Adam Roth


Project Management March 2, 2022

Ensuring high quality design and BIM through QC views, schedules, and reports

Selection of the right tool depends on the user interface (UI), the availability of training material, licensing, file size, security, support, troubleshooting, etc.

By Adam Roth
Building Automation and Controls December 27, 2021

Digital Twins: A key to efficient building operations

Digital twins update and change in synchronization with their physical counterparts when integrating BIM, the Internet of Things and machine learning.

By Adam Roth
Courtesy: Henderson Engineers
Building Integration System November 10, 2021

3D design in a 2D world: Accelerating innovation with 2D BIM

BIM isn’t a singular idea or just 3D modeling software; it’s an engineering tool that aids designers by increasing efficiency and optimization.

By Adam Roth
Courtesy: Henderson Engineers
Codes and Standards October 11, 2021

Achieving quality design with quality BIM

To achieve quality design with BIM you must also have a quality model.

By Adam Roth
Energy Efficiency August 25, 2021

BIM automation: where efficiency and optimization converge

The efficiency achieved through BIM automation directly translates to time and cost savings

By Adam Roth