Water chiller with user interface control box

The Envision2 NXW chiller provides water heating and water cooling for a wide range of industrial applications.

August 5, 2014

WaterFurnace’s Envision2 NXW chiller is designed to support water heating and cooling for pools, aquariums, floor, ice melt, industrial process water, and fan coils. NXW is available in 10- to 50-ton capacities and features external fork truck lifting points. NXW’s redesigned control box includes an emergency shutdown button and a user interface. The refrigeration circuit is updated with suction and discharge line vibration absorbers. NXW comes with forklift cutouts, stainless steel heat exchangers, and bidirectional liquid line filter driers. Its class J fuses can rate up to 100 kA. NXW is controlled using FX10, enabling building connection with N2 Open, BACnet, or LonWorks protocols.