for engineers, the software provides an all-in-one solution to plan, analyze, optimize and document electrical plans, saving significant time in building electrical networks designed for the future energy landscape.

Schneider Electric
Courtesy: CFE Media
Electrical and Power February 21, 2022

PowerLogic PFC Smart Capacitor Bank

This is a 'smart' capacitor bank for correcting power factor. What sets this device apart is the fact that it self monitors and sends alerts and notifications if maintenance is required or if a component of the capacitor bank is not working correctly. Therefore, the user will be alerted and can fix the issues before the capacitor bank fails and results in power factor penalties from the utility.

Schneider Electric
Electrical and Power November 7, 2022

Quick Connects

Power panels enable regulated facilities to comply with requirements such as Article 700.3(F) of the National Electrical Code. With Quick Connect Panels, a facility with one generator can access supplemental backup power when its primary generator is taken offline. A facility without a permanent generator can gain a means for obtaining temporary backup power during outages.

Schneider Electric