Donald R. Monahan, PE, Walker Parking Consultants, Denver


Codes and Standards December 1, 2008

Turning down the lights

View the full story, including all images and figures, in our monthly digital edition Parking structures are significant users of electrical energy for lighting and can be a political hot-potato because they typically are illuminated 24 hours a day and, due to their open nature, are quite visible to the public. Due to the visibility and long operational hours, conservation of energy for lighting systems can contribute to both a savings in operating costs and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the power plants that generate the power to operate these lighting systems. Another perk: tax deductions and rebates from local utilities for lighting retrofits. Conservation of energy for parking garage lighting systems involves the use of energy-efficient light sources and automated controls to turn off lights when they are not needed.

By Donald R. Monahan, PE, Walker Parking Consultants, Denver