Webcast: BAS at a Crossroads

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff December 20, 2004

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There’s a confluence of technologies on the horizon that is beginning to affect the way buildings will be used and controlled, allowing buildings to react to business in real time.

How do design professionals best incorporate and respond to changing building automation systems for today’s building projects? Find out in an exclusive Webcast event from Consulting-Specifying Engineer, and earn valuable Learning Units right from your desktop!

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Listen in as some of the industry’s leading experts speak out on some of the critical building automation implementation issues. Panelists will discuss solutions for the design and construction professional on such topics as:

• BAS in airports, where gates are automatically lighted, heated/cooled depending on plane arrival/departure, and universities, where the BAS is tied into the class schedule program.• XML (extensible mark-up language), the potential bridge that allows businesses, owners and manufacturers to suddenly open the doors to vast amounts of shared information.• How XML allows Professional Engineers to add explicit information into their specification documents and bridge gaps that often occur between designer and builders.• How the Professional Engineer can better understand the possibilities of XML to aid the building owner.• How wireless technology is opening the doors for change and the implementation of intelligent building devices

Moderated by:

Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief, Consulting-Specifying Engineer630-288-8150 jcrockett@reedbusiness.com

Information from leading experts in the field:• A panelist representing the owner’s perspective• A panelist from the OBIX organization• A panelist with BACnet perspective• A panelist with a LonWorks perspective• An expert on XML and wireless technology