John Meuleman, Russelectric Inc., Hingham, Mass.


Data Centers June 1, 2009

Specifying generator control switchgear

View the full story, including all images and figures, in our monthly digital edition With daily advances in information technology and other processes and services, the world is becoming a more complicated and power-hungry place. Many industries and services have become increasingly more dependent on a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electric power. However, a continually shrinking electric generation margin reduces the reliability of utility-provided power. Consequently, the use of backup power control systems and generator control switchgear has grown and will continue to grow—in number, capacity, and complexity—in the coming years.

By John Meuleman, Russelectric Inc., Hingham, Mass.
Healthcare Facilities November 1, 2008

Mission critical power backup

Hospitals require extraordinary reliability from their emergency backup power systems. Not only must all critical life-support systems remain online if the utility grid goes down, any other systems that could affect those operations also must be covered. And, with today's increased reliance on computerized medical records, data access is joining the list of essential services.

By John Meuleman, Russelectric Inc., Hingham, Mass.
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