Matt Pelletier

Matt Pelletier is product training engineer, Yaskawa America Inc. With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Pelletier has been with Yaskawa America since 1999. He has worked extensively with product engineering to develop interactive hands-on training for servo tuning, IEC 61131, PLCopen, and advanced programming workshops for rotary knife, PackML, robots and conveyor tracking. Pelletier has created a library of training videos with hands-on access to remote servo and controller equipment. These courses are available free on Yaskawa’s website ( Otherwise known as “Matt Servo,” he is a specialist in the application of Yaskawa Servos and Motion Controllers in a variety of industries, authoring several articles in various publications.


Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
Motors and Drives June 16, 2022

Direct-drive servo tutorial, application update

Solving low speed rotary servo applications with direct-drive motors avoids hidden initial costs, while saving money over the life of the machine. Example shows $73,000 annual savings on a widget-making machine.

By Matt Pelletier
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