Paulina Diaz


Case Studies September 23, 2022

Case study: Specifying condensing boilers

A surgical center optimized efficiency with condensing boilers

By Paulina Diaz
Boilers, Chillers September 22, 2022

Back to basics: Boilers and hot water systems

Learn about hot water systems, boilers and their applications in commercial buildings

By Paulina Diaz
Plumbing, Pumping August 2, 2022

How to use the International Plumbing Code

Learn about design criteria for the design of plumbing systems

By Paulina Diaz
Courtesy: TDIndustries
Boilers, Chillers September 21, 2021

Design parameters for boilers and hot water heating systems

Understand the design and application of condensing boilers and heating water systems

By Paulina Diaz