Cleaver-Brooks helps businesses run better every day. As a world-renowned provider of boiler room products and systems, it is committed to providing efficient solutions that help its customers and the industry reduce energy usage, cost and environmental impact. Cleaver-Brooks is one of the few boiler room solutions providers that operates a dedicated research and development center committed to integrated engineering. In addition to developing energy-efficient, low-emissions products, the company has engineered state-of-the-art retrofit solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Its products are backed by a world-class representative network offering superior aftermarket service and solutions. Visit for more information.


Boilers, Chillers July 5, 2016

Hydronic condensing boiler

CFLC boilers are engineered in a high mass firetube design, utilizing extended heating surface.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical July 28, 2015

Integrated boiler system

CBEX boilers are sized from 900 to 1,200 hp and features an integrated boiler, burner, control, and heat-recovery system.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical June 8, 2015

Condensing hydronic boiler

Condensing boilers achieve efficiencies in the high-90s, and Cleaver-Brooks offers a full range of systems from 500 to 12,000 MBtu/hr.

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HVAC/R and Mechanical May 4, 2015

Packaged boiler

CBEX Elite packaged boiler reduces emissions while operating more efficiently.

By Cleaver-Brooks
HVAC/R and Mechanical April 9, 2015

Boiler system control

Hydronic System Control (HSC) fits both new and existing hydronic boiler systems.

By Cleaver-Brooks
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Mechanical July 1, 2022


The SwitchFire boiler is a high-mass, fully condensing firetube boiler constructed of 316L stainless steel designed to handle variable flow pumping, featuring a low waterside pressure drop, large water volume, and a low flow tolerant design. The SwitchFire is the result of decades of boiler engineering experience, combining Cleaver-Brooks core firetube boiler technology with key design aspects of the ClearFire condensing boilers to offer the most efficient dual fuel condensing boiler on the market. Utilizing a Weishaupt burner and controls, the SwitchFire offers industry leading efficiencies and performance with both natural gas and #2 fuel oil firing.

Boilers, Chillers March 15, 2023

SwitchFire Condensing Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks announces the launch of its new SwitchFire condensing boiler, developed for applications requiring dual-fuel capabilities such as healthcare facilities and other critical operations. The boiler utilizes a state-of-the-art burner that operates with low excess air levels, increasing boiler efficiency and condensing performance. In addition, its dual-return design improves boiler operating efficiency compared to a traditional single-return system.

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