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Data Centers September 19, 2012

Still more on ‘cutting the copper’

One evening, an easy method to scale back on the amount of copper we were installing dawned upon us—a concept that was certainly not revolutionary, but simply logical.

By Joe Guentert
Electrical and Power August 29, 2012

Protection, arc flash mitigation using internal VFIs in liquid substation transformers

From our previous discussions about the Cooper HDC liquid transformer with internal, under-liquid VFI’s, expanding the use of the VFI takes this concept a step further, and makes a great way to mitigate arc flash hazards on the secondary.

By Joe Guentert
Electrical and Power August 21, 2012

Efficiencies, losses of liquid versus dry-type transformers

There are important tradeoffs to be made when moving transformers from outdoor locations to inside a facility.

By Joe Guentert
Data Centers August 15, 2012

The ‘HDC’ transformer: A liquid-filled transformer designed specifically for application within large data centers

Let me to introduce to you a new liquid substation transformer that I believe solves all of the problems we've been discussing for so many weeks.

By Joe Guentert
Electrical and Power August 1, 2012

The Summer of 2012–A most unusual summer, too much “heat”

I’d like to pause for a bit this week to discuss some of the very unusual events of this very unusual summer for the data center industry, and also to discuss, of all things, the WEATHER.

By Joe Guentert
Electrical and Power April 18, 2012

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Arrives

Here's how the term “PCB” achieved worldwide notoriety almost overnight.

By Joe Guentert
Electrical and Power April 4, 2012

Trends In Major Power Distribution In Large Data Centers, the Rebirth of the ‘Loadcenter’ Unit Substation Concept

This series of "Cut the Copper" blogs is in direct response to questions I’ve received from many young engineers on the staffs of various data center owners and their consulting engineering firms I’ve recently met.

By Joe Guentert
March 20, 2012

The beginning of a trend

Welcome to “Cut the Copper.” In this blog, we’ll discuss the topic of power distribution in data centers. For now, let’s just get acquainted.

By Joe Guentert
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