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Codes & Standards: Fire, Life Safety January 25, 2022

Tyco LFII 4.9K Lead-Free Sprinkler

The Tyco LFII 4.9K Lead-Free Sprinkler is the first ANSI/UL 199 Approved polymeric fire sprinkler to offer long-lasting dependable protection for residential buildings specified under NFPA 13D and 13R. The sprinkler is manufactured with a polymeric material that carries anti-heat and anti-corrosion properties that extend the life and value of the sprinkler compared to similar brass products. The sprinkler is certified to NSF 372 and NSF 61 to ensure compatibility with safe drinking water and lead-free plumbing requirements.

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HVAC November 1, 2022

YORK Sun Choice Ultra High-Efficiency Rooftop Unit

The 12.5- to 23-ton YORK Sun Choice Ultra High-Efficiency Rooftop Units (RTU) surpass DOE 2023 standards by up to 45%, delivering the highest part-load efficiency in their class.   Efficiency is achieved using a combination of Copeland™ high-efficiency ZPKZ fixed-speed, ZPS two-stage and ZPV variable-speed compressor technologies and ECM outdoor fan motors. A convertible filter rack with MERV 13 filters, demand control ventilation and economizers with modulating power exhaust are available to meet stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. Multiple airflow strategies – including variable air volume and exclusive IntelliSpeed™ discrete fan control with variable capacity control –improve temperature and humidity accuracy to deliver maximum occupant comfort.

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Codes & Standards: Fire, Life Safety September 29, 2021

Tyco ESFR Rapid Install Sprinkler (RIS)

Johnson Controls offers two Tyco early-suppression, fast-response (ESFR) Rapid Install Sprinklers (RIS) for protection of warehouse and storage facilities. The Model ESFR-22 and Model ESFR-25 pendent sprinklers, and their accompanying custom welded outlet fitting, simplify installation for fire protection contractors by featuring pre-installed rubber gaskets and a thread connection that can be installed by hand with no need for tools, tape or sealant. Both sprinklers provide warehouse design flexibility by eliminating the use of in-rack sprinklers when protecting high-piled storage.

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