Water-heating system

AERCO's AM Rapid Recovery (AMR) water-heating system is available in two configurations that meet water heating needs for education, lodging, medical, and commercial facilities.

By Aerco December 15, 2015

AERCO’s AM Rapid Recovery (AMR) water-heating system combines AM water heaters with an integrated thermal buffer, pump, and required piping in a single heating plant package. The water-heating solution is designed for use in schools, university campuses, medical facilities, and commercial buildings. Available in two configurations-a single package or skid-mounted with a selectable tank and optional SR300 scale- reducing system-the modular AMR system meets water-heating needs from 199 to 1,000 MBTUs. It features modulation and condensing technologies as well as multimodule design that creates turndown of 20:1, allowing for minimal cycling and tight temperature control.