Mark Goodale

Mark Goodale is principal at Morrissey Goodale, a specialized management consulting and research firm serving the architecture, engineering and environmental consulting industries. Morrissey Goodale is a CFE Media content partner.


Courtesy: Brett Sayles, CFE Media and Techology
Commissioning November 14, 2023

Organization structure: Beyond the boxes

Mark Goodale explains different kinds of organizational structures and what kinds of firms each might work for

By Mark Goodale
Commissioning November 6, 2023

How architectural engineering firms can gain traction for growth

If a strategic plan isn't working, there are five main reasons why the plan isn't working as well as expected and how to fix it.

By Mark Goodale
Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Commissioning October 2, 2023

Eight common mistakes on AE board of directors and six ways to fix them

There are eight common mistakes firms make when they create their board of directors. Six tips on fixing these common issues are highlighted.

By Mark Goodale
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Commissioning September 25, 2023

AE industry tapping the brakes on raises and bonuses

Mark Goodale discusses changes in worker compensation from January to September of this year.

By Mark Goodale
Courtesy: Morrissey Goodale.
Buildings February 20, 2023

The M&A World through the Eyes of Buyers and Sellers (Part 2—The Buyers)

Jon Escobar, vice president of Morrissey Goodale’s buy-side engagements, gives readers a glimpse into the minds of buyers.

By Mark Goodale
Buildings February 13, 2023

The M&A world through the eyes of the sellers

Morrissey Goodale's Brendon Cussio weighs in on the current stage of mergers and acquisitions in the A&E market.

By Mark Goodale
Industry News January 6, 2020

What engineering firms can expect in 2020

Here are eight business trends to watch this year

By Mark Goodale
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