Webcast: The Anatomy of a Hospital – Electrical and Power Systems

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 23, 2005
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Chief Editor Jim Crockett and a panel of electrical experts break down the major design and product trends and innovations in electrical systems for hospitals.

Engineers designing systems for critical environments, like hospitals, will gain first-hand knowledge of:

  • Electrical distribution and the growing trend of using UPS to protect sophisticated medical equipment or to protect HIPAA record rooms

  • Generators and cogeneration, including the use of transfer switches and switchgear, for emergency and prime power generation

Sponsored by:


Dan Chisholm, Motor and Generator Institute, Winter Park, Fla.

Kelly Decker, President, Primary Integration, Washington D.C.

Shariar Zaimi, former president and CEO of Engineering Design Group, Primary Integration, Washington D.C.

James H. Costley, PE, RCDD, Partner