Wireless integrated sensors

SignalFire introduces wireless pressure scout for remote pressure monitoring and alarm applications.

By SignalFire October 11, 2016

SignalFire’s Pressure Scout is a wireless pressure sensor that supports pressure monitoring and alarm reporting. The Pressure Scout consists of a pressure sensor integrated with a wireless node and internal battery. The Pressure Scout is a low-cost alternative to conduit-wired or other wireless pressure monitoring solutions. Ideal applications for the Pressure Scout include well tubing and casing pressure monitoring, tank level monitoring, and compressor station status monitoring. As part of a wireless remote monitoring and control network, the Pressure Scout provides a robust, long-range (up to ½ mile) transmission to the Signal Fire Gateway where pressure data becomes available via a Modbus RTU or TCP interface. Available in standard pressure ranges, the Pressure Scout performs rapid (5 second) pressure sampling with configurable alarm reporting (report by exception). Units offer local pushbutton zeroing. Operable in temperature ranges from -40 to 80 C, the Pressure Scout operates in challenging outdoor environments, sustaining signal strength through terrain, structures, or weather. Class 1, Division 1 certification is pending.