Randy Schrecengost

Randy Schrecengost is a senior project manager and principal mechanical engineer with Stanley Consultants. He has extensive experience in design and in project and program management at all levels of engineering, energy consulting, facilities engineering and commissioning. He is currently ASHRAE Director Regional Chair for Region VIII and is a member of the Consulting-Specifying Engineer editorial advisory board.


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HVAC April 20, 2022

Understand the physics of air

How does air density affect fan performance?

By Randy Schrecengost
Case Studies April 20, 2022

Case study: Calculating an exhaust system

Referencing code and using the correct calculations will allow the design to exhaust a battery room properly

By Randy Schrecengost
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HVAC April 19, 2022

Ancient to modern air movement

Air movement has been manipulated for centuries. What’s the history?

By Randy Schrecengost
Courtesy: Katie Spain, CFE Media
Heating and Ventilation April 19, 2022

Back to basics: fan affinity laws

Fan affinity laws can be used by a design engineer to compare similar fans

By Randy Schrecengost
Heating and Ventilation April 18, 2022

Air movement and air handling systems

When designers understand basic concepts applied within air movement or air handling systems and make correct fan selections, these systems can operate at or near peak efficiency

By Randy Schrecengost
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