Wyoming Seeks To Make Power an Export Crop

By Staff March 1, 2006

A recently announced study is intended to help Wyoming planners determine the transmission facilities needed to make the state a larger power exporter to the western United States . The Wyoming-West study will build on previous efforts to determine future energy needs in the region.

Several major transmission projects have been either proposed or initiated in the last year to create new interconnections between Wyoming and other states in the area, including California , Nevada , Utah , Wyoming and Arizona . This new study will identify infrastructure requirements to meet the needs of these new interconnections.

The study is being sponsored by the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority , a quasi-governmental group formed in 2004 to plan and fund new transmission capacity, and National Grid , a British-based power company whose U.S. holdings include transmission lines across the Northeast, primarily.

Wyoming planners hope the state’s abundant coal and wind resources will make it a target for investors seeking to meet the growing energy needs of Western states.