Building Automation and Controls October 28, 2022

Wireless Integrated Fixture Sensors and Controllers

The Intellect Wireless Integrated Fixture Sensors and Controllers solve lighting control problems with no separate sensor layout needed. The product was engineered to be installed directly into luminaries to enable wireless networking in a GreenMAX DRC Wireless Lighting Control System. Virtually any fixture can be intellect-enabled for an integrated in-fixture wireless control solution.

Electrical and Power October 3, 2022

Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters

Leviton recently introduced the new VerifEye™ Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters. The meters are designed to monitor a comprehensive data set of electrical parameters for industrial applications. Ideal for power distribution panels and custom panel shops, these meters fit in a standard 92mm x 92mm panel mount cutout and are offered with a range of Split Core and Rogowski smart current transformers (CTs) to cover a broad range of applications. Industrial processing facilities are major consumers of electricity and other utilities that often need to monitor industrial processes for profitability.

Lighting and Lighting Controls March 22, 2022

MSU-DFX Luminaire

Leviton Lighting brand Viscor recently announced they are launching a new Certolux MSU-DFX luminaire featuring 365DisInFxTM UVA technology designed to promote cleaner surgical suites. This is the first luminaire Viscor’s Certolux brand has released featuring 365DisInFx UVA Technology since Leviton Lighting brands announced they were licensing the technology for incorporation into their portfolio in 2020.“Our new MSU-DFX luminaire provides an innovative and highly effective UVA technology intended for operating rooms that can help reduce bacteria, which is the most common source of surgical site infections,” said Tim Stevens, director of product management, Certolux. “This unique technology combined within Certolux’s best-in-class surgical luminaire, provides superior illumination, disinfection, and simplicity.”The new surgical luminaire with DFX technology has the added benefit of 365nm UVA light. This technology provides a controlled amount of UVA light to reduce the bacteria on surfaces within surgical suites.

Lighting and Lighting Controls July 20, 2022

Gallery XL Track Luminaire

ConTech Lighting by Leviton today announced the introduction of the new Gallery XL Track Luminaire designed for the demands of museums, retail displays, and other architectural spaces.   The new Gallery XL Track Luminaire features a flat back cylinder form and an integral driver which creates a simple profile that disappears in a space. An adjustable arm is integrated seamlessly into the form of the fixture to eliminate any visible wiring or adjustment hardware while still allowing 0-100 degrees of vertical adjustment and 365 degrees of horizontal adjustment. Vertical angle guides are provided to allow pre-aiming and a discreet locking screw provides additional security to ensure that adjustments will be maintained.   The five different beam distributions begin with a 10-degree option that utilizes a dual lens optic and delivers a well-defined beam with minimal field.

Electrical and Power July 14, 2022

Antimicrobial Treated Decora® Slide Dimmer

Leviton today announced the introduction of its Antimicrobial Treated Decora Slide Dimmer. The device, the first antimicrobial treated dimmer on the market, is the latest addition to the company’s current offering of antimicrobial treated Decora Switches, Toggle Switches, and Wallplates.  Replacing traditional devices with antimicrobial treated products provides a practical solution to help keep the surface of devices and wallplates cleaner throughout the home. By incorporating an antimicrobial additive into the product material, Leviton Antimicrobial Treated Devices help to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the device between normal cleanings. The Leviton Antimicrobial Treated Decora Slide Dimmer is designed for optimal control of dimmable LED and CFL bulbs as well as incandescent.

Electrical and Power April 12, 2022

SmartlockPro® Self-Test GFCI Combination USB Type A/Type C In-Wall Charger

Leviton recently announced the introduction of its new SmartlockPro Self-Test GFCI Combination USB Type A/Type C In-Wall Charger. This device combines the trusted ground-fault protection of Leviton GFCI technology with two high-powered USB ports – one Type A port and one Type C port – to deliver maximum power for faster charging and up to two times more power than competitive devices.The 4.8A USB offers 24W of total power. Overcurrent protection on the two USB ports help protect electronics from receiving too much power, which can damage devices.

Lighting and Lighting Controls February 15, 2022

BWA250 acoustic Luminaires and Panels

The BWA250 acoustic luminaires and panels by Birchwood Lighting combine exceptional sound dampening with seamless, pixel-free illumination to provide superior quality light and sound clarity for large open indoor environments.  Reducing the noise level in a room is key for comfortable and efficient work environments. With the BWA250, building occupants can see and hear more clearly with minimal background noise, resulting in greater concentration and focus on what it is they are doing.   With an NRC rating of 0.95, BWA250 lowers the noise level in a room by absorbing internal and external sound influences through the BW Acoustic material. Available in lit or non-lit configurations, 200 – 900 lm/W and an integral driver, the BWA250 is designed with advanced modern performance and industry-leading sound dampening. Available with direct/indirect illumination and a sustainable housing made from 60 percent post-consumer recycled content, Birchwood acoustic luminaires offer a responsible solution for open environments, such as open office spaces, schools and common areas.   For additional information about the BWA250, please visit: https://www.birchwoodlighting.com/en/products/bwa250.