Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc


Buildings November 1, 2022

CONFAST Yellow Plastic Ribbed Anchor for Light Duty Applications

The CONFAST 3/16" x 1" 8-10 Yellow Plastic Ribbed Anchor is an ideal solution for fastening objects to drywall, hollow wall and block. These plastic ribbed anchors are intended for light duty applications, such as attaching a small shelf or towel bar to the wall.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Buildings December 1, 2022

CONFAST’s 7 Piece Masonry Hammer Drill Set

To easily drill a hole in a concrete brick, block, and masonry you will need a hammer drill with high quality carbide dipped drill bits. CONFAST now has tungsten carbide tip bits set for you to drill into concrete available for sale on our website. The tungsten carbide tips will help your bits last longer compared to typical steel drill bits.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Building Automation and Controls February 1, 2022

CONFAST Flat Phillips 410 Stainless concrete screws

CONFAST® Flat Phillips 410 Stainless concrete screws are designed for a fast and easy installation with optimal holding strength and providing long-​lasting rust resistance for exterior use. The anchor is made from 410 stainless steel, and is Silver Ruspert Coated. This anchor is designed for use in concrete, block and brick.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Buildings August 1, 2022

Male Hurricane Anchors

CONFAST 1/4"-20 x 2-1/4" Male Hurricane anchors install quicker and more efficiently than other storm protection anchoring products. For concrete and concrete block applications, drill pilot hole and drive the anchor in, it’s that easy. Pre-drilling is not required in wood base materials.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc
Energy Management July 1, 2022

#10-12 Plastic Conical Blue Bantam Anchor Kit

This new CONFAST® fastener kit is great for many light-duty uses - Install doorbells, curtain rods, pictures, light mirrors, photo frames, lights in drywall, plaster board, gypsum board, brick wall, concrete wall or wood wall. Easy to Install - use included bit to drill hole, insert the anchor, and place the item against the wall over the anchor, then drive the screw through the hole into the anchor.Designed to prevent problems during installation - ribs prevent anchor from spinning in the hole while tightening the screw Plastic Anchor material protects against rust and corrosion.The bantam plastic anchor is intended for light duty, non-critical applications. It can be used with a variety of foundation materials, including concrete, block, and brick. Although it is possible to use in wallboard, the holding values may vary and be unpredictable depending on the application.

Concrete Fastening Systems, Inc