Plumbing, Pumping and Pumps March 28, 2016

Heavy duty pressure transducers

PX3 Series are compatible with common hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants and allow system pressure monitoring and performance.

By Honeywell
Buildings December 9, 2015

Smart building technology

Honeywell's Command and Control Suite turns complex facility data into recommendations and easy-to-implement changes while linking building automation and the enterprise by combining automation, analytics, and visualization.

By Honeywell
August 10, 2015

Wireless fire alarm

The SWIFT line of wireless fire alarm detectors and modules seamlessly integrates with new and existing NOTIFIER systems to provide smarter solutions.

By Honeywell
Building Automation and Controls July 8, 2015

Industrial fire and gas system controller

The HS81-HS controller is designed for hazard monitoring and control at industrial sites.

By Honeywell
HVAC/R and Mechanical February 24, 2015

Integrated combustion system

The Slate Integrated Combustion System is designed to simplify the engineering of combustion equipment controls in one, easy-to-program platform and is designed for commercial and industrial boilers as well as other applications.

By Honeywell
Fire and Life Safety November 10, 2014

Wireless fire alarm solution

The Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT) detectors are a wireless fire alarm solution designed to protect challenging applications and building expansions and are UL-certified.

By Honeywell
Other Building Types October 6, 2014

Fire alarm system

The Fire-Lite Connect unifies multiple fire alarm systems over fiber optic cable to reduce monitoring costs while improving reporting details.

By Honeywell