Water source and geothermal heat pump line

WaterFurnace International Inc.'s Versatec variable speed series 3- to 6-ton water source and geothermal heat pump offers efficiency in a compact cabinet with versatility for several applications.

By WaterFurnace International Inc. June 26, 2017

WaterFurnace International Inc. introduces the Versatec variable speed series in 3- to 6-ton capacities. This commercial variable capacity water source and geothermal heat pump line offers efficiency in a compact cabinet. Aurora advanced controls offer true energy, refrigeration, and optional performance monitoring. With a capacity range of 25% to 100%, the Versatec variable speed system scales its output to match building needs. The heat pump line features Copeland Gen2 variable speed scroll compressors and inverter drives. The compressor has a brushless permanent magnet motor, along with variable volume ratio and high volumetric efficiency valves. The units include all-aluminum air coils that help ensure durability and efficiency. The line also features cabinets constructed of heavy-gauge, environmentally responsible galvanized steel for maximum corrosion resistance. All interior surfaces are lined with ½ in.-thick, foil-lined acoustic-type fiber insulation, applied in a manner that prevents the introduction of glass fibers into the airstream.

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