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Building Automation and Controls January 26, 2012

Controlling success

Rebecca Ellis is a nationally recognized leader in the commissioning industry and specializes in the design, analysis, and commissioning of intricate temperature and humidity control systems.

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MNS, ECS January 4, 2012

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, December 2011

The most visited articles at during December 2011 included articles on natural ventilation, standby power, the Smart Grid, and many others.

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Building Automation and Controls November 4, 2011

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, October 2011

Most visited articles at during October 2011 included the state of commissioning, lighting controls, electrical design for HVAC, NFPA13 for high-rises, and RCx.

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Electrical and Power September 19, 2011

2011 Product of the Year Winners

Consulting-Specifying Engineer Readers have cast their votes for the 2011 Product of the Year; read about the winners.

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Boilers, Chillers September 2, 2011

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, August 2011

Most visited articles at during August 2011 included getting to know the new lighting code, using geothermal systems to obtain net zero, chiller plants in humid zones, engineering smart hospitals, and MEP project profiles from the 2011 MEP Giants.

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Buildings August 2, 2011

Top Consulting-Specifying Engineer Articles, July 2011

Most visited articles at during July 2011 included technical articles looking at circuit protection in healthcare facilities, adding value to specifying fire sprinkler systems, properly sizing transformers for commercial projects, integrated HVAC and lighting controls to optimize BAS, and incorporating a detailed test and balance plan to overcome project pitfalls.

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Lighting and Lighting Controls August 1, 2009

Lighting control system – 2009-08-01

Maintain control on operating costs with the Square D Powerlink G3 intelligent lighting control system by Schneider Electric. The system can react to potential load-shed situations, such as market electrical prices reaching a predetermined ceiling that prompts a shift to backup power sources. It also contains a schedule-based controller, and facility managers can configure and execute load-shed sequences remotely. #10.

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MNS, ECS August 1, 2009

Recessed lighting system

Integrate vital building systems with high-efficiency lighting using the Neo-Ray Series 1B from Cooper Industries Inc. The fixtures feature a lamp-floating lensed microlouver on 1-in. centers with separate end utility compartments for occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, air returns, sprinklers, speakers, or a MR16 downlight.

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August 1, 2009

LCD annunciators

The AX series remote graphical LCD annunciator by Advance Fire Systems is available in two models, AX-ANN-C and AX-ANN-D. The C-model provides users with annunciation and programmable peer-to-peer system, while the D-model provides annunciation only. Both models feature a graphic LCD display and each are fully field-programmable, with the ability to communicate over an advanced fire system network. #4.

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Other Building Types August 1, 2009

Letters – 2009-08-01

Europeans versus Americans on energy Energy taxes are needed Europeans have placed large taxes on energy for decades recognizing the other impacts (costs) of energy use beyond the extraction, processing, and delivery costs. We need to get serious about gradually applying energy taxes here and efficiently direct their use toward energy-saving technologies. LARRY B Demographics and climate change I'm an American HVAC engineer who's been working in the U.K. for a while.

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