Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Writer


Electrical and Power August 1, 2004

Practical Engineering Curriculum Helps Ground Students for the Working World

At 48, Richard Sheryll, a biological oceanography and electronics graduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., is definitely one of the senior-most men on campus. Sheryll went back to school to learn how to build the equipment he needs for his own biotechnology company. And while his real-world experience has helped him there, he has also learned a great deal about work...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Writer
Building Automation and Controls September 1, 2003

Fire Down Below?

All new technology must go through its growing pains, and the use of underfloor plenums for HVAC distribution and power, voice and data cabling is no exception. While raised-floor systems have been used for space conditioning in commercial buildings overseas for more than 30 years—and for process cooling in computer rooms for more than 50—it is only recently that they have become mo...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Writer
Other Building Types June 1, 2003

Admission: Possible

Tourism is one of the industries still suffering from the economic downturn resulting from the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. Museums, particularly, are feeling that trickle-down effect. In fact, a front-page article in the Art Newspaper this past January declared an end to the art museum building boom, citing a series of projects in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York and San Francisco t...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Writer
Other Building Types January 1, 2003

Boom Time

Progress report: Has shown significant growth, and despite temporary setbacks, continues to move forward. Has some trouble with general math but showing great signs of improvement. Demonstrating great use of innovative design and technology but sometimes needs to work better with others. Increased population, record school bond referendums, improvements to bidding processes and greater accept...

By Kathryn M. Rospond, Contributing Writer